Speed Feels Better

I realized this morning that it’s been some time since I wrote an adequate “update” post.  Really, I feel like nothing overly exciting and blogworthy has been happening in our lives….but at the same time…..life feels like it’s speeding by…..(we’re almost to the third trimester) ….. we’ve been busy and I really have missed writing about all the “little things” that have happened – blogworthy or not.

Is it bad if I update you all in bullets again? Okay, I’ll do it in numbers for a change.

1.  The Baby Shower.  A friend of ours is helping Karli and I plan it…but she hasn’t really helped much yet…which is okay.  She’s offered to help set up decorations, etc, and that works out fine for us.  K and I have been working on the list of those to invite.  We have most everyone’s address now, and we have almost completed hand-writing all 74 invitations.  We expect some folks won’t be able to come (especially those out-of-state) but wanted all our friends and family to feel included regardless.  We have decided to have it at a local restaurant and rent out a private area.  We’ll have cake, fruit & veggie trays, chicken and vegetarian quesadillas, chips and salsa….and maybe a few other goodies.  We’re having fun planning it…and really looking at it more like it’s a party, than a traditional baby shower.  We’re a “non-traditional” couple/family, so why not have a non-traditional shower, right?? All our best guy and gal friends will be there, and I’m just excited.  It’s going to be great to share our excitement with the people we care about most. It will be in early November….making me (I think) 33-34 weeks preggo.  Yikes! I’m feeling pretty big already….can’t imagine how much this baby will grow in the next 10 weeks!

2. My physical ailments!!! Ha! I’ve developed carpel-tunnel syndrome in my right wrist (caused by pregnancy) and am wearing a wrist guard/brace at all times. I look a bit retarded….but what can you do.  I also have gotten a very painful ganglion cyst in my left wrist….which has been uncomfortable and has hurt like heck. All this has kept me off the computer for some time.  On Friday, I finally got so fed up with it, I asked K to smash my wrist into the wall.  I kid you not.  I was going to do the whole Bible/hard book slapped against it, but couldn’t stomach to do it myself.  K did it quickly after the count of 3….and I screamed so loudly and the pain was something awful.  BUT, it did the trick and the nasty cyst is GONE.  I have a lovely greenish-yellowish bruise that has replaced it, but hey, it’s here no more!! On the cankles front, they seem to be much better than they were earlier in my pregnancy.  I think it’s helped that I’m not standing on my feet for long periods of time like I was before.  It’s great to feel like you have ankles again – I even got a pedicure yesterday

3. My weight.  I haven’t weighed myself since our last midwife appointment – I had gained 12 lbs at my 20 week apt last month.  I’ve been scared of the scale ever since my belly has popped and have just decided to only weigh at the midwife’s.  Done.

4. Nursery. We’re narrowing down baby furniture choices.  This is a good thing! K and I both have felt stressed….like we haven’t made many of the “big decisions” when it came to the nursery.  She wasn’t seeing anything she liked.  Well, we both really like 2 sets.  They’re both dark-wood and modern…..pictures to come once we’ve decided what the heck we’re going to do.  We have all his bedding already (we bought off of e.bay several months before we got pregnant) and a lot of the decoration-type stuff for the room.  Again, pictures to come soon as we have not begun to even set up the nursery.

5.  The ultrasound. Our final ultrasound is in a little over 4 weeks.  How excited am I??? Ridiculously excited.  I just can’t wait to see him again and get some new pictures!! He’s going to be so much bigger……

6. Thoughts on our son being a future Olympian. I no longer feel the little butterfly wings or “bubbles” I used to feel.  Oh no.  This boy is active.  He kicks me all the time! Last night K said it really felt like a hand or foot, not just any movement.  How wild.  Also, last week when my boy was moving around, I looked down at my belly and SAW it move.  I was in awe.  I think I stared at my belly for the next hour.  Seriously.  There have been several nights where I just can’t sleep because I’m so excited to just feel or see him move.  This is the most amazing thing….truly.  Our little man must be getting big, because I’m feeling him all.the.time recently…..it’s so cool.  Either that, or he just knows that it’s the closing ceremonies of the Olympics soon, and he’s trying to complete every sport – inside my belly.

7.  Sleeping.  It’s starting to be a bit of a struggle, even with the body pillow.  He is kicking me, or I just can’t get comfortable no matter what I do.  My back is beginning to tell me it’s feeling the extra weight which doesn’t help at night.  I miss sleeping on my stomach so badly, and try to sleep on my side with one of my hip bones down into the mattress (trying to make myself believe I’m sleeping my on my side) Any suggestions welcome!

