If You Could Hear What My Heart Is Saying

I’m sleepy laying in bed tonight. My M.acbook is resting on my thighs, as it’s too uncomfortable to set on my lap these days, and it’s hard to type when it seems so far out of reach. Jarratt, our oldest beagle, is curled in a ball beside me on the floor. I’m thinking she pretty much has the best life ever. She has made herself a nest of pillows and blankets, and is resting her chin on a stuffed tiger toy….one of the few “babies” she carries around the house with her. Wee one is gently letting me know he’s awake. It doesn’t feel like kicking…..but rather more like he’s swimming around….splashing water against the inside of my belly. Occasionally there will be a more distinct poke….ever reminding me that he’s still in there and doing okay. I’ve gotten used to the movements early in the morning and late at night. I smile thinking that he’s just telling me that he’s alright. If only he could hear what my heart is saying; I love this little person SO deeply already…..I never get over being amazed at what we have created…..and imagine the kind of boy he’ll be. I worry about him at this point too….the mothering has already begun I guess. Somehow he always assures me that he’s just fine….usually RIGHT around the time the worrying begins! Ha! He has good timing I guess. K felt him for the FIRST time over the weekend and the smile that formed on her face is one I won’t soon forget. She said it felt like someone tapping her, or flicking her with their finger. I’m glad she finally felt him move….for the last few days he’s been playing games with her….dancing around inside me, only to stop moving when she puts her hand on my tummy to feel him (it has happened countless times!). He’s a pain already, I say, but of course I’m only kidding. How could you not love this little one already? He has a sense of humour! In pregnancyland news, I completely had “pregnancy brain” last night and utterly and totally forgot about our birth group……oops. The sad thing was, I was really looking forward to going. It’s only once a month, and I was so bummed I missed it. They even had someone coming in early to show us different baby wraps and carriers. I’m fully blaming pregnancy brain. It is VERY unlike me to forget something that is written in my planner – even K said so. Oh, and the icing on the pregnancy cake??? I sneezed the other day and peed my pants. KID. YOU. NOT. I really thought preggo incontinence was myth. Guess not. It’s beginning people!!!….and we’re just at 21 weeks TODAY. Guess it’s starting kind of early! And to think, our baby boy weighs only 3/4 of a pound and is 11 inches long. Yikes!


7 thoughts on “If You Could Hear What My Heart Is Saying

  1. Thank you – I’ve had a pretty shit day at work, and this post just totally made my day – I cannot wait until this is our turn! πŸ™‚

  2. 21 weeks already! So great that K feels him now as well! Have you told your family yet? You haven’t mentioned it and I understand if you don’t want to post about it but I was just curious as to how they are handling this and how you are doing with it.

  3. I’m so glad K got to feel the baby! I can imagine nothing more amazing. And don’t worry about peeing. I’ve totally peed my big girl pants and I don’t have any pregnancy to blame! Congrats on 21 weeks darling. You sound so good.

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