Building A Mystery

I’ve wanted to post for several days, but haven’t felt like I’ve had the energy…do you ever have that?  Today was another 102 degree day in Richmond and yet another 14 hour day.  I’m exhausted.  Even my toes hurt.  I’ve told you all this before, and I fear it’s getting old.  I’m sorry.  I don’t mean to be complain-y.  What I really want is to write a beautiful post about what an amazing experience our Homebirth Circle was last week.  I could talk about it for ages.  We met so many amazing women who told their empowering birth stories to the whole circle.  I walked away excited about birth; I walked away thinking “I want this and can actually DO this!” I can really see it in my head now, and am getting more and more psyched.  The meetings are once a month, and you never know how many people will show up.  There were at least 30 at the last meeting.  Couples with itty bitty babies.  Singles-By-Choice that were very very pregnant.  Women.  Lots of women!! The supportive environment we walked into was like a cocoon of welcoming! Us being a same-sex couple didn’t seem to phase anyone, and every person there was so honest and open and willing to give advice on everything from labor to cloth diapers to circumcision.  It really felt right being there.  I’m sure I will write more about the meetings as the months go by!

As for news on the Wee One/Me:

> Our ittybitty baby has been asking me for virgin pina coladas……and I have obliged.  Several times. I, I mean, THE BABY…yes……..can’t get enough of them.

> I really haven’t had many cravings….which has surprised me.  Basically just pina coladas and Thai food – peanut noodles.  Strange.  Also I’ve been unbelievably thirsty at night.

> I thought morning sickness was a thing of the past.  Not so.  Picture me throwing up repeatedly in several rooms, several bathrooms…….this morning.  Peaches DO NOT feel or taste good on the way back up.

> Our 16 week midwife appointment is Monday and I am so excited to hear the baby again!!!! These 4ww’s between each appointment are tough to get through!!!!

> The full body pillow has now entered our bed.  It’s weird cuddling with a large, human-sized pillow, but oddly nice!  I love love love sleeping on my stomach, but just can’t do it anymore.  It’s uncomfortable and I worry that I’m crushing the Wee One.  I lay on my stomach with one leg up on it.  Having my knee up high takes a bit of the pressure off of my back, and it still feels a little like sleeping on my stomach.

> I haven’t weighed myself in over a week.  I’m scared to get on the scale.  My stomach feels so huge and I have this huge nightmare that I’ll be 10 lbs heavier.  Please tell me that this won’t happen!

> We’re having our countdown till THE BIG ultrasound.  The gender one!!!! We’ll be having it anywhere from 18-20 weeks.  We’re finding out the sex, and I’m pretty excited about it.  I feel like it’s a girl (probably because I’d really really love to have a girl!) but what do I know! I have decided that it’s only right to tell all of you dears.  Do you feel special?  Yes? Awh.  You are.  It will be pretty cool to see the baby actually LOOKING like a baby, as we’ve only had one ultrasound at 7 1/2 weeks, and the wee one looked like a lima bean.

> Big big exciting news.  We’ve made our final decision on girl and boy names.  Of course you’re special, but not that special! Just kidding.  No, really. I’ve got to give you guys SOMETHING to look forward to.  It’s going to be a mystery!!! My lips are sealed until our wee one is here though.  But I am so relieved that the decision is MADE.  Not only that, but I love love love the names.  I get that warm fuzzy feeling just thinking about them.  K and I had gone over and over names we liked, and why we liked them, as I’m sure all couples do.  We chose names that had deep meaning for us as a couple, which makes this even more special.  I couldn’t even talk to her about it for awhile without crying.  We will have such stories to tell our child.  Just as this baby was created from our love, so are the names we have chosen.

> Our baby is the length of a teaspoon now.  How crazy is that?? Pretty crazy.  Considering it seemed like not too long ago he/she was the size of a grain of rice!!!

I can’t think of a clever way to end this post…. so I’ll just say goodnight 🙂 I’m really looking forward to hitting the pillow tonight. I’m wishing you all I lovely evening, wherever you are. xo


11 thoughts on “Building A Mystery

  1. i’m glad to see the update!! your tummy is looking adorable and i’m so excited that you all have chosen names. we need to choose 4 names (2 girls and 2 boys) since we’re both trying to conceive and don’t want to know the sexes. so far we’ve chosen ONE, so i’m very impressed that you all have TWO decided.

    i hope your next 4 weeks go by quickly and i can’t wait for the next update.

  2. Picking names is so wonderful. I think it’s, for non-expecting couples, a sign that something hopeful is on the horizon. For expecting couples, I think it’s a “yes, we are having this baby, and this baby is so real it has a name! yeah!” We’ve already picked our names, and when we chose the boy name, our son played a huge part in the discussion. We wanted HIM to like it, too 😉

    I can’t wait to have an excuse to get a full body pillow. Fil absolutely REFUSES to let me buy one until we’re expecting. Pooh.

  3. Picking out names is fun…. we have talked about them for two years… but when we finally got pregnant it was so hard! I think we have finally settled on our boys name.

    I can’t wait to hear what you are having!!!

  4. That is so wonderful to hear about the homebirth circle! I really hope that the home birth works for you. I think that’s got to be the easiest way to labor. With my daughter I was so much more comfortable at home.

    Yay for names! I’m sad to say we’ve had names picked since the first month, but since then my boy name’s been gaining in popularity, so last night we talked about changing it.

  5. I think that you wwill have a girl too BUT if you find out that you are having a boy, don’t be bummed AT ALL because I PROMISE that baby boys are AWESOME and, once you experience a baby boy you will think to yourself, “how on earth could I have ever been bummed even slightly!!!”. You are great- I wish I had had a homebirth circle thing-that sounds so neat! Instead, I was in a childbirth class with 3 other couples, all determined to have an epidural… it was weird…

  6. The morning sickness should ease up. 🙂 I still get it at times, but nothing like the beginning! I’ve been told bananas are an excellent thing to eat if you might throw up– going down is the same as coming up- so I’ve heard. LOL.

    I bought a body pillow too. Not the really nice one I coveted (that curves) but a cheaper one. I sleep just like you do with mine and was a stomach sleeper. I miss sleeping on my tummy and look forward to be able to again. ha ha.

    I was so sure I was having a girl. Even my husband was dreaming about having a girl (he wanted a boy). And guess what… I was right! 🙂 We have yet to come up with a name. Congrats on picking out yours! I look forward to reading it!

    Your birthing circle sounds amazing. It sounds like you have a great thing going!

    🙂 liz

  7. I too have been incredible thirsty at night and I have been keeping a glass of ice water in the bathroom so I can have a sip each time I get up during the night. The body pillow entered our bed last week and I am loving it. Not so sure how much Dana likes it though. 🙂 Can’t wait to find out if you have a little boy or girl in there!

  8. Sorry to hear that the morning sickness came back for you too- Wifey just got her prescription for Diclectine (After 20 weeks of suffering!!!) Hopefully your morning sickness will go away again!

    I think it’s great that you chose meaningful names. What a special gift for your little baby.

  9. Sorry about the morning sickness! Sounds like you’re doing well otherwise. It’s so good to catch up on your posts, finally! Wishing you all the best, and keep lovin the body pillow! 🙂

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