It was a sweltering hot 102 degrees here in Richmond, VA today. The kind of heat that takes whatever energy you had in you and sucks it right out. I always describe the heat and humidity as feeling very much like a hot hairdryer blasting in your face, set on HIGH, of course. K was printing in the shop all day with sweat on her forehead and I was only wishing we had A/C as my shirt stuck to my back. It wouldn’t even be so bad if it wasn’t for the 850 degree garment dryer (9 feet long) and three “flash units” at 350 degrees each. I’ve never gotten used to Virginia heat in general; On a hot summer day in Richmond, you’ll often find me longingly gazing online at the Toronto forecast – “How can it possibly be 25 degrees HOTTER here!!!!!!???” I miss my “old” summers. Sunny and warm, these breezy days didn’t have much humidity. I hate that I despise the heat so much, really I do. Some people love it. I love winters – always have, always will probably. Deep down, I wish I was one of those girls who loved sun tanning on the beach on a hot day, or gardening during the summer……..for some reason my body just wasn’t made for it. Pregnancy has only made me hate being hot even more. I feel like I’m going to get sick, or pass out when I’m over-heated, and ultimately, it just makes me miserable. Miserable inside, and more snappy to everyone around me. I don’t want to be that person, really. For the next few days (forecast says high 90’s/low 100’s, and EVENTUALLY high 80s) I’ll just try to get through it with a good attitude. (I think I may stay home tomorrow though and take the dogs to get their nails cut). Key word is TRY. Just thankful I have A/C to go home to after our long days. PS though, I AM praying to the weather gods that they just give VA a bit of a break this year. It’s early June with unbelievably record-high temperatures, so I doubt they’ll listen in July or August, but it’s worth a shot eh?


9 thoughts on “Scorcher

  1. I agree that heat sucks. I’m a winter girl too. I’m just glad that it’s winter here now and that I’m not going to have to be heavily pregnant in the heat (again!). I think I spent the last 3 months of my first pregnancy prone on a couch with the A/C pointed right at me.

    Hang in there! and enjoy that A/C.

  2. I totally understand your aversion to the heat. It’s horrid. Where we used to live, it was only over 75 a couple of times a year. Otherwise, it was pretty much 68 all the time (with the exception of winter, when it did get fairly cold). I would far rather deal with the cold. At least in the cold, you can bundle up. You can pile on blankets. In the heat, all you can do is sit and wilt and pant and sweat. I hate it, and where we currently live, it’s HOT. I feel your pain, oh, how I feel it.

    And yes, AC at home is about the only way to survive it when the heat is your enemy. Hang in there!

  3. OMG, that’s insane that you guys don’t have AC all day at work. Wow, i can’t stand walking out to get my mail in similar heat or walking from the parking lot to my destination much less working in it for several hours consecutively. my 2 year old even says, “ew, mama, it’s hot out here”, when i take her out of the car. it’s totally reasonable that it makes you miserable, especially while pregnant. i was fortunate enough to be my biggest in Novemeber, can’t imagine it being a summer month! good luck this summer!

  4. that’s crazy hot. be careful. hydrate yourself and your little one!! i always used to wonder what it would be like to be pregnant in the heat of summer – not comfy, i imagine!! take care. xo

  5. It is very hot here too. I am not much for the extreme heat and especially not being 7 months pregnant. Hopefully it eases up soon for all of us!!! Hang in there and keep cool.

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