Phone Expectations

Today, K & I called Richmond’s only CNM -Certified Nurse Midwife- that is licensed to do home births. K spoke with her at great lengths about what we’re looking for. If we are going the home birth route (Richmond doesn’t have any birthing centers, unfortunately) I love the idea of a water birth. I would love to give birth in a comfortable, peaceful space without all the harsh lighting and beeps and buzzes of a busy hospital. No IV’s, just a calm and relaxing atmosphere with K, the midwife and myself. But, the midwife can’t administer any pain medications, which I had known, but was ignoring. This was the only thing that had really ever caused me some worry when it came to home births. I couldn’t have an epidural. For some reason I always thought I would get one. I hate pain (who doesn’t though) and imagine that my labour will be long with our first child. I am going to be a mommy, and I just don’t know what to expect…. I think it’s probably perfectly normal to be a little scared of the pain…I just want to do everything right and to the best of my ability, you know? I would love to have a natural, un-medicated birth though. I think, if you are able to do it, it is giving your baby the best start possible. (However, I know that for some women, this isn’t an option.)

Anyway, I felt like the conversation went really well. It exceeded my expectations. I think K and I will know for sure when we meet her though, but for a first phone conversation, I’d give it an A….and K did most of the talking. K said the midwife seemed to be surprised at how much I knew, and was further surprised by my very positive pregnancy test at 10DPO. She seemed pretty cool, and both of us really look forward to meeting her in person soon. She said that she only does necessary testing, which is what we want. She told us that we didn’t need the beta tests, and that we should book an appointment for our first prenatal visit with her associate, who is a dear friend and colleague. Our first visit will be mainly paperwork and blood work. I’m not sure when we’ll hear the heartbeat. I have an appointment for Tuesday, May 6th. I will be about 7 ½ weeks along by that point. That feels like a long time to wait though. We were saying in the car the other day that this is worse than the TWW. I just so badly want to know that wee one is okay; I know most folks can hear the heartbeat around 7-8 weeks – I can’t wait for that. She also informed us that she usually only recommends one ultrasound at 20 weeks, which K and I are happy with. We can request more, she said. Not sure if we will or not. The fewer tests, the better I think. We won’t be doing any genetic testing. The main thing for me is hearing that heartbeat!! After that, I think I can wait until 20 weeks to see the wee one and find out the sex.

As for how I’m feeling. Right now, I’m a happy camper. No nausea (am I jinxing this by typing it?). I have dull lower back pain, and the bloating is still here. My jeans were old and had holes in ‘em, and were a bit snug on my waist thanks to extreme freakish bloating, so K bought me a cute pair of maternity jeans from T@rget. I have to fold the elastic part down for right now, just because they come up too high on my stomach (and just feel odd). Can’t wait till I have a baby bump to fill them out! As for cramping, it has been every day, but nothing I can’t live with! Oh, and last night I was awake at about 11:30pm and craving balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing. I could literally smell it and taste it in my mouth. The odd thing is – I don’t even really like that dressing. I’m a Ranch girl at heart. Let the pregnancy craziness begin!


12 thoughts on “Phone Expectations

  1. I’m so excited to follow your journey. Balsamic vinegar craving? You are a hoot, that is random! Glad you had a great phone chat today, and are feeling good about things. Sounds like you are in great hands. 🙂

  2. You are planning my dream birth!!! I so can’t wait to read more and more about it!

    Do not be worried if you can’t hear a heartbeat at your appointment. Sometimes you can’t hear it via doppler until later. DO NOT LET THAT PANIC YOU!!!

  3. OMG, the past 2 weeks, I’ve had balsamic vinagarette cravings too (and ranch is usually MY favorite as well).
    Also… I had NO nausea early in my pregnancy (I had nausea for about 3 weeks… my 13/14 weeks and my 18 week or so) but I never threw up, it was just that reading-in-the-car type nausea.
    I also tested positive really early.
    And my main symptom in the first month was CRAMPS, sometimes back cramps so bad I couldn’t stand up.

    All that being said, my pregnancy has been SO easy, I hope yours continues to follow!

    At 7.5 weeks, we couldn’t HEAR the heartbeat, we could SEE it on the ultrasound, we went for a dating ultrasound (to make sure it wasn’t an empty sac). I rented a home Doppler from Baby Beat, and I think I first HEARD the heartbeat, at home, around 12 weeks I think. I recorded it and posted it in my blog… the last week of January.

    I got the 7.5 week dating scan, the NT ultrasound at 12 weeks, and my “big” ultrasound at 20 weeks. I also got the Quad Screening blood tests at 17 weeks. And I’ll have the glucose test at 27 weeks… and that’s ALL! (Besides the state mandated disease testing.) My midwife is non-invasive and spends 3/4 of every visit talking about food & nutrition!

    In the weeks before your visit, just take your vitamins, eat all your nutrients, rest, and be HAPPY!


  4. yeah. don’t do all the blood tests. it’s crazymaking. we actually just wanted to do our first one to confirm the pregnancy with the RE office and be done. alas, bc the numbers weren’t great they suggested we come back in and that is when it’s starts to lead to paranoia. next go round, i’m gonna try to skip all the bloodwork.

    i hope you do a home birth — just so i can read all about it!

    glad to know you are feelin good 🙂

  5. i’m a big fan of home and natural birth after watching the business of being born… wow that movie was an eye opener. i’m happy you were able to find a midwife that you clicked with!

  6. I’ve recently started to read your blog, and just wanted to delurk to say congratulations! I Iook forward to checking in on you to read about your journey =0)

  7. So I think the woman who taught my doula workshop here in cville does births with the home birth woman you’re talking about. If so, she is sooooo great. Yay! I am so excited for y’all.

  8. i am the biggest wimp. and i did it natural. and it was the most amazing thing ever! i can’t wait to do it again.

    i was nervous as my EDD approached (who wouldn’t be?) and i had made a personal commitment not to get an epi. and at the same time, knew i had no idea what i was in for. it took forever for him to come out, but when he did i felt it…and being able to feel it was worth all the pain! the moment he came out is the highlight of my life.

    i know that natural childbirth just does not work for everyone, but i am glad you are open to it. i wish more women had this sort of confidence in their bodies.

  9. hey, thanks for adding our blog to your blog roll! the funny thing is your blog has been in my bloglines for ages and i was about to de-lurk to congratulate you when you commented on our blog!

    i hope you have an amazing 40 weeks…it flies so very fast even when you think it won’t or isn’t….it just passes.

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