Does it seem, to you, that time is flying by?? I don’t know how we could be at 10w3d already. 2nd trimester is not far off now!!! I can’t believe it – here we are. No long an embryo, our Wee One is now a fetus!!! Wooo!!! AND, get this, Wee One has fingernails now!! (I always think of that line in JUNO when I say that!) Next week the baby will be able to yawn and swallow. That blows my mind. Some days I don’t feel like this is real, but then I look at my belly that is getting ….. well, more FULL-LOOKING. (See 9wk belly pic on my BELLY SHOTS page!) My lovely belly pouch (that I had before the BFP) is starting to stick out further and my b.oobs….well, their becoming a bit of a freak of nature. Not because they’re getting so big. I expected that. They have definitely increased in size – a little bit – but it’s the other changes. First off, I’m very WHITE. When I go in the sun, I crispify or all my freckles blend together. So I look a little darker, but really it’s not a TAN, it’s just that my skin has turned into one giant freckle. My freakish white-ness never really bothered me. I always joked around with my family and friends that I was the pastey-white freak. This was just all in good fun. Anyway, getting to the point of all of that – my breasts are getting so, ahem, veiny. Like my “girls” are now a map with winding roads leading you in all directions. Is this odd??? They look so weird to me now. The viens are so blue that K said it looks like someone actually drew them on my chest. They go all the way to my n*pples!!! I was getting into the shower the other day, whipped off my shirt and just blurted “oh my gosh!!!! what the heck!!!!?”. I guess this is the body’s way of preparing for breastfeeding, so maybe it’s completely normal, but it caught me off-guard!

Also, I meant to say why I’ve been MIA earlier. I have felt really miserable (still do) and went to the doctor yesterday and was told that I have strep throat and fluid in my left ear that has been causing my ear aches. I’m also suffering from seasonal allergies (yay! enter sarcasm HERE) so my nose is completely clogged up and I have the sinus headache from hell. Not to make this a complain-y post, because that was certainly not my intention! K has probably heard enough complaints from me the last few days to last her awhile. When you feel so awful, and are in so much pain, you sometimes just need to VENT. I haven’t been sleeping much either, which doesn’t help things. Anyway. I was doing so well throughout my pregnancy (so far) with not taking a single pill for a headache or anything. And now I’m on 2 Z.ertec pills per day, 10 days of A.moxicillin at 3 pills a day and extra strength T.ylenol every 4-6 hours. People have assured me that all this is safe, but I can’t help but feel a bit guilty. I thought I had been taking good care of myself and this strep hit me out of the blue. I can’t imagine where I picked it up. Hoping these antibiotics kick it out of my system FAST so I can get back to feeling like myself again.

We didn’t end up having our Drag Dodgeball Tournament last weekend. Weather was crappy and rainy, so they canceled it, last-minute. It’s re-scheduled for June 8th, so I’ll post pictures after the event for you guys! We did pick up our bassinet though, which we love. Right now it’s home to all our cute little baby toys. This weekend I start pet-sitting for a friend of mine whose dogs I adore! This is her smallest dog ( oh-so-cute “dink” – the chihuahua).

K and I are going to try to catch the new Indiana J flick this weekend at some point and have lots of fun stuff planned. We’re both really looking forward to meeting fellow Richmond-er and blogland buddy (and her partner) NOTES FROM TWO MOMS tomorrow morning for brunch. She is 10 weeks ahead of us! Hopefully they won’t mind that my nose is as red as Rudolph’s. I’m just hoping I’m feeling heaps better by tomorrow!

We have a cookout to go to on Saturday with our beagle group, and another friend’s cookout on Monday afternoon. Yay for the long weekend! Hope you guys get to enjoy your Monday off!!!


12 thoughts on “10w3d

  1. Sorry you are sick, feel better soon! And that Chi is the cutest thing ever. You know, it would look adorable in the bassinet surrounded by baby toys……..

  2. I have been very pasty white my entire pregnancy. I am whiter than I have ever been. Not sure how it is all related.. but it is very interesting!

    That dog is adorable.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend and hope you feel better.

  3. I recently took a bunch of pregnancy photos for my sister, and she was veiny all over. She said it has to do with all of the extra blook pulsing through her body, along with stretching skin. Who knew?

    It sounds like you’re taking care of yourself, and my guess is you’re going to feel right as rain before long. I’m just so sorry you’ve been so sick!

    And never worry about complaining too much here. This is your blog where you get to do any amount of venting that you want. Hugs!

  4. That’s so cool you met some other bloggers! I checked out the belly pics link – love it. Keep the pics coming! There’s definitely a visible change with week 9.

  5. love keeping up with the pulse of your pregnancy, just sorry that you’re having to juggle so many symptoms and cures!!!

  6. Whoa, those are not good things to deal on any day, let alone when pregnant as well. I hope you feel better soon.

    That dog is the most adorable thing ever, looks like it would fit balanced in the palm of your hand!

    Sounds like despite the sickness and ickness, you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

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