Goodbye 1st Trimester!

Holy 2nd trimester Batman! I can’t believe the 1st trimester is behind us! I’ve been not-so-patiently awaiting this day – 13 weeks! I feel like I can breathe a little sigh of relief now. I know things can still go wrong…. but I feel a bit better now being officially in the 2nd trimester. The last 3 months have flown by; I’m about 1/3 of the way through my pregnancy today– can you believe it? In the 1st trimester we saw our first ever BFP, had our first prenatal appointment with our nurse practitioner, saw Wee One for the first time on an ultrasound at 7 ½ wks, had our 1st midwife appointment and talked more about our plans for homebirth, heard baby’s heartbeat with K and got all choked up, peed on many sticks and in many cups, watched my belly get fuller – and finally FELT pregnant, threw up too many times to list, and had lazy days catching up on sleep (I still feel pretty tired). We were also offered the triple screening tests (that would be performed in a few weeks) for genetic abnormalities, which we refused. It checks for spina bifida, downs syndrome & cleft lip/palate. At the 20 week ultrasound they can guarantee 98% accuracy for these conditions, so I see no need in putting myself or my baby through this. K and I feel very strongly that this is something we shouldn’t do. Our midwife told us that the main reason they do it is for termination purposes. There is no way we would ever terminate our baby – We will love and care for this child regardless of any genetic abnormalities he or she may have. The little life inside me is too precious to think of doing that.

2nd trimester. I keep repeating that in my head, like I’ve now earned the place in some new club or something. I don’t feel like such a newbie anymore, though clearly I still am! I can’t wait to feel Wee One soon (that I have really been calling “itty bitty baby” lately) move in my belly. That’s probably what I’m looking forward to most!! Also, I CAN.NOT.WAIT for the 20 week ultrasound when we’ll see Wee One again (and she/he will actually LOOK like a baby and not a lima bean!) and find out the sex!! It’s only 7 weeks away! Okay, typing that out – it seems like that is a long time to wait….but I’m sure the time will fly, just as the past 12 weeks have. I can’t wait for the changes to come! I have gained 2.5 lbs to date, since the very very beginning. So, that’s not too bad I guess. I’m eating very healthy foods and trying like heck to keep the weight gain to a minimum. I just have to start exercising now! I hear that the peeing-all-the-time slows down in the 2nd trimester….is this pretty true girls? I am still peeing all the time, so I’ll be happy if it is!

By this point in the pregnancy, we’ve pretty much told everyone that we’re going to tell. I haven’t told my family though, knowing their reaction will only upset me and cause me stress during the pregnancy. The closest person to my immediate family that I have told is my cousin KR, who had her first child 3 months ago – a little girl! She was thrilled to hear the news and was very supportive, which was nice! Our friend Nancy will be throwing us a shower in Sept or Oct, and KR told me she will try her hardest to come down here with her daughter, Maddy, for it. It’s a great feeling knowing SOMEONE with my last name is supporting me! It will be a 12-14 hour drive down here for her, and she’ll need to apply for a passport for her and her daughter…all that effort to come down just to support us (she’s never met K!) means a great deal.

Oh, we registered at B.abies.R.U.s over the weekend (for those who want to browse, we are registry#62645068). We took K’s 7-year old nephew, who loved being the scan boy! He scanned a couple items we didn’t want (q-tips for example!) but they were easy to remove later. We registered for a lot of organic stuff and the majority of the stuff is the essentials. (crib mattress, rocking chair, diaper wipes, baby tub, swing, play-yard, etc). I also registered for a m.edela breast pump, just to have the option – even though I will be staying home with the baby. My cousin saw it on there and told me to delete it. She only used hers a few time and is going to send it to us! Yay! She has a really nice deluxe one with all of the sterilizing stuff with it too! Lucky us!!! *If you are a friend who is reading, we are registered under my full name or Karli’s. And there are quite a few Tiffany’s in VA that are registered, so make sure you click on Richmond, Va.* I have to admit, it was fun to go up and down every aisle scanning stuff. It’s becoming more and more real with each passing day.

