Party In My Belly

Our sweet Wee One is full of life – ALREADY!! The much-anticipated ultrasound went really well this morning.  We were told the baby doesn’t have down’s syndrome, spina bifida or a cleft palate.  Huge sigh of relief.  You always worry about those things…. Anyway, the ultrasound tech was very knowledgeable and showed us the 4 chambers of the heart, the brain, 2 little legs and feet with 5 toes on each foot, adorable 5-fingered hands and a tiny body that was bouncing around.  Wee One was having a blast in there – kicking me away!  I’ve included a video below and will post our pictures soon.  At one point, she pushes down on my stomach and you can see the little arm and hand fly up! Pay close attention around 30 seconds and on (it’s only a short 50 sec video) and watch how much movement is going on.  At the beginning of the video, baby is laying on the back, then flips to the side, then (at the very end) flips to the stomach!! It was actually hard to get pictures, as we seemed to be interrupting Wee One’s party.  The video is a bit hard to see, because it’s so far away, but you can definitely see the arm movement….and the wriggling of the belly.  If you REALLY look close, you can see the umbilical cord near the end of the vid. We saw hiccups (cutest thing EVER) too! It was an unbelievably emotional experience and absolutely mind-blowing to see the little person we created so full of life already.  Wee One is measuring 18w6d (4 days ahead of our actual 18w2d today) and is 9 ounces.  The ultrasound tech said everything looked wonderful and healthy…her only concern is that my placenta is low.  She said she firmly believes it will come “up”, but wants us to do another ultrasound at 28 weeks to be sure.  I’m not really worried about it…. I think it will sort itself out.  We weren’t going to have any other ultrasounds, and I’m secretly happy that we’re going back now so I can see the growth of 10 weeks!  I think that’s pretty much it.  We’re on cloud nine, of course!



Oh, I’m sorry, did you want to know the sex? That’s not why you came here is it? No…..I didn’t think so……


Okay friends, I’ll give you all what you REALLY wanted:


IT’S A  . . . . . . . . . . . . . .




Yup.  I kid you not. Believe it or not bloggers, all my dreams were wrong (as were some of your votes! It was something like 21 girl, 11 boy) and we’re having a sweet baby boy.  I gotta admit, I was definitely surprised.  It took the tech maybe 3 seconds to see the little boy parts.   I couldn’t believe it.  She did an “up-close” of his parts and there is NO denying that’s our little guy.  Although I wanted a girl, I’m thrilled we have a healthy (and active) baby boy.  Now we can put away all the girl clothes, and start preparing everything for our little man.  Our little man that we now call by name (when no one’s around to hear!)!  This is all happening so fast, and I’m just IN AWE of the feelings and emotions that have overcome me (crying away in parts of the ultrasound).  We left there with quite a few printed pictures and I’ve been staring at them all day.  I shall post some soon! I’m so in love with him already…….





34 thoughts on “Party In My Belly

  1. Tee hee! I knew it! Congrats!!!!

    I am a little jealous… it seems your U/S had a better “picture” than mine did. I usually couldn’t tell what the hell we were looking at!

  2. Congratulations!! Guess my usually wrong intuition was on the money this time!

    hmmm 5 months left to concoct knitted things!

  3. oh i was wrong, so i will be wrong about ours too! we also think its a girl and have girl clothes… we find out in just over a week… on the 28th! congrats on your little man!!!

  4. I’m so glad everything looks good! (And that it’s a boy — I’m biased towards little boys. J says it means I’m doomed to have a girl.)

  5. Oh, that’s wonderful! You are going to have so much fun with a baby boy–a baby boy who will adore his mamas. Congratulations!

  6. Wow!!! I’m so happy for you both! I can’t wait until we find out the gender of our little one. Like you guys, Kathy wants a girl and I want a boy.

  7. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will have the cutest boy ever. i watched the ultrasound and it was just unbelievable. wee one sure moves around a lot.
    very very happy for you gals. 🙂

  8. Congratulations! It sounds like an all around wonderful experience. Can’t watch at work but lookign forward to seeing your guy in motion.

  9. Congrats on your little boy. I found you recently through some other blog (hope that is okay) and we are due around the same time. I am due on Dec 18,so it is nice to find someone who is due right around me. We found out that we are having a girl yesterday. Good luck preparing and planning.

  10. Yay! glad everything is healthy and in the right place with no unexpected extras (apart from the boy bits, which aren’t extras but are unexpected!).

    I did think you were having a girl, and i am right about these things most of the time…you are ruining my stats!

    yippeee for a little boy…i wonder if we will ever get one?

  11. Congrats Tiff!
    That is so cool! And I’m so happy that everything is healthy and happy! WooHoo!!
    (Our baby was really active today too and hard for the tech to get measurments! 🙂 )

  12. Yay, I was right! As an Aries, I find it hard to be wrong. Congrats on a healthy, beautiful boy.

    You took the video down?

  13. YAY!!!!! I was sooooo wrong. Swore it was a girl. I watched the ultrasound like 3 times. SOOOOOO cute. CONGRATS!!!

  14. I can’t believe my belly reading skills are so bad. I am happy that you are thrilled. A boy will be really fun. In my opinion they have better clothes. I love the video.

  15. I was wrong too but very happy to hear about your healthy little boy! Now we can have beautiful little boys together! And active ones too, it seems…

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