24w2d & The Return Of The Cankles

Ahhh, the 24 week belly.  Pic above is of Jarratt resting her chin on my baby bump (apparently very comfy). We had our 24-week midwife appointment this morning.  It was pouring rain….my favourite weather.  Granted, we got soaked walking up to our MW’s house….but, still, it was a beautiful morning with everything green and rain-soaked.  Midwife N’s place seemed even cozier today; she had scented candles burning in the den and main room.  I did the typical pee-in-the-cup.  Everything was normal – no protein or sugar.  Always good to hear that.  I weighed myself next.  I hadn’t been on the scale since the last time.  I gained 7 lbs in the last month.  Yikes.  Total pregnancy weight gain is up to 19 lbs.  I’m eating normal….I guess this is just my body’s way of preparing for our wee one.  I keep telling myself that I can lose it after the baby is born.  We chatted with N for almost an hour…..our appointment actually ran late because of the chit-chat.  We had a few questions to ask her, as always….. we were curious what she thought about cord blood banking.  We have been tossing around the idea…..although it’s pricey and not always 100% guaranteed to work or match……we wanted to know if it was still an option to collect the blood at a home birth, if we decided we wanted it.  She told us that she COULD collect it, but that it really changes the dynamic of a home birth.  Water birth is out, and it changes the focus…….I think there would be a lot of pressure on me as well – to birth a certain way or in a certain position.  I also had my heart set on a birth in a birthing tank, if we could.  I really think we’re leaning away from the cord banking after today.  We just have to hope that he WON’T get a life-threating disease…..and if he does, hopefully medical technology will have even gone further by that time! We talked about what supplies we’ll need for the birth…K likes to really be prepared…..we didn’t get into that too much as it’s still early.  N said we’ll have that talk next visit.  She listened to baby boy’s heartbeat that was strong and fast.  She said “he’s perfect”.  I said…..”how do you know that?” and she just responded with, “he just is.” It was so cute.  Then he kicked her twice and swam away from her.  Ha….I love this little boy.  Oh, she’s able to feel where his head and bum are now too.  That was pretty cool.  I talked with her a little about my carpel tunnel and the recent return of the dreaded CANKLES.

They came back yesterday with a vengeance.  See proof in picture.  Those are not ACTUAL ogre feet….they are mine.  ‘Tis true friends.  They are so freakish, I can barely stand to look at them.  My calves and feet are now one entity yet again….unfortunately……..  She said she wants me to start taking B6 at night to help with the water retention and carpel tunnel.  Hope it helps!  My next appointment with N is September 25th.  I get the diabetes test that morning, and then go on to have our 28 week ultrasound (to make sure the placenta has come up), bloodwork, antibody screening, Hep B and Rhogham shot. Lots going on.  My belly is getting really big and I’m feeling this boy all the time.  I’m also feeling really pregnant now.  Yeah, like it’s hit me just recently.  Especially when I walk up the stairs. Oy Vey.  Anyway, I leave you with my 24 week belly shot!!!


You Just Look Stupid

Funny thing happened today.  And by funny, I mean…..I wanted to hit this girl.  Cue story:

After running some errands and doing some light shopping this evening, K and I went to dinner at O.utback. The hostess makes some small talk on the way to our table……we small talk back.  Then she seats us at our booth, looks at me and says,”Wow, you look like you’re about to pop.”

Umm…she’s joking right? (Thinking this to myself)

Guess not.  I say….”Actually…..no. We’re 6 mos today”.

She THEN proceeded to say, “Wowwwww, you’re going to have a big baby.”

Okay…she obviously doesn’t know WHEN to close her mouth.

THEN…..oh yeah, it gets better. She says, “My friend is a little over 8 months pregnant and is about your size”.

Are you freaking kidding me??? I can hit her right? Please tell me I can hit her.  Does she have any idea how stupid she sounds? Has she ever SEEN a pregnant woman? Really??? Has she ever actually SEEN one that was “ready to pop!?”

She goes on to smile and say “Your server will be right with you…enjoy your meal!”

