Pink or Blue?

Our MW appointment went really well this morning! The monthly visits are reassuring for both K and myself, but more than that – they’re actually fun! Our midwife, N, said my pee “looked good”, BP was “great”, and my weight gain was “perfect”. It’s funny to hear any weight gain referred to as “perfect”!! I’ve gained 6 lbs in the almost 4 months I’ve been pregnant. It’s always discouraging for me to gain weight, but I have to keep reminding myself that this is good weight gain. Anyway, I felt great that she said everything was going so well physically.

We had a few questions that she gladly addressed (and calmed our fears too!). K was worried about the baby being born with a cord around the neck. The thought of being at home and this happening scared her half to death. N said that 1 in 3 babies are born with the cord around the neck and this usually isn’t a concern unless the cord is too short. You have to worry when the cord is caught under the armpits or around another part of the body, she told us. If the cord slides up to the neck, that is actually a “safe place” for it to be until the baby is born. Strange to hear. N explained that most people hear horror stories and assume that the baby would choke being birthed with the cord around the neck. Not so! We talked about tearing during birth, etc, as that was another one of my concerns. She said she thought I had a bit of ‘fear in me’. Yeah, a little I guess. It’s just the unknown. She talked to me a little bit about my fears….”You don’t need to prepare your body for birth (the female body does this naturally!) but rather, you must prepare your mind“. I immediately understood the truth in this. I was encouraged to put up affirmations, if I felt that would help me. I don’t know if I’ll post them up anywhere….but just hearing them was helpful…. I am going to try to say them to myself daily, weekly, etc. “My body will make the perfect amount of space for me to birth my baby”. “My baby will be born in a safe place.” Etc. Encouraging the positive thoughts, discouraging the negative, irrational fears. It was what I needed to hear.

After talking for some time she perked up and said, “Let’s listen to your baby!” She so loves what she does for a living! I was reeeeallly looking forward to hearing the little heartbeat again. She found it in no time and it was SO much louder than our last visit! Strong, fast and loud!! Next, K and I heard a “thump”. N smiled and said, “Did you feel that?” Nope. “Your baby just kicked!”. Wow. I wish I had felt it, but I clearly heard it. It happened one more time while we were listening to the heartbeat. I was so blown away! Sometimes it doesn’t seem real, and this takes me right back to reality. She/He IS in there!! It was amazing. Totally random and surprising thing too, while N had the doppler on my belly she said, “You have great muscle tone in your stomach!!”. Umm…excuse me? Good what??? Ha! I thought I had lost that all with the weight gain……I did actually laugh, but decided I’d better just take the compliment! Surely this will help me in some way during labour!!? Anyway, N says that she thinks we will have a very active baby and that I should start feeling the Wee One very soon! So, I’m now I very excited pregnant lady. I really feel like things are starting to take off!!! My belly is getting bigger and bigger and it’s only a few short weeks till we’ll see our ittybitty baby on the ultrasound! I can’t get over this miracle of what we’ve created. It truly is mind-blowing, when you think about it! The excitement, happiness and anticipation doesn’t go away after the BFP. Even after throwing up, I’m happy. Sick, but happy.

In other fun news, for the FIRST time….. a stranger asked when I was due! K and I were grocery shopping, and were checking out, when the cashier glanced at my belly and said it!!! It may sound silly, but we were pretty excited. She said it had a “distinctive shape to it!” Maybe I’m finally getting out of the it-looks-like-all-I’ve-been-doing-is-chowing-down-on-doughnuts-stage. Wouldn’t that be exciting!! For all you Curious George’s out there…. our BIG ultrasound is Friday, July 18th. I will be 18wks3d, so I’m hoping that I’ll be far enough along that they’ll be able to tell us the sex! I don’t think I can set up a poll on WordPress, so you will all have to de-lurk and POST. Sorry! What do you think girls? Pink or blue?


22 thoughts on “Pink or Blue?

  1. Yay! Congrats on your great midwife visit!
    Um… I’m guessing PINK for you! But I might be swayed by the fact that you want a girl so badly. But still, I’m guessing GIRL!

  2. I think I’m definitely swayed by you wanted a little girl so much so I say PINK too!

    I agree that it’s good to think about fears around birth and trying to defuse them somewhat. And that comment about preparing the mind and not the body for birth is great – I’ll certainly be taking that on board.

    I’m jealous about the ‘when are you due’ from a stranger! I’m 25 weeks now and still I still just look like I love doughnuts – I want somebody to notice dammit!

  3. I have unlurked and my intuition seems to be leaning to…..


    I’ll totally root to be wrong. 🙂 and I usually am. *wink*

    On an odd, random note I am a Knitter and I just test knit the cutest baby hat ever! In wool. And even though I only know the two… I mean three of you from lurking about your blog, ya’ll were the first people that popped in my head when I tried to think of a home for this cutey. So if you want a newborn sized wool beanie, let me know and I’ll drop it in the mail to you. I can send you a pic if you want to see it first. (varigated blues, purples, pinks and greens etc)

    Just a weird offering from an knitterly fellow lesbian observer. LOL

  4. Well, gosh, I’m always wrong unless I physically know/see the person (then again, my godson turned out to be a goddaughter… we were all so convinced she’d be a he…) but I’m totally guessing BLUE!! I think you would love and relish in all the adorable baby boy things. “Mommy’s li’l monster” etc. 😉
    However, a girl is just as sweet!

  5. I’m feeling pink for you guys. And I just want to say that I love reading your blog. Your joy is infectious and your perspective is refreshing and you are going to be a GREAT MOM.

  6. That’s sooooooooooo unfair! I couldn’t get in for my ultrasound until almost 21 weeks.

    FWIW – I get boy vibes for you!

  7. That sounds like it was an amazing appointment.We’ll see! I’m so excited for you girls. It sounds like you’re doing really well.

    And I’m guessing pink–but I’ve been wrong the last few times.

  8. My vote is for pink – but I think I need a new belly shot to be sure (hint, hint). It sounds like you guys had a perfect appointment. I am so excited for you both.

  9. I am guessing GIRL!

    You should be far enough along at 18 weeks for the sex… they were already telling me boy at 13 weeks. Of course they weren’t FOR SURE, but they thought they saw the goods by then and they were right!!!

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