Ogre Feet

The past few days, my feet and ankles have been really swollen.  I didn’t think I’d have to worry about this, if at all, until the 3rd trimester.  So wrong.  The first time we noticed was about 3 weeks ago.  I was walking up the stairs to the condo, and K said, “What is up with your ankles!!?”.  I hadn’t noticed anything until she mentioned it.  My ankles were pretty swollen, but I figured it was just from standing all day at work.  Well, it’s gotten worse over the last week, to where I feel like I have OGRE FEET.  They’re huge and ugly and there’s no definition in my ankles….you can barely see them….they’re sort of like tree trunks.  My feet have begun to ache too.  It feels different then when I’ve just stood for too long.  It got to the point last night where it was almost unbearable for me to stand on them.  I complained to K and she gave me a nice foot rub that was wonderful…it was painful even for her to touch them, but I do think it helped with circulation.  I called the doctor yesterday afternoon and she said to drink tons of fluid, limit salt intake, wear tight shoes (no more flip flips) and try to keep them as elevated as possible.  She said it may be worse because of the heat.  Ugh.  She advised me to just keep an eye on them, and if one ankle/foot gets more swollen then the other, or if I push on my foot and it stays indented, then I need to come in and see her.  I guess this is a pretty common thing for pregnant women to experience.  It just surprised me as I still feel like I’m not very far along!!! Other than what the doctor recommended, do you have any suggestions?? Some people have said support hose, which I SOOO don’t want to do because of how hot it is outside, but I will if that is the best thing.  For right now I’m keeping them elevated at night and trying not to feel self-conscious.


15 thoughts on “Ogre Feet

  1. not to offer assvice, but taking a bath in epsom salts will definitely help… i used a cup at least every night throughout my whole 3rd trimester and kept the swelling mostly at bay…

  2. I had this when I carried the girls, both times! Some people are just more likely to get it than others. Lucky us! The only thing I can tell you is to elevate them as much as possible, wear comfy shoes and you will see bones in your feet again! -After delivery! 🙂

  3. Eugh – cankles. Poor you. I have no advice on how to reduce the swelling, but will be reading other people’s comments avidly, just in case!

  4. i started with swelling around 16 weeks… i SERIOUSLY cut back on the salt and it went down. I’m still not able to wear half my cute shoes, but it isn’t to obvious. In fact, last night I made veggie stir fry and added soy sauce and i was yucky swollen an hour later. good luck… drink lots of lots of lots of water and stop adding salt to anything…

  5. I didn’t start swelling until the 3rd trimester, but they are swollen now… Pedicures help! And your doctor is right about the flip flops, as I was making that mistake as well. My dr advised me to wear shoes that tie and to try not to ever wear flip flops right now if I can help it. Elevation will help too. Good luck!

  6. My advice? Elevation, have lovely K rub each foot for a little bit each night and like ohchicken said, epsom salt baths. Hopefully you find something that works a charm!

  7. Lay on your bed with your bum facing the wall and put your feet up on the wall, so your body is almost like the leter “L”. This works well for me and helps the swelling go down. And heck, for some reason it just feels super good.

  8. ouchie, that looks painful! hope it’s temporary? do what the doc said, keep them elevated, drink lots of fluid, and your lovely woman can keep giving you foot rubs. 🙂

  9. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I’ve been lurking on yours since….December? Following you all the way!
    Sorry about the cankles issue–that looks painful indeed. I echo the epsom salts–used to work for me after standing long hours. I hope one way or another the swelling goes down soon.

  10. OMG i had to come back and read your post today because i just had a shower and i have SERIOUS cankles… i have never seen anything like it, i want to cry i am so scared… but after reading this i feel a bit better, going to lay down now and put them up… oh god….

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