You Just Look Stupid

Funny thing happened today.  And by funny, I mean…..I wanted to hit this girl.  Cue story:

After running some errands and doing some light shopping this evening, K and I went to dinner at O.utback. The hostess makes some small talk on the way to our table……we small talk back.  Then she seats us at our booth, looks at me and says,”Wow, you look like you’re about to pop.”

Umm…she’s joking right? (Thinking this to myself)

Guess not.  I say….”Actually… We’re 6 mos today”.

She THEN proceeded to say, “Wowwwww, you’re going to have a big baby.”

Okay…she obviously doesn’t know WHEN to close her mouth.

THEN…..oh yeah, it gets better. She says, “My friend is a little over 8 months pregnant and is about your size”.

Are you freaking kidding me??? I can hit her right? Please tell me I can hit her.  Does she have any idea how stupid she sounds? Has she ever SEEN a pregnant woman? Really??? Has she ever actually SEEN one that was “ready to pop!?”

She goes on to smile and say “Your server will be right with you…enjoy your meal!”

Did I mention I wanted to hit her?


17 thoughts on “You Just Look Stupid

  1. What an insensetive person! Although the devious evil part of me thinks that is a similar situation I may have dramatically burst into tears just to see if I’d get free food.

  2. That’s so odd. It’s so much easier to just be quiet! By the way, there is no question that your belly shots reveal a woman who is showing and adorable, not someone about to pop!

  3. I have had the exact same experience. One of my friends keeps saying, “your going to have a big boy.” I keep telling her that our doctors say this little guy is right in the center – 50th percentile – for growth. He’s not big. I also had a client ask me if I was having twins. Are you kidding? I can’t be that big! I’ve come to the conclusion that people don’t know what is appropriate to say to a pregnant woman and what is not. Hang in there!

  4. I had a woman at work constantly ask me if I was having twins….

    during another experience, I was at a local store with my new born 1 month old baby in a car seat set in the shopping cart… the check out woman asked me when I was due… are you flipping kidding me?? do you not see new born in the car seat??

    grrrr bit off thier heads

  5. hey u r smaller than me, so imagine what i am getting!! people are sure i am having twins, and although I have seen our singleton on at least 5 ultrasounds now they say “well u never know… looking at your size” and stupid things like that! i guess people never know until they get preggers themselves that every body is so different…. i am tryign to embrace mine but at the same time feel like i should be trying to downsize my bump with layered clothes etc.. its crazy….

  6. Ug, I have this most annoying lady at work that would keep comparing me to her damn daughter’s size. SO ANNOYING. And now she likes to ask me every frickin week, how long are you? And when I told her most recently (7 months- 29 weeks) she was like Wow you have a loooooong time. I was like no I don’t, because that really annoyed me.

    If all the pregnant women united and had a smack down on the annoying people, I think the population would be in trouble. lol.

  7. you know thats funny… the bigger I get and the closer I get to that wonderful 40 week mark the less I hear comments about that. I had lost of those situations around the 6 month mark. I think people who make those comments have never been pregnant and dont see it right. Sorry we missed you for dinner… I saw my phone ringing and then called you right back but it went to voicemail!

  8. If you think they look stupid now just wait until you have the baby, youre holding him, belly is noticeably gone and people you know say “Did you have your baby yet?” It makes you feel sorry for them!

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