Another fun thing we did this weekend – K and I made something for the nursery. It’s “reed art”. We got a nice mirror from Michaels and a bunch of cool reeds (green of course to match baby’s room!), cut them to fit, and glued away. The reeds are lt. green and every single reed has a brown leaf wrapped around it. It is so cool and has a ton of character. It’s so cool because you have bits of mirror showing through! It took awhile, but I feel that it was worth all the work (click to see more up-close):

Also, I promised some Drag Dodgeball pics, so here goes (how cute is this little girl?? her mom adopted her from Guatemala and said she looked like “our” poster child holding that flag!! I HAD to snap some pics of her!):


16 thoughts on “Goodbye 1st Trimester!

  1. Before you know it, you will be in the 3rd trimester! It flies by I promise!

    Yes the peeing did slow down a bit for me in 2nd tri, but sure picks back up in the 3rd!

  2. Maybe, for the blogoshere people that don’t know your last name but still want to snoop your regisry, you could give the first 2 letters of your last name for ye old BRU search engine???

  3. I love the beautiful life and energy you are creating for your wee one. Your child will be so lucky to have you both as moms.

    Off to browse the registry…

  4. Wahoo! Nice work on the registry! Since you asked for my 2 cents, here it is… We registered for a baby bathtub and have used it 1 time to date. It turned out to be a total waste because I love love love have together bath time with Harris in the big tub! Wonderful carseat choice! We LOVE our Graco safeseat!- You may consider registering for your “big carseat” too- someone just might pop for one, and those things aren’t cheap! We have the same diaper bag- and LOVE IT! I love Aveeno products, but I just realized that they are made by Johnson & Johnson, and they do animal testing!!! Ack!

    In regards to your sling/carrier choices, you know that I am partial to my Moby wrap, although I do appreciate having my baby bjorn carrier (that I leaave in the car) in a pinch. You are going to want to get some bottles. I know that you are planning on breatfeeding, but at some time aroound 6 weeks, you and K might get the itch to let K feed the baby. You are also going to want receiving blankets- a bunch of them! For our homebirth, my midwife suggested that we have at least 12 blankets on hand. I thought that that was overkill, but man, was I glad that I had them! You will do so much laundry in the first few weeks it is insane, and you will be SO greatful that you have the last clean receiving blanket…

    If I think of anything else, I will let you know!

    Oh! I know that there is a huge debate over wipes warmers, but let me tell you, I could NOT live without my Prince Lionheart wipes warmer (with the microbial pillow). When we used it with sidposable wipes, it took “the edge off” nicely. There is nothing that made me feel worse than putting a shokingly cold wipe up to a wet, soft baby bum. It also works wonderfully now that I am using cloth wipes and homemade solution! Now I always have a perfect, warm, wet flannel wipe waiting for me!

  5. WELL! That’s GREAT! Doesn’t seem like 12 weeks. Does it? WOW! Went by quickly indeed.

    As for the testing, for my more obvious feeble old self HIGH RISK reasons, We were encouraged to do testing at 20 weeks. I was more open to it than Ron. BUT termination wou ld have been out of the question too for both of us. Still Ron was so adament about it was almost scary. At one point someone asked me if I was feeling pressure to go thru pregnancy.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO! kinda upset me

    Renee ( the midwife ) said it was practical in the sense you can plan better for a disabled child. Be prepared!

    BUT you are NOT highrisk right? And I support that decision against testing. What for? Even testing is RiSKY!

    So happy for you both. Feeling better? Now you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! The yucky part is all but over. And the wonderful part of pregnancy begins. Enjoy that little blessing! HUGS

  6. Yay for the 2nd trimester! Let’s have a belly growing contest! I’ve finally posted a belly pic just for you.

    I have a question…when your scan dated you ahead of your initial due date, did that line up with your ovulation? ‘Cos my scan showed that Squeak was about 5-7 days advanced but because I knew my o date, no one suggested I change my due date??

    Hope you’re doing well xox


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