Did I mention I wanted to hit her?

Speed Feels Better

I realized this morning that it’s been some time since I wrote an adequate “update” post.  Really, I feel like nothing overly exciting and blogworthy has been happening in our lives….but at the same time…..life feels like it’s speeding by…..(we’re almost to the third trimester) ….. we’ve been busy and I really have missed writing about all the “little things” that have happened – blogworthy or not.

Is it bad if I update you all in bullets again? Okay, I’ll do it in numbers for a change.

1.  The Baby Shower.  A friend of ours is helping Karli and I plan it…but she hasn’t really helped much yet…which is okay.  She’s offered to help set up decorations, etc, and that works out fine for us.  K and I have been working on the list of those to invite.  We have most everyone’s address now, and we have almost completed hand-writing all 74 invitations.  We expect some folks won’t be able to come (especially those out-of-state) but wanted all our friends and family to feel included regardless.  We have decided to have it at a local restaurant and rent out a private area.  We’ll have cake, fruit & veggie trays, chicken and vegetarian quesadillas, chips and salsa….and maybe a few other goodies.  We’re having fun planning it…and really looking at it more like it’s a party, than a traditional baby shower.  We’re a “non-traditional” couple/family, so why not have a non-traditional shower, right?? All our best guy and gal friends will be there, and I’m just excited.  It’s going to be great to share our excitement with the people we care about most. It will be in early November….making me (I think) 33-34 weeks preggo.  Yikes! I’m feeling pretty big already….can’t imagine how much this baby will grow in the next 10 weeks!

2. My physical ailments!!! Ha! I’ve developed carpel-tunnel syndrome in my right wrist (caused by pregnancy) and am wearing a wrist guard/brace at all times. I look a bit retarded….but what can you do.  I also have gotten a very painful ganglion cyst in my left wrist….which has been uncomfortable and has hurt like heck. All this has kept me off the computer for some time.  On Friday, I finally got so fed up with it, I asked K to smash my wrist into the wall.  I kid you not.  I was going to do the whole Bible/hard book slapped against it, but couldn’t stomach to do it myself.  K did it quickly after the count of 3….and I screamed so loudly and the pain was something awful.  BUT, it did the trick and the nasty cyst is GONE.  I have a lovely greenish-yellowish bruise that has replaced it, but hey, it’s here no more!! On the cankles front, they seem to be much better than they were earlier in my pregnancy.  I think it’s helped that I’m not standing on my feet for long periods of time like I was before.  It’s great to feel like you have ankles again – I even got a pedicure yesterday

3. My weight.  I haven’t weighed myself since our last midwife appointment – I had gained 12 lbs at my 20 week apt last month.  I’ve been scared of the scale ever since my belly has popped and have just decided to only weigh at the midwife’s.  Done.

4. Nursery. We’re narrowing down baby furniture choices.  This is a good thing! K and I both have felt stressed….like we haven’t made many of the “big decisions” when it came to the nursery.  She wasn’t seeing anything she liked.  Well, we both really like 2 sets.  They’re both dark-wood and modern…..pictures to come once we’ve decided what the heck we’re going to do.  We have all his bedding already (we bought off of e.bay several months before we got pregnant) and a lot of the decoration-type stuff for the room.  Again, pictures to come soon as we have not begun to even set up the nursery.

5.  The ultrasound. Our final ultrasound is in a little over 4 weeks.  How excited am I??? Ridiculously excited.  I just can’t wait to see him again and get some new pictures!! He’s going to be so much bigger……

6. Thoughts on our son being a future Olympian. I no longer feel the little butterfly wings or “bubbles” I used to feel.  Oh no.  This boy is active.  He kicks me all the time! Last night K said it really felt like a hand or foot, not just any movement.  How wild.  Also, last week when my boy was moving around, I looked down at my belly and SAW it move.  I was in awe.  I think I stared at my belly for the next hour.  Seriously.  There have been several nights where I just can’t sleep because I’m so excited to just feel or see him move.  This is the most amazing thing….truly.  Our little man must be getting big, because I’m feeling him all.the.time recently…..it’s so cool.  Either that, or he just knows that it’s the closing ceremonies of the Olympics soon, and he’s trying to complete every sport – inside my belly.

7.  Sleeping.  It’s starting to be a bit of a struggle, even with the body pillow.  He is kicking me, or I just can’t get comfortable no matter what I do.  My back is beginning to tell me it’s feeling the extra weight which doesn’t help at night.  I miss sleeping on my stomach so badly, and try to sleep on my side with one of my hip bones down into the mattress (trying to make myself believe I’m sleeping my on my side) Any suggestions welcome!

8. My family.  Someone posted awhile back about why I haven’t written about them.  It’s a whole other post that one day I hope I have the strength to write about.  But, the short details are that I have a mom and dad and five older brothers that I love very much….however, they don’t approve (to put it lightly) of my “lifestyle” and don’t know I’m pregnant.  We rarely speak……..but again, that’s a whole other post.

This morning K and I had a lovely brunch together…..I actually don’t think we mentioned the baby once.  We chatted about our anniversary (November 28th), Christmas and work, laughed, and just enjoyed our time together.  I love this girl. I ordered a large chocolate milk (I have really craved this all throughout the pregnancy, I’ll be kicking myself later when I have a BIG baby!) and an egg & cheese sandwich.  We had hashbrowns and fruit and it was wonderful.  I wish I could afford to go to brunch every day, don’t you?

I’m starting to work on my birthing playlist…..for what may be those endless (seeming) hours of labour at home.  I have discovered 2 new songs I am currently loving.  Enjoy!

From “B” to “C”

I’ve been a bad blogger.  Tuesday came and went without a 22 week belly shot (I have a new one for you boombababy!).  Sorry, folks.  I was pet-sitting Mon-Wed with an unreliable internet signal and was so busy with work from there that I completely forgot to snap a shot.  My pregnancy brain must be getting worse!! There is a lot going on at work with K’s dad still being away at the Little League World Series (her 14 year old brother’s teams made it to Michigan!) and we’re having to take on a lot of extra work.  What I’d like to be doing right  now is wasting away my time catching up on Season 4 of L.OST.  I need to be prepared for Season 5 in early 2009! Did I ever mention how much I adore this show??? Okay, but obviously we can’t just waste away the days watching our fav shows.  It’s a nice thought though.


Things are just moving along with Wee One….I’m pretty sure my belly has officially “popped”.  It’s gone from a “B” to a “C” and my belly has smoothed out around my belly button.   The little man is more and more active each day…and I’m really starting to notice when he’s asleep and awake.  He is sort of on a schedule already! He loves to move around when I’m laying in bed late at night and I can feel him kicking me (or elbowing me or kneeing me…who knows!) The little things in life are getting harder to do as well.  Walking up the stairs I am so out-of-breath.  Bending down to the floor to pick something up…..good luck.  My belly gets in the way now! The odd time I will momentarily forget that I’m pregnant, and go to do something I clearly shouldn’t be doing, only to have my  belly hit against an object or get in the way of a task.  Oh right…….now I remember.  PREGNANT.  It’s so weird to see your body changing so dramatically.  When I look down now, I can’t see my feet.  I have to lean over a little bit to see them!  And shaving has become DIFFICULT.  I’ll leave it at that.  On a good note, sleeping seems to be a little bit better lately.  The body pillow is working well and supports me enough that my back isn’t hurting much.  Sleep is glorious when you’re comfortable!  Ps. Less than 6 weeks until our 28 week ultrasound.  I can’t wait to see how much our little man has grown!!! Okay, back to belly shots.  Below is today’s picture – 22w2d.  I still can’t get over how big I’m getting.  This picture looks a little awkward to me though (or is it in my head?)….like some alien form I don’t recognize! Also, I’ve included shot of my first stretch mark for your viewing pleasure.  Oh joy oh bliss!



We recently registered at A.mazon for a few (big) things (like our stroller and baby swing)….between that and B.abiesR.Us, I think we are good!  We decided against registering at T.arget after hearing too many bad stories!!! A.mazon is running a super deal right now.  If you or your friends or family spend 750 dollars off of your registry, they’ll give you free S.eventh G.eneration diapers for 6 mos! Wooo! We are absolutely going to take advantage of this promotion.  K and I decided to use S.eventh G.eneration diapers for our little boy a few weeks before we heard about this promotion, so it will work out great.  We had been debating cloth vs. disposable for months.  We wanted a diaper that was chlorine and bleach free.  No dyes or colourings.  We were against the mainstream diapers from the start.  (side note: I never saw the point in having coloured cartoon characters on diapers anyway  The babies aren’t looking at them….and why have harmful chemicals against your babies skin??)  We wanted something environmentally-friendly.  We thought a long time about cloth…..maybe doing g.diapers – flushable inserts in a very cute diaper cover.  Ultimately, we need something that is fast and convenient.  We do A LOT of laundry in our home, and the thought of how much water and detergent we would use to wash cloth diapers all the time was overwhelming.  S.eventh G.eneration is affordable, disposable, but free of harmful chemicals.  We have heard good things about them and are going to give it a try.  (There is another alternative diaper that is also chlorine and bleach free that is biodegradable.  We may look more into that as well.)   K’s dad is going to get us the stroller as his gift to us (yay!!) and that will take up a chunk of the $750 we need to spend on A.mazon.  6 months of free diapers……it’s VERY worth it to me to register online for that!!!  I’ve included a picture of the stroller below (U.ppa B.aby V.ista).  It works very much like the B.ugaboo, but at several hundred dollars less!!!


Oh, by the way, A JOURNEY TO A BABY FRANKLIN and READ ME have new additions!!! Don’t forget to drop by and wish them congrats on their new bundles!!

If You Could Hear What My Heart Is Saying

I’m sleepy laying in bed tonight. My M.acbook is resting on my thighs, as it’s too uncomfortable to set on my lap these days, and it’s hard to type when it seems so far out of reach. Jarratt, our oldest beagle, is curled in a ball beside me on the floor. I’m thinking she pretty much has the best life ever. She has made herself a nest of pillows and blankets, and is resting her chin on a stuffed tiger toy….one of the few “babies” she carries around the house with her. Wee one is gently letting me know he’s awake. It doesn’t feel like kicking…..but rather more like he’s swimming around….splashing water against the inside of my belly. Occasionally there will be a more distinct poke….ever reminding me that he’s still in there and doing okay. I’ve gotten used to the movements early in the morning and late at night. I smile thinking that he’s just telling me that he’s alright. If only he could hear what my heart is saying; I love this little person SO deeply already…..I never get over being amazed at what we have created…..and imagine the kind of boy he’ll be. I worry about him at this point too….the mothering has already begun I guess. Somehow he always assures me that he’s just fine….usually RIGHT around the time the worrying begins! Ha! He has good timing I guess. K felt him for the FIRST time over the weekend and the smile that formed on her face is one I won’t soon forget. She said it felt like someone tapping her, or flicking her with their finger. I’m glad she finally felt him move….for the last few days he’s been playing games with her….dancing around inside me, only to stop moving when she puts her hand on my tummy to feel him (it has happened countless times!). He’s a pain already, I say, but of course I’m only kidding. How could you not love this little one already? He has a sense of humour! In pregnancyland news, I completely had “pregnancy brain” last night and utterly and totally forgot about our birth group……oops. The sad thing was, I was really looking forward to going. It’s only once a month, and I was so bummed I missed it. They even had someone coming in early to show us different baby wraps and carriers. I’m fully blaming pregnancy brain. It is VERY unlike me to forget something that is written in my planner – even K said so. Oh, and the icing on the pregnancy cake??? I sneezed the other day and peed my pants. KID. YOU. NOT. I really thought preggo incontinence was myth. Guess not. It’s beginning people!!!….and we’re just at 21 weeks TODAY. Guess it’s starting kind of early! And to think, our baby boy weighs only 3/4 of a pound and is 11 inches long. Yikes!