Granny Smith, With A Touch Of Downy

I love apples. It’s one of the few fruits I really enjoy eating. I’ve been trying hard to eat as healthy and organic as possible lately. What I eat, Wee One eats, and I just can’t justify stuffing my face with junk food now. My weird tastebuds (as of late) are making it difficult to eat my beloved apples. I’m having to snack much more often than before (every 2 hours or so), so just a few hours after a big breakfast, I pulled out an apple. I washed it and took a bite. Everyone looked at me strangely when I practically gagged and said, “It tastes and smells like laundry detergent. Downy. This really tastes like Downy”. Of course I’ve never actually tasted Downy fabric softener. But by the smell of the stuff (which I’ve always thought was quite pleasant in the past) I can only imagine what that would taste like. I got K to smell the apple. I got all the boys in the back of the shop to smell the apple. I asked K’s dad to take a bite. He refused. But, he did smell it. “Yeah, it just smells like a normal apple.” Cue me looking like an idiot. I I thought maybe it was the skin…. the texture maybe… I peeled all the skin off the apple and tried again. Bite. Spew. Gross. The inside tastes like Downy too. I’m officially off apples and looking for a new fruit.


12 thoughts on “Granny Smith, With A Touch Of Downy

  1. Oh yes, oranges!! And pineapple!! See, I have the opposite problem, I can’t get enough of any of the fruits…which just leaves me in the potty 😦

  2. No you two are our heroes! 🙂 Good luck with everything going on around you. It’s just got to be completely overwhelming. I know you don’t know us but you can talk to us. I’m even getting my Master’s in Counseling… LOL Just private message me on FF and I”ll give you my email.

  3. Trina couldn’t eat apples when she was pregnant either. She usually loves apple. I’ll have to ask her if they tasted like fabric softener. 🙂

  4. LOL you know my feelings on pineapples! When I first became pregnant, I craved grapefruit. I mean REALLY CRAVED GRAPEFRUIT. I later read somewhere that grapefruit is very good for pregnant women. Apparently my body knew something I didn’t! Give it a whirl!

  5. Taste is like 90% smell, and when you said “apples” and “downy” in the same sentence, i totally understand where that tangy smell in downy comes from. Doh!

    I’m usually very good at picking up where smells come from in perfumes and fragrances, but I had never noticed that one until you brought it up! LOL

    You’ll be able to eat them later in your pregnancy tho, maybe at 4-5 months along.

  6. your post made me laugh out loud. Boy, what crazy pregnancy symptoms women get, right? Hopefully you’ll find a good alternative to your apples, and that the Downy taste will go away soon.

  7. I have to laugh. There are worse things than Granny smith’s smelling like Downy. Haha.

    (OFF topic, I use alot of fabric softener. One day at work, some guy told Ron he smelled FRUITY.) He came home and told me about it. Not Downy buy Suavital. I laughed. He laughed. MY MAN smells fruity. I like him smelling FRUITY)

    And you’ll never eat an apple again. Kidding!!! ;D

    And the fun begins for you. My most memorable smell/taste sensitivies were garlic. NO NO NO. I LOVE garlic. And some REALLY bad tasting deli roast beef that I SWORE went bad. Nope just Sherry pregnant with Nicholas . And there was the instant ICED tea. That to this day I can’t drink any more whe i used to drink it all the time. Astor Brand from Winn Dixie.

    Two years ago hubby was making cubed steak. Good lord! I had to leave the house.

    Well baby, your wee one is right on time.

    Miss you. Sorry I haven’t been diligent in my nlogging. Temporary refocus.

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