About Nothing In Particular

Sitting here eating organic rasberry yogurt for breakfast with a kiddie spoon. It’s miniture size and has a yellow puppy dog on it, surrounded by brightly coloured spots. I don’t even know how we got this spoon. Odd. Anyway, I’m trying to think if there is anything blogworthy to report. Not really, but I’ll try. I haven’t had any other weird cravings lately…..haven’t experienced any nausea/vomiting – yay! Right when I get up in the morning, I feel like I could possibly get sick. I eat RIGHT AWAY, trying not to go any more than 2 hours without eating – at any point throughout the day. I’m still definitely on the peeing-every-two-minutes train too. I doubt I’ll get off that one for awhile. I rush to the bathroom and don’t even pee that much….but you feel like you have to go so badly! Other weirdness (and I apologize if this it TMI for some) is that, to me, my pee smells like cheerios. I know, how odd is that?? Cheerios sitting in a bowl of milk. I guess it’s just my pregnancy nose!!! I also feel like I’m getting fatter. Really. It’s kind of depressing. K said she really noticed a change in my belly last night. She couldn’t believe it. I totally have the “B” belly. Below my belly button I have this fat pouch (I had it before, but it’s definitely bigger). It’s hard to tell with my body now though. My weight is 40lbs heavier than it was a year ago…..so I know I have more fat…..but something is different. I’ve added a page next to “Who Are We?” titled “Belly Shots”. I am posting my weekly pics for those interested in the changes! I really just feel flubbery, and I know it’s only gonna get worse in the coming weeks! I’m just trying to eat as healthfully as possible.

In other news, my very close friend J is going in to get an ultrasound today. She’s been on my mind a lot lately, as she told me she was pregnant (she is about 9 weeks). She has had some bleeding the last 2 weeks on and off….and I’m so scared for her. I have this sick, awful feeling that she had a miscarriage, though I’m hoping like heck my gut feeling is wrong. She told me she still feels very pregnant….nauseau, appetite, etc, but I just don’t know. She took a pregnancy test again on Saturday (2 pink lines) and she told me the second line was light. I don’t know how long the HCG can stay in your system…I would think up to a few weeks before it’s all gone. Man, I just hope I’m wrong….but bleeding during pregnancy (more than spotting) can’t be a good thing.

K and I are looking forward to the weekend. She completed a 3000 t-shirt order yesterday; it’s a huge weight lifted off her shoulders! She was in to work this morning in the wee hours of the morning (technically the middle of the night!) so I know she’s exhausted. She’s been very sweet lately too – she even woke me up yesterday morning before work and told me she had made me breakfast. A whole wheat bagel with scrambled eggs and cheese, and she even put chunks of watermelon on the plate with it! How sweet was that? I really appreciated it….stuff like that means a lot to me!

…….Unfortunately, we do have to attend a memorial service on Sunday for our friend’s partner, who committed suicide. Awful situation and our hearts are breaking for N. He had been with his partner for 15 years, and he shot and killed himself when N had left the room for only a moment. Words can’t express the pain he’s in. He will need all the support he can get this weekend, and in the coming weeks and months.

Other than that stuff, I’m just anxiously awaiting Tuesday’s appointment. I think it’s mostly going to be bloodwork and such, but still – at least someone else can tell me I’m pregnant!!! I can’t wait!

*Also* So sorry for the “other related posts” that keep popping up.  This is an automatically generated thing from wordpress……not something I’m fond of!!!!


13 thoughts on “About Nothing In Particular

  1. eating def. makes me feel a lot better… keep going.. pretty soon that extra stuff on your belly will begin to get hard… thats when it feels really weird. so we are out of town this weekend, but what about brunch next weekend?

  2. So sorry to hear about your friend’s partner. Very sad.

    Good luck at your appt! Can’t wait to hear the updates!

  3. wow, i’m sooo sorry to hear about your friend’s partner. i can’t imagine how that must feel… my heart truly goes out to him.

    at any rate, i’m happy to hear that the pregnancy is going well!

  4. What a sad, sad story about your friend. I’m so sorry to hear this. It’s always horrid when someone takes his/her own life, but to do it in the moment when one’s partner is out of the room? How devastating.

    I’m so glad you’re feeling well. It’s sounds like you’re taking great care of yourself, and it also sounds as though K is being an amazing partner. What a lucky girl you are!

  5. Suicide is one of the most bewildering kinds of griefs…so sorry for your friend’s loss.

    Glad you are doing well (and hope your pg friend gets good news too!)

  6. I was about to write you and say “girlfriend, time for a new post! Inquiring minds want to know what’s up!” 🙂 and there I saw your new post.
    Glad to hear the pregnancy symptoms are a little better, hope that keeps up! Good luck with the upcoming appointment, too.
    Really sorry to hear about your friend’s partner, that’s so sad. My thoughts are with them.
    Hope all is well with you and K – how sweet she made you breakfast in bed. She’s a keeper. 😉 Keep peeing Cheerios!

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your friends partner – that is a hard grief and my heart goes out to him and all people who loved him.
    I am happy to hear that you have an appointment coming up – It sounds like everything is going great. I am happy to hear that you found a way to keep food down – That seems very important 🙂

  8. Hey, thanks for post on our blog a while back – have been pretty slack with keeping up lately but back in touch now I think lol

    Yay for the no nausea – I’ve heard that eating is supposed to work so good to hear that it really does 🙂

  9. About your friend who is bleeding…I pray the very best for her. I experienced quite a bit of bleeding during my first pregnancy (during the first trimester only), and I had it fairly frequently with this pregnancy as well during the first trimester. My doctor put me on progesterone to clear it up. I’ve actually talked to several other moms that experienced the same thing…with no explanation…it’s a mystery. Of course, it could be miscarriage as well, but hopefully she’s just experiencing what so many of us do.

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