Happy Mother’s Day Mama!

We love you so much and can’t imagine our lives without you! We put together this photo montage of you and Mommy (and us, of course!). Hope you enjoy it AND your special day tomorrow!

Ps. We’re a little nervous that we might not be given as much attention next year when THE BABY is here. We would still like to go to the Farmer’s Market, dog park, the River and all the B.eagles of Richmond events. Please ensure that this is still possible, or we will be SO SAD.

Thank you.

Love Jarratt, Bentley & Olivia

Ps. I would like to keep my sleeping spot, in between your pillow and Mommy’s when the baby gets here. I think you should highly consider not kicking me out of bed. – XOXO Jarratt


7 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day Mama!

  1. That’s a fantastic montage. I must say that K is georgous now but with the picture with longer hair, oh my, what a heart breaker! I must mention the 3 stars of the show, the children, I do not know how you get such great shots of them, mine won’t sit still for a minute!

  2. Well, I guess this goes down in the “why dogs are better than cats” because my three cats didn’t get me ANYthing much less make me a video!
    Lots of fun watching it!

    PS–That TV looked ancient, does it still work or are you using it as a fish tank or something?

  3. You have some very talented dogs, my friend! And I thought it was cool when my cats went to the card shop for M-day cards for my girl. Too cute.

    And I have to agree–K is gorgeous now with her cute short hair, but she looks stunning with long hair! You’re a beautiful couple with some downright adorable dogs.

    Happy belated Mother’s Day, girls.

  4. I love that you love your doggies so much… that is just adorable. Our dogs are like our children and sometimes people think we are crazy.

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