Ready *Update*

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve…seriously. I can’t believe I had originally decided I’d wait to find out the sex of our baby…..I’m just so READY to know. Not only will I be SO excited to see how much Wee One has grown (we have only had ONE ultrasound at 7 1/2 weeks) but I know I’ll feel more connected to this little girl or boy growing inside me. I hope she/he is active on Friday!!! I’m going to get a printout picture that I will definitely post, and hopefully a video. If they aren’t able to give me a video, K will videotape some of the ultrasound with our camera…hopefully it will turn out well enough for you guys to see SOMETHING exciting! I’m counting down the remaining days…….4 more sleeps…..

….We had a great, busy weekend too. We finished up pet-sitting on Friday and headed back home. Our beagles were SO happy to be back in their comfort zone. I absolutely LOVE pet-sitting, but this dog was …..difficult…to say the least. We were watching him for a friend, and didn’t really know what we were getting into!!! He is on meds for severe allergies that make him extra thirsty all the time…..therefore making him have to pee constantly……8 or 9 times a night. By the end of the week, we were sleep-deprived and exhausted. Maybe this dog just wanted to prepare us for life with a newborn!!! Ha! Not only that, but he’s a little terror. You turn your head for a second and he is in the trash can, ripping up tissue paper and dropping it around the house. Yikes! It’s like the terrible two’s times twenty!

Saturday we ran some errands and then got to hang out at Notes From Two Moms pad for Sarah’s bday bash; we had a blast at their beautiful home and enjoyed meeting so many cool people! They are good folk, those two!! Sunday flew by with an early brunch with friends from out-of-town (who invited us to Charlotte next weekend for a few days out on their boat….AND gay pride – yay!). We just had time to change into some casual clothes before our “Beagle Cookout” in the early afternoon where we managed to get ourselves covered in dirt and slobber. Yum! Food and friends were great though! Sunday evening I met with a very nice, older lesbian couple who were looking for someone to watch their 3 big dogs for a few days. They were very sweet and we ended up chatting for several hours!!! By Sunday night, we were exhausted…..and somehow we didn’t have time to even pick up milk. We’d been out of it for days!!! Things are a little bit more calm now. We have a couple things going on in the evenings this week, but we have a quiet weekend to look forward to!

After Friday, we’ll know what to expect, a baby boy or girl!!! I can barely stand this wait. It’s very much like the TWW friends……it’s tough! IF my feelings and dreams are right, K and I plan to go through all our baby clothes this weekend, and pack away all the clothes for the baby boy (ahh! or girl!) and put them away for the next baby! We want to wash all the clothes we will be using with d.reft and just get that out of the way. All the cute clothing will be ready-to-wear then….and it’s one less thing we’ll have to do later! Oh, and I signed K and I up for 4 free classes at a local hospital today (thanks Sarah for this info!): Infant CPR, Breastfeeding Basics, Newborn Safety, and Newborn Nuances! We’re taking one in late September, and the other 3 will be in mid-October! Well, I think that’s pretty much it for now. Tomorrow will be 18 weeks! My belly is really starting to “pop”….I will post a new belly shot to my “belly shots” page tomorrow. I haven’t really been feeling the baby much….just random butterfly wings in my tummy. I can’t wait till they become more and more frequent! I am looking forward to so many things with this little one…..I’m so ready.

*UPDATE* My OBGYN’s office called to tell me that my ultrasound had to be re-scheduled from this Friday to THIS THURSDAY!!! Yay!! One less day to wait.  I’ll be 18w2d – hope the gender will be VERY visible!!!!!!!!!


11 thoughts on “Ready *Update*

  1. I cant wait for you to find out!!! i love your countdown “4 more sleeps.” I originally thought I would wait, too….but now, once i get pregnant, i want to find out the gender as soon as possible. I’ll be checking your blog on Friday, for sure!

  2. 3 more sleeps! 😉

    I am jealous that you found some free classes! I have to pay for them here (and still sign up ha ha).

    Drink some cold orange juice before your ultrasound. That is what I did. My little one was bopping along in there.

    I am at 23 weeks today and I really didn’t start feeling KICKS until last week. Prior to that it felt like bubbles popping in my belly. 🙂

    I am very impressed by how social you guys are! Since I have been pregnant I am ready for bed by 9 pm (sad I know).

    Til Friday!

  3. I’m so jealous…I still have weeks until mine. I’ll be 21 weeks – that was the earliest I could get in!
    Good luck x

  4. OMG i had to come back and read your post (the one before this but it wont let me comment twice) today because i just had a shower and i have SERIOUS cankles… i have never seen anything like it, i want to cry i am so scared… but after reading this i feel a bit better, going to lay down now and put them up… oh god….

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