4 Weeks

Day 30: At one month old, the embryo is 10,000 times larger than the original fertilized egg – and developing rapidly. The heart is pumping increasing quantities of blood through the circulatory system. The placenta forms a unique barrier that keeps the mother’s blood separate while allowing food and oxygen to pass through to the embryo.

I am so amazed how the embryo develops week by week. I’ve looked at the pictures and 3-D images. It is so amazing. I can’t believe there is a heartbeat already! Wow!

14 DPO = 4 WEEKS. How crazy is that??? It’s still not really sinking in. I cannot believe that I’m pregnant. I can’t believe that there is a little thing growing inside of me, and that (if all goes well) around December 20th we’ll have a baby in our arms. I have cried several times in the last few days. I’m a bit emotional about all this. I think I’m allowed to be though…it’s a pretty big deal! Although I won’t have a baby belly for some time, K has already kissed that “area” and said “good morning baby”, which has been making me smile. We are both just IN AWE of creating life. I can’t believe that we’re going to be a part of something SO awesome. I guess it’s starting to get a little bit more real. I’m peeing more often (getting up once every night, which I never used to do), and have an increased appetite and feel VERY bloated. No complaints though. More than anything, I’ll believe it when I hear that heartbeat in a few weeks. I’ve tried not to worry, though it’s hard. I tend to be a bit of a worrier… and it’s hard knowing that so many things could go wrong. I can’t imagine losing our wee one, even at this early stage. I’m trying to eat a lot more fruits and veggies, and just overall BE HEALTHY. On the to-do list for this up-coming week: FIND A MIDWIFE! I’ve opted not to get a beta test, and just meet with a midwife at or around 6-7weeks. Lots to do and lots to look forward to!

In my last post I told you guys that we were going to keep the news hush-hush from the parental units. Yeah….hasn’t really gone according to plans. Our excitement has taken over. We told K’s mom. She knew we had been trying for a few months, but we really hadn’t discussed it too in-depth. We’ve occasionally shown her some cute baby clothes we’ve purchased….but not too much more. Well, let me FIRST say this: K and I joke around a lot. A LOT. We joke with friends AND family…..So, we had dinner last night with K’s mom. I made turkey tacos for all of us. Ok, let me get a little sidetracked – again – K’s mom is a screenprinting contractor. So, she sort of is the middle man for K’s dad’s business. Sales. So, we’re all sitting down and K says, “Tiff’s placed an order…. But she won’t need it until December 20th.” Her mom just stares at her. “Placed what order….? December? Why will she need it in December? What’s going on in December??”. K says: “Well, she placed an order for a baby…..we’re pregnant!!”. K’s mom stares and turns to look at me, “Oh really you are?”. Silence. Cue K’s tears. Her emotions completely took over, “Mom, I wanted to you be excited for us.” The realization hits K’s mom that this isn’t a joke. K doesn’t cry often. She runs up and hugs her and then hugs me. Later she tells me that she just thought we were playing a joke on her. She called me later that night and said, “I really am just SO excited, but I just thought you were joking with me when you said that…..that’s why I said ‘oh really?’! I was waiting for Karli to say ‘You’re punked!’.” I had no idea that K’s mom was even familiar with Ashton Kutcher. Guess I was wrong. Anyway, long story short, I think she was overjoyed!!! She and I had a 40 minute phone conversation about it. And it made me feel really good….especially because my parents will not be happy about this whatsoever, so I won’t get any support from my side of the family. Today I also received an e-card from her saying, “Can’t stop thinking about this little MIRACLE. So much to anticipate, so much to pray for. Sharing in YOUR JOY.” I was very touched, and thankful. It meant a lot to me, and that much more to K.

Last night we also told K’s two younger siblings (ages 14 & 11) who were thrilled, and K’s dad. K’s youngest brother wanted K to teach him how to rollerskate, and her dad said, “Great! Why don’t we go tomorrow….” Karli responded, “Well Tiff won’t be able to rollerskate, but she can watch.” (I know how to ice skate, but NOT rollerskate. I really don’t want to take any chances that I would wipe out….cause I know I would!” Her dad immediately said, “Why can’t Tiff rollerskate?” K smiled, “Because she’s pregnant. We’re due December 20th.” Shock on her dad’s face. “Really!? You are?” I just said, “Yup!”. I was a bit nervous about how the news would affect him. He is completely OKAY with our relationship, but we don’t really DISCUSS it. He was in the middle of eating lasagna and said “Congratulations.” Then we went right back to talking about rollerskating. K and I know that this is a lot for him to take in. Over the next few weeks, he’ll definitely warm up to the idea…and as time goes on, I think he’ll be excited. K and I are just glad that he knows about it now. All my life I’ve been excellent at keeping a secret….but this one is too good not to share! I tried 😉

Thanks again for ALL the support guys. We’re planning on doing something to celebrate this weