Wee One: Photoshoot

How great are you guys!? Thanks, everyone, for all your sweet words of congratulations!!! I’m so glad you all enjoyed the video! I have watched it so many times and still never get over the feeling of seeing him wriggle around inside me!

We are very excited and it’s finally sinking in that we’re having a baby boy!  We bought some boy stuff this weekend to celebrate, even though we truly need NOTHING more in the way of clothes.  We have overdone it in that department…..but, hey, it’s our first kid, so we’re allowed, right?

“Wee One” is posing already! The first shot is his profile….he ALMOST looks like he’s sucking his thumb:

Itty Bitty baby laying on his stomach…..look at his spine!!!!!!!:

It’s a boy!

Our baby boy’s little face! Ha – I call this shot SKELETOR:


8 thoughts on “Wee One: Photoshoot

  1. this is the first time when i can actually make out the ultrasound photos. they are amazingly clear. it looks he has a bachelor’s pad and everything going on in there 😉

  2. I am so happy for you and your little guy. I’ve read many times that the chances of having a boy are greater with frozen swimmers as the male swimmers survive the freeze and thaw better. I don’t know how much greater or how true this is, but I will say that I know more women that have undergone IUI with frozen donor sperm that have boys than girls. We also have friends that have twin boys from frozen donor sperm and IUI. They are registered on the donor sibling registry and out of that donor’s registered children, there are 8 boys and only 3 girls.
    Congrats again!

  3. It seems that every baby must have a skeletor picture these days–it’s a rite of passage.

    In all honesty, though, it’s simply precious to see these shots of your wee one.

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