8. My family.  Someone posted awhile back about why I haven’t written about them.  It’s a whole other post that one day I hope I have the strength to write about.  But, the short details are that I have a mom and dad and five older brothers that I love very much….however, they don’t approve (to put it lightly) of my “lifestyle” and don’t know I’m pregnant.  We rarely speak……..but again, that’s a whole other post.

This morning K and I had a lovely brunch together…..I actually don’t think we mentioned the baby once.  We chatted about our anniversary (November 28th), Christmas and work, laughed, and just enjoyed our time together.  I love this girl. I ordered a large chocolate milk (I have really craved this all throughout the pregnancy, I’ll be kicking myself later when I have a BIG baby!) and an egg & cheese sandwich.  We had hashbrowns and fruit and it was wonderful.  I wish I could afford to go to brunch every day, don’t you?

I’m starting to work on my birthing playlist…..for what may be those endless (seeming) hours of labour at home.  I have discovered 2 new songs I am currently loving.  Enjoy!


14 thoughts on “Speed Feels Better

  1. I am in in the same boat as you as far as the carpal tunnel goes and trying to sleep on my hip to make up for missing my tummy sleeping. 🙂 Unfortunately the carpal tunnel has stuck with me throughout and I am now at about 29 weeks.

    Your baby shower sounds fantastic!
    As for the nursery, you guys seem like such planners that I am sure that it is going to come together fabulously. 🙂

    That is so funny that she actually felt a foot/hand! My baby has a been a-thumpin lately too. My cat tried to lay on my belly and she gave him a thump (he could have cared less). 🙂

    Happy baby growing!

  2. Sooooo good to hear from you. Are you going to tell your family? Might be nice – that way the ball is in their court. I’ve heard that a baby can really help families who have issues with gay relationships.

    Big hugs to you and K and we need a belly shot!

  3. Your baby shower sounds like it’s going to be really fun. I love nontraditional showers, and it seems like the one you’re having will be just the right way to welcome your little guy.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your physical ailments. Carpal tunnel syndrome is no fun at all! If you aren’t already, definitely wear your brace at night (this may keep you from needing it during the day); ice it periodically to bring the inflamation down; consider doing nerve glides (these are simple stretches that open up the carpal tunnel). There’s a pretty decent example of the sequence for carpal tunnel on this site: http://www.carpal-tunnel-symptoms.com/nerve-glide-exercises.html. I used to do these in physical therapy for my own CTS, and they help a lot.

    Can’t wait to see a belly shot sometime soon! It’s sooo good to hear that you and K and the baby are doing so well overall. xoxo

  4. I just LOVE reading about your adventures…this must be an amazing time. I hope soon to be in the preggers way myself, and you give me hope that it can happen, it just takes some time. Good luck with everything and I can wait to see the nursery pics!

  5. so good to hear from you! thanks for such a thoughtful update – it’s fun to follow your baby journey. I loved the baby pics photos, too! hope everything continues to go well. 🙂

  6. Sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel and your sleep being messed up – I’m a mess when I don’t get enough sleep so I can commiserate!

    Brunches rock – we went out to brunch on Sunday too, I’d forgotten how much I love it. Also, the place we went seemed to be the place to go in our neighbourhood if you have toddlers – good to know 🙂

  7. WOW! your final ultrasound already!

    time is flying!!

    I like your idea of the party too I may steal that. hehe

    PS u are one brave one letting her hit that cyst. OUCH!


  8. I, too, am happy to hear an update. That cyst sounds so painful and I am sorry to hear that sleeping has gotten difficult. I love your ideas for the shower. How exciting that you are feeling your boy so much.

  9. I know you posted this ages ago, but I just wanted to say that my family was really really bad for almost a decade. They didn’t disown me, but weren’t all that far from it. But they came around, and now consider my wife their daughter-in-law and my daughter their granddaughter. I don’t say this to open old wounds, just to say that maybe there’s a chance someday you can reconnect. Hang in there.

  10. My partner and I just recently found out that we are pregnant and I’ve been exploring the blogs… Its interesting to read about someone slightly ahead of us… we are 8 weeks pregnant!

    A friend of ours created a cartoon that features a little boy who has two moms (Buddy G- My Two Moms and Me). The DVD is quite cute and their website is great- http://www.buddyg.tv. I’ve never seen anything like it…

    Maybe you would be interested in it

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