Itty Bitty Post In Bullets

I’m still alive! I’m pet-sitting and don’t have an internet connection right now, so I apologize for the lack of commenting on your blogs! I will catch up with you all as soon as I’m back home. (Hoping I don’t miss Sparky’s big entrance over at WE ARE FAMBLY!). I just have a few minutes, so I will update in bullets:

  • K and I had a lovely brunch with the girls from NOTES FROM 2 MOMS last weekend. They are so warm, sweet and instantly likeable! Not to mention, S’s belly is just too cute. Hope to continue to hang out with them in the near future; it was so great to get to know them both! S told me about a prenatal yoga class downtown that I am oh-so-interested in; it would be awesome to be in it with another cool lesbian!
  • I can’t believe it, but we were just so busy that we forgot to take the 10 week belly shot!! My apologies (again!) but you’ll really see the change from week 9 to week 11! I’ll post the new shot on Saturday or Sunday.
  • We are 11w2d today and my belly is CHANGING. I am really noticing how much fuller I’m getting….it’s sort of an uncomfortable in-between stage (struggling with body image issues as I don’t really ‘feel’ pregnant, just CHUNKY!!). I just want to have the “C” belly, not the “B” belly . . . .
  • We will be 12 weeks on Tuesday! Holy crap!! The first trimester is almost behind us and the time has flown!
  • I am feeling much better . . . my throat feels 100% better and I haven’t thrown up in 2 days!
  • Our midwife appointment is one week from today!
  • K and I have been talking about our honeymoon/very-first-big-vacation together. If O.livia (lesbian cruises) doesn’t have a problem with pregnant ladies being on their ships, we think we’re going to go on the Mexican Riviera cruise October 4-11. L.eisha H.ailey from The L Word will be on there, along with one of my favourite female musicians – Missy Higgins. I am SO excited about this….but trying not to get my hopes up, in case they have restrictions for pregnant women. I have wanted to take K on an Olivia cruise for SO long, and we have just never been able to because of her work schedule. I will be 29-30 weeks and still good to travel by air (the cruise departs from San Diego). Cross your fingers for us that they won’t have restrictions!!! This would be K and I’s FIRST EVER big vacation *and honeymoon* (we’ve taken a weekend or two away) together in 6 1/2 years!
  • *UPDATE* Just spoke with O.livia Travel – you can’t travel “on the seas” after 24 weeks preggo.  Suck.  Must now get over disappointment and come up with PLAN B.
  • G.rey’s A.natomy is tonight! I’m pretty sure it’s the season finale and I’m excited! The last few episodes have been lacking…..but last weeks was great with Meredith getting over her issues and getting back together with Derek!! Hopefully it stays that way……..
  • The D.iscovery H.ealth Channel is airing a special called “Quads With Two Moms” on June 9th. Karen and Martha are a lesbian couple who have been together for nine years. They are both pregnant with twins, using Martha’s eggs and a single sperm donor. Therefore, the babies will be quadruplets, even though they’re being carried by two different mommies. I didn’t include the You Tube preview video below, but here is the link – you can cut and paste this into your browser to see it! Good for D.iscovery H.ealth for airing a program like this!!!
  • Wow, this post didn’t really end up being that “itty bitty” at all! I think that’s pretty much everything that’s going on with us! Oh – PS – Jarratt (our oldest beagle) and I made the COVER of a local Richmond paper!!! (Picture above…..aside from me looking a little stupid, it is a great shot of my singing baby!) I was howling, along with Jarratt and a bunch of The B.eagles of R.ichmond and someone took a snap-shot! Well, I guess Jarratt’s pretty much a celebrity now!!!! (wink wink!).

10 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Post In Bullets

  1. Great update! Maybe consider doing one of Olivia’s resort options off the water? Surely they can’t have any problem with that. Plus it’s mucho better for the environment.

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better! Super cute pic. xo

  2. I absolutely love that picture of you and Jarratt! No wonder you guys made the paper, that is great!

    Congrats on almost being to 12 weeks!!!

    I thought grey’s season finale was last week? If it is on again tonight I am super pumped!

  3. Bummer about the cruise! Mrs. Bluemont had a good idea though–definitely check into the Olivia resorts, for they would be just as fun. Then you can think about cruising once the tot is born (R Family is supposed to be amazing).

    Glad to know you’re feeling better! I can’t believe you’re so close to your second trimester already!

  4. i’m glad you’re feeling better. i have a suggestion for your honeymoon trip. if you guys like cruises, check out the Rosie cruise departing out of NYC on July 13th i think. they’re offering 2 for the price of 1 right now (we unfortunately booked early so didn’t take advantage of this incredible deal) and we’ve heard that these cruises have incredible entertainment. it’s a one weeker touring the NE. it’s suppose to be beautiful and you won’t be too pregnant to enjoy it!

  5. There was a 9mos pregnant woman at the Olivia Resort on our honeymoon. We had a blast. When we called to book, they even gave us a 2-for-1 “last minute deal” 4mos before the trip. 🙂

  6. Tiff, it’s great to hear how things are going — I have been missing you recently!! (no news on FF) Beautiful photo of you and Jarratt, and I SO hope that you and K put together a sweet vacation-moon this summer or fall… Love getting to cyber-share this with you.

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