20 Weeks: Half-Way There

  • K and I spent the weekend in Charlotte, NC and had a blast.  We drove about 4.5- 5 hours to stay with our good friends and hang out on their boat for a few days.  It was SO relaxing to get away from work for a little while.  We spent most of Sunday on the water and I literally felt the stress float away as we sailed across the lake……  It was wonderful! K had so much fun; she is determined to buy a boat by next summer.  I can just picture our little boy chillin’ on the water with us every weekend!!! 
  • We also went to Charlotte Pride as well.  It wasn’t bad…..but nothing I’d rave about.  We did get to meet the girls from “And Sweepy-D Makes Three” briefly while we were there, which was pretty cool.  LKC is due a few days before us and looks fab!
  • Tomorrow is officially 20 weeks!  We’re half-way there!!!! I can’t believe it! Our little boy is growing like crazy (proof is in the belly shots below) and I’m starting to feel more and more movement inside of me.  He’s most active late at night or in the wee hours of the morning, when I’m still groggy in bed.  It’s like he’s tapping me – “Mommy, I’m awake!” Very cute.  I smile every time.  Yesterday he actually kicked a few times during the afternoon and K quickly put her hand on my belly to feel him, but of course he stopped.  I always joke with K that I think he’s laughing at us, playing a game of “feel me if you can!”.  I know she’ll feel him soon; I am really looking forward to that day!
  • We had another midwife appointment this morning that went really well.  Nothing overly important to tell you all about – just the usual stuff – blood pressure is still good….pee looked good, weight gain is good (yikes! i gained 5 lbs in the last month for a total of about 12 lbs gained) and I found out I have O Negative blood….I had no idea what blood type I was before!  This makes me RH Negative apparently, which could means if the baby is positive, I would need a shot….I don’t know much about all this….but the midwife said that if the baby’s blood mixes with my blood it could harm both me and our son, and our future child(ren).  I would also need a shot after our baby boy is born.  I had no clue about all this stuff!!! Wee One’s heartbeat was between 140-150, so everything is good there.  The only concern is my placenta being low….but we hope that won’t be an issue.  Our next ultrasound is at 28 weeks, and we should know by then if we’re out of the clear.  Apparently, it is very rare, but if your placenta is resting on your cervix, you would bleed way too much giving birth vaginally, therefore have to have a c-section.  I am hoping and praying that won’t be the case and the placenta will “come up” between now and then.  At 28 weeks I’ll also be tested for Diabetes and a bunch of other stuff.  At least we’ll be able to have all the bloodwork done during our ultrasound appointment.
  • My belly.  Oh. My. Goodness.  It is getting HUGE people, HUGE.  I tossed and turned last night, trying to get comfortable.  I find myself having to hold it up when I lay on my side.  It’s such a weird feeling getting so big and sleeping is getting awkward, even WITH my body pillow.  My midwife suggested making a “nest” for my tummy, if I need to.  Whatever is going to help me sleep, do it, she said.  I actually went swimming yesterday for the first time since I’ve been pregnant, and it was so ODD!  I am used to swimming stomach down in the water….and I felt like I was carrying a large rock in my belly – the heaviness was hard to get used to.  I found myself out-of-breath when I normally wouldn’t have even been somewhat winded. I know all you uber-preggo girls are laughing at me…… my belly is going to get A LOT bigger soon….I’ve just found it hard to adjust to the growth!!! Here is my 20 week belly shot (and one WITH my top down!)….and a shot to compare it with.  Wow, eh?


18 thoughts on “20 Weeks: Half-Way There

  1. I, too have type O neg and needed the RH shot before and after my daughter was born. It’s not really a big deal. Just a shot. If you know the sperm donors blood type (and its negative as well) then you wont need one as Wee One will then be negative too. But if you don’t know, Shot Time!

    By far the least thing to worry about in the scheme of pregnancy worries. 🙂

    You’re looking great! Just wait until you really pop. *giggles*

  2. Our baby still does that sometimes when K runs over and puts her hand on my belly. We joke that he already has a sense of humor! Congrats on the half way mark!

  3. Wow is right! There is no mistaking that you’re pregnant. You look fantastic! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

  4. look at you, how beautiful!!! love it!!! you look great!

    and your trip sounds so nice… we want to get away before bubs comes too…. one day

  5. All I can say is… WOW. I can’t believe I actually started reading your blog before you were preggo… It’s been 20 weeks already???

    Hoping you have a wonderful rest of pregnancy and that you don’t need the Rhesus shots. Be healthy!

  6. congrats! i can’t believe you’re 20 weeks already. seems like yesterday i was reading about your bfp! i know you’re going to have a safe delivery and i hope that the rest of your pregnancy is as comfortable as possible.

  7. wow 20 weeks already! Glad everything is going well, I had no idea about the RH stuff either – interesting.
    The holiday sounds fab, looks like a great place to have been! (especially when I’m sitting here with a fire going, listening to the rain and wind outside lol)

  8. Congrats! You look great!
    If your donor is Rh- you won’t need the shot, only if he’s positive, but even so, it’s just a shot! No big deal!
    My wife didn’t feel the baby moving from the outside until 26 weeks. Now, you can feel her from the outside almost all the time! And she’s most active in the mornings too! They say when you’re moving it rocks the baby to sleep, and when you sleep, they’re awake!
    I’m so glad everything is going so smoothly for you!

  9. Tiff you look great!! 2 things, first of all, Mindi felt Harris move for the first time at 21weeks. I would spoon her and he would kick her back. Most of the times that Mindi felt him move were when I was spooning her hint hint

    The second thing, is a tip for the gestational diabetes testing… You will have a to drink this nasty flat soda bottle in 5 minutes. It sounds easy, but it isn’t really that easy. It comes back up for some women. 2 tips to make it easy for you: Make sure it is cold, and drink it WITH A STRAW. When you drink it through the straw, tuck the straw to the side of your tongue and the nasty drink will bypass your tastebuds. It helps- I promise!

  10. You look so good! I’m happy for you AND K!!

    Don’t forget, women tend to gain more weight when they carry boys. I guess boys just bulk up more? My childhood neighbor gained over 80lbs with her son (I don’t think you’ll get THAT big!!) and she barely tipped the scales at 50lbs with her second child, interestingly, a girl.

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