The Perfect Appointment

I’m back from my 1st appointment and decided to update you all now, rather then a few days from now. It went so well, I was eager to tell you all. I can’t begin to tell you how AMAZING our nurse practitioner was!!! The visit totally exceeded my expectations!

We arrived at the Medical Park at 9:15 or so. Our appointment was for 9:30am. I had to pee something fierce (even though I had gone to the bathroom right as we left the house!) so all I really cared about was a finding a bathroom! K insisted that we find the office first and tell them we were there. After locating Suite 205, we walked through the doors into the office, which was very classy. Framed black & white pictures of big bellied women hung on the walls. The secretary handed me a clipboard with several pages for me to fill out. First, the bathroom. “Can you point me in the right direction??” She led me to the restroom. She asked if I would mind ‘providing a sample’. Peeing in a cup? No problem! Been there, done that (MANY times!). After all those OPK’s and HPT’s, this seemed like a piece of cake. She provided me with an itty bitty pee cup, barely bigger than a thimble. WHAT is this? Seriously. Actually, it looked like one of those tiny cups that the dentist gives you to rinse your mouth out. Small. I was freaking out because I had to pee SO badly and now I had to aim into this miniscule cup. Despite my fears, the pee didn’t gush all over the place and I managed a sample just fine.

We had never met the NP before and had no idea what to expect. A few minutes later, a woman in her mid-60’s came into the waiting room, and yelled out to K and I “come on in you two!”. She had an upbeat, fiery personality and we knew immediately we’d get along with her just fine.

She included K in the whole process. We sat down in her office and she asked how I was feeling, talked somewhat about nutrition….said that it was perfectly normal to have a bit of tuna, a little bit of wine occasionally, etc….and told me to eat what I could keep down during this next month. She changed my due date from Dec 20 to Dec 16! (I’ve updated all my little blog tickers to reflect the new date!) I was hoping I wouldn’t have Wee One ON my birthday (Dec 22nd), so it was great that she said our due date was the 16th. That will give Wee One a little bit more time to get here a few days before my birthday & Christmas. Really, if our little boy or girl decides to come on one of those days, it’d be okay. (Just a request Baby, that’s all. You come whenever you’re ready!).

I was dreading getting weighed. I miss my old 135 lbs weight…..and knew I had gained a lot. I worried she would get on me for putting on some poundage. Right away she said, “I’m not going to nag you about being a little overweight. I’ve always found that if you have a little extra weight on you, you put on less during your pregnancy. My concern is the baby growing well, not your weight – you’re fine!” Sweet! Next was my blood pressure, which she said was “perfect”. She went over my medical history, did bloodwork (omitted STD stuff that we totally didn’t need) and I discussed my concerns about the pap smear. I was wondering why this was necessary. I’d never had an abnormal pap in the past, and had fears about things being shoved up there near the baby. She assured me that it was gentle, and in no way could harm the baby.

I put on the standard gown that ties in the back and sat down on the table (which was crinkling with the slightest movement). I was sort of nervous and felt like I was sweating profusely. When she came back into the room, she checked my lungs and did a breast exam. Next was the pap (ugh, my favourite part…..). I had taken the EXTRA time to make sure I did an A+ shave job and was as clean as clean could be. Clean or not though, it still feels weird to have someone else looking and inserting foreign objects into your va-jay-jay. Nevertheless, I got through it. She actually let K look inside me, which K thought was SO fascinating! It wasn’t so bad. She was joking around with both of us, and the conversation flowed with ease. She laughed and said that she loves to tease partners by saying “I’ve seen more of your partner than you have!!” Ha! She felt my uterus and said it was a “nice size ball, measuring about 8 weeks”. K loved her and wished SHE could be our midwife. She was just so cool with K and I being a same-sex couple, and she totally made us feel 150% comfortable there. She applauded us on going the home-birth route and said that our midwife was the best around.

I also asked her when we could hear the heartbeat, and she said probably next month. I was pretty disappointed. She said that she usually does that around 11 or 12 weeks. I felt like that was a long time to wait….but tried not to show my disappointment. Well, despite voicing my sadness about that, I think she could just tell I needed some kind of reassurance… she said, “Okay, come here, I have a surprise for you two!” She brought us into a dark room and I saw the ultrasound machine! (We weren’t supposed to have an ultrasound until 20 weeks) She instructed me to lay down and pull my jeans low and my shirt up bit. I was expecting cold gel on my pelvic area, but she had it heated – nice! I couldn’t believe when she pressed on my pelvis and we saw our wee one!!! “You see the white blob?” Yup. She zoomed in on the sac, and inside it we saw our baby. We saw the little heart beating away!!! You SAW it beating fast!!! I was AMAZED. This is real. It FINALLY seems real. I started crying when I saw the heart beating, and she said, “Congratulations Mommas!”. She was so happy for us, and so OKAY with us being a lesbian couple. MORE than okay actually. She was so considerate and caring. She made sure K had a spot right next to me for the ultrasound, and asked us both if we could clearly see the monitor. I CAN’T even express how happy we were with the appointment. Our minds are really at ease now! I just hope the midwife is as awesome as she was! Wow!!! We are in awe of what we saw today and just so happy. We won’t go back to see her until our 20 week ultrasound. 😦 We have an appointment with our midwife June 5th. It will be the first time that we’ll meet her! I’m crossing my fingers that our experience with her is as good as with our NP!!


23 thoughts on “The Perfect Appointment

  1. so very beautiful…what a great way to leap into the world of your Wee One growing its way into your lives. (fab photo too!)

  2. I’m glad that your doctor turned out to be such a cool lady.

    And I was going to post this on your “nothing” blog, but didn’t get back to it. For someone who gained 40 pounds you sure as hell don’t look it! From what I can tell in your belly shots you look great! Stop beating yourself up now missy! 😉

    Since your NP was so great, maybe you can switch to having her do your yearly exams. Sometimes it is hard to find a good medical person, so when you find one don’t let go! 🙂

  3. I am so happy to hear that your appointment went so very well. It is always such a nice to surprise to be welcomed as a couple and I think it is great that she let you see the wee one. Also, so good that she did not pressure you about your wieght, that not the thing you need to worry about right now. And how nice to hear that she likes your midwife so much – that is a great indication of how your midwife will be in my opinion.

  4. i LOVE that this was your experience. how blissfull. and wow. that flickering heart. nothing compares to seeing it for the first time.

    congratulations 🙂

  5. So glad to hear that you have found a kick ass NP and one that includes you both in the pregnancy and birthing process.

    Awesome to hear that baby bean is in the right place and beating away!!

    Congrats, Mamas!

  6. So, so happy for you. I wanna cry. I’m certain it was a relief and helps to have a GREAT OBGYN team. I had the same wonderful experience with the folks I dealt with. OK OK I am not a lesbian BUTTTTT I expected some “you should have known better ” because of my age etc. They were soooooooooo KEWL tho!

    I am so glad you had a wonderful prenatal orientation. But I knew that you’d do GREAT! 😀 A little birdie told me.

  7. I teared up a little reading this! I’m so happy for you girls that you have a great NP who acknowledges you both as parents. And how wonderful that you got to *see* the heartbeat!

  8. i’m sooo freaking happy for your appointment!! i’m happy to know that you have found a perfect doctor! wow, that’s awesome. i’m so excited for you guys and can’t wait till you meet the midwife.

  9. yeah, this post made me cry, too. i’m so so so happy for you two.

    and i love the pic, as well.

    and i don’t get the whole 40 pound thing either hahaha.


  10. This post almost made me cry! What a lovely nurse, and what a positive, inclusive approach she had. So thoughtful of her to let you into the ultrasound room, and go that extra mile. it must have been amazing to see that little heart beating! big big hugs to you and K!!!

  11. I am glad that your Dr is soooo cool. I have to pretend to be Deannas sister. It is sad and makes me feel isolated but we have to do it. She works at a Nun-runned Catholic hospital where they wont even write a script for b-control…so Im happy being the sister right now but I will be Aadens other mother in a few weeks!
    Congrats and good luck on your journey.
    I have been taking pictures of Deanna almost evryday since she was 7 weeks….the progress to see is amazing.

  12. I’m so happy you had such a great appointment. We inseminate this weekend and if it works we’ll then discuss our route of medical treatment (midwife, ob, hospital birth, home birth). Stay in touch!

  13. So happy for you both! But exercise is good for you and your little one. Make sure to take care of yourself, as the little one learns from you!

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