24w2d & The Return Of The Cankles

Ahhh, the 24 week belly.  Pic above is of Jarratt resting her chin on my baby bump (apparently very comfy). We had our 24-week midwife appointment this morning.  It was pouring rain….my favourite weather.  Granted, we got soaked walking up to our MW’s house….but, still, it was a beautiful morning with everything green and rain-soaked.  Midwife N’s place seemed even cozier today; she had scented candles burning in the den and main room.  I did the typical pee-in-the-cup.  Everything was normal – no protein or sugar.  Always good to hear that.  I weighed myself next.  I hadn’t been on the scale since the last time.  I gained 7 lbs in the last month.  Yikes.  Total pregnancy weight gain is up to 19 lbs.  I’m eating normal….I guess this is just my body’s way of preparing for our wee one.  I keep telling myself that I can lose it after the baby is born.  We chatted with N for almost an hour…..our appointment actually ran late because of the chit-chat.  We had a few questions to ask her, as always….. we were curious what she thought about cord blood banking.  We have been tossing around the idea…..although it’s pricey and not always 100% guaranteed to work or match……we wanted to know if it was still an option to collect the blood at a home birth, if we decided we wanted it.  She told us that she COULD collect it, but that it really changes the dynamic of a home birth.  Water birth is out, and it changes the focus…….I think there would be a lot of pressure on me as well – to birth a certain way or in a certain position.  I also had my heart set on a birth in a birthing tank, if we could.  I really think we’re leaning away from the cord banking after today.  We just have to hope that he WON’T get a life-threating disease…..and if he does, hopefully medical technology will have even gone further by that time! We talked about what supplies we’ll need for the birth…K likes to really be prepared…..we didn’t get into that too much as it’s still early.  N said we’ll have that talk next visit.  She listened to baby boy’s heartbeat that was strong and fast.  She said “he’s perfect”.  I said…..”how do you know that?” and she just responded with, “he just is.” It was so cute.  Then he kicked her twice and swam away from her.  Ha….I love this little boy.  Oh, she’s able to feel where his head and bum are now too.  That was pretty cool.  I talked with her a little about my carpel tunnel and the recent return of the dreaded CANKLES.

They came back yesterday with a vengeance.  See proof in picture.  Those are not ACTUAL ogre feet….they are mine.  ‘Tis true friends.  They are so freakish, I can barely stand to look at them.  My calves and feet are now one entity yet again….unfortunately……..  She said she wants me to start taking B6 at night to help with the water retention and carpel tunnel.  Hope it helps!  My next appointment with N is September 25th.  I get the diabetes test that morning, and then go on to have our 28 week ultrasound (to make sure the placenta has come up), bloodwork, antibody screening, Hep B and Rhogham shot. Lots going on.  My belly is getting really big and I’m feeling this boy all the time.  I’m also feeling really pregnant now.  Yeah, like it’s hit me just recently.  Especially when I walk up the stairs. Oy Vey.  Anyway, I leave you with my 24 week belly shot!!!


11 thoughts on “24w2d & The Return Of The Cankles

  1. Since I am having carpal tunnel problems as well: how much b6? In pill form?

    Your MW sounds great! It cracks me up that you refer to your feet as ogre feet, when the nails are painted the color of Shrek. 😉

  2. You look wonderful! Try not to be too bummed out about the cankles…I hear they’re all the rage in Paris! 😉


  3. o Tiff, what a fabulous belly, and MW visit — and yes, what extraordinary cankles! love the green. you really sound so good, and sounds like you and K are doing well.

  4. You look lovely–cankles and all! It is miserable to have swollen ankles. Hope the B6 brings them back to normal for you–and helps with that carpal tunnel syndrome! Those two annoyances aside, you sound great, and your midwife appointment sounds just lovely.

  5. oh the cankles – you poor thing. we’re just coming out of winter here so i suspect that the only reason i’ve been spared is the cooler weather. how wonderful then, that the last few months of my pregnancy will be in warmer weather. i’m in for a treat i’m sure!!!!

    AND I have a womens symbol tattoo on my foot too. Mines on my left foot though.

    Nice belly. Better contained than my big old bouncy thing!

  6. Ha ha. Thanks for the comments girls…I think I’m really going to take off the green polish soon….I know it’s not helping matters!

    Liz – 50 mg of B6 each night at bedtime. It is really helping with the ankle swelling….not so much for the carpel tunnel. Good luck!!!

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