From “B” to “C”

I’ve been a bad blogger.  Tuesday came and went without a 22 week belly shot (I have a new one for you boombababy!).  Sorry, folks.  I was pet-sitting Mon-Wed with an unreliable internet signal and was so busy with work from there that I completely forgot to snap a shot.  My pregnancy brain must be getting worse!! There is a lot going on at work with K’s dad still being away at the Little League World Series (her 14 year old brother’s teams made it to Michigan!) and we’re having to take on a lot of extra work.  What I’d like to be doing right  now is wasting away my time catching up on Season 4 of L.OST.  I need to be prepared for Season 5 in early 2009! Did I ever mention how much I adore this show??? Okay, but obviously we can’t just waste away the days watching our fav shows.  It’s a nice thought though.


Things are just moving along with Wee One….I’m pretty sure my belly has officially “popped”.  It’s gone from a “B” to a “C” and my belly has smoothed out around my belly button.   The little man is more and more active each day…and I’m really starting to notice when he’s asleep and awake.  He is sort of on a schedule already! He loves to move around when I’m laying in bed late at night and I can feel him kicking me (or elbowing me or kneeing me…who knows!) The little things in life are getting harder to do as well.  Walking up the stairs I am so out-of-breath.  Bending down to the floor to pick something up…..good luck.  My belly gets in the way now! The odd time I will momentarily forget that I’m pregnant, and go to do something I clearly shouldn’t be doing, only to have my  belly hit against an object or get in the way of a task.  Oh right…….now I remember.  PREGNANT.  It’s so weird to see your body changing so dramatically.  When I look down now, I can’t see my feet.  I have to lean over a little bit to see them!  And shaving has become DIFFICULT.  I’ll leave it at that.  On a good note, sleeping seems to be a little bit better lately.  The body pillow is working well and supports me enough that my back isn’t hurting much.  Sleep is glorious when you’re comfortable!  Ps. Less than 6 weeks until our 28 week ultrasound.  I can’t wait to see how much our little man has grown!!! Okay, back to belly shots.  Below is today’s picture – 22w2d.  I still can’t get over how big I’m getting.  This picture looks a little awkward to me though (or is it in my head?)….like some alien form I don’t recognize! Also, I’ve included shot of my first stretch mark for your viewing pleasure.  Oh joy oh bliss!



We recently registered at A.mazon for a few (big) things (like our stroller and baby swing)….between that and B.abiesR.Us, I think we are good!  We decided against registering at T.arget after hearing too many bad stories!!! A.mazon is running a super deal right now.  If you or your friends or family spend 750 dollars off of your registry, they’ll give you free S.eventh G.eneration diapers for 6 mos! Wooo! We are absolutely going to take advantage of this promotion.  K and I decided to use S.eventh G.eneration diapers for our little boy a few weeks before we heard about this promotion, so it will work out great.  We had been debating cloth vs. disposable for months.  We wanted a diaper that was chlorine and bleach free.  No dyes or colourings.  We were against the mainstream diapers from the start.  (side note: I never saw the point in having coloured cartoon characters on diapers anyway  The babies aren’t looking at them….and why have harmful chemicals against your babies skin??)  We wanted something environmentally-friendly.  We thought a long time about cloth…..maybe doing g.diapers – flushable inserts in a very cute diaper cover.  Ultimately, we need something that is fast and convenient.  We do A LOT of laundry in our home, and the thought of how much water and detergent we would use to wash cloth diapers all the time was overwhelming.  S.eventh G.eneration is affordable, disposable, but free of harmful chemicals.  We have heard good things about them and are going to give it a try.  (There is another alternative diaper that is also chlorine and bleach free that is biodegradable.  We may look more into that as well.)   K’s dad is going to get us the stroller as his gift to us (yay!!) and that will take up a chunk of the $750 we need to spend on A.mazon.  6 months of free diapers……it’s VERY worth it to me to register online for that!!!  I’ve included a picture of the stroller below (U.ppa B.aby V.ista).  It works very much like the B.ugaboo, but at several hundred dollars less!!!


Oh, by the way, A JOURNEY TO A BABY FRANKLIN and READ ME have new additions!!! Don’t forget to drop by and wish them congrats on their new bundles!!


18 thoughts on “From “B” to “C”

  1. You look great! My friend has this stroller and she LOVES it. It’s the one I’m getting…when I need one! Wish I could take advantage of that Amazon deal now–maybe it’s an on-going thing!

  2. You look fantastic, Tiff–and so very pregnant! I love that Amazon deal. How great that you get to take advantage of it!

  3. wow, that is one fabulous-looking pregnant belly! (and a great stroller, too…) and that would be super about the diapers.

  4. Just wanted to chime in to tell you that in our experience, 7th G.en. diapers did NOT work well–ill-fitting, bad closures, etc. I think once the babe is a little bigger, fitting into the bigger sizes will be better, but we had a bugger of a time with the newborn sizes on our peanut’s tiny bottom!!

  5. I am registered at Amazon too. I am doing cloth diapers but still wanted the 6 months of free diapers too. I am pissed off that the deal came after my inlaws had bought us a $200+ purchase. Sniffles. 🙂

    I can’t believe how low your belly is! Mine is up and high. Like to my Boobs high. LOL.

  6. I think your belly looks great. I love the picture of you making a heart over your belly button. I have never seen that stroller, but I am definitely going to check it out.

  7. YAY!!!!!! fir belly shots!!!!!!!

    I’m a big huge fan of the Uppa strollers. Good choice!
    (I’ve found bugaboo to be a bit cumbersome)

  8. You look amazing! Great choice on the seventh gen dipers! we use them when the need calls for a ‘sposie! They look great, fit great, and We have yet to have any leakage! Stamp of approval!

  9. We are big LOST fans too. Violet was born on a Thursday and we got into the Mother-Baby recovery room at around 9:30. I remember looking at the clock (honest to goodness) and thinking, “Well, I guess we missed Lost…”

  10. Thanks so much for the shout out on your blog! We are enjoying our little man everyday. Pretty soon I will be posting your new addition on my blog!!!

  11. Hi!
    I’ve been reading your blog a while now… We are right in the beginning of the TTC roller coaster. I understand you did home insem? How did you go about it? So many of our friends have tried it at home unsuccessfully! I see that it worked for you! Interested to share a few tips?

    I’m in Northern VA, btw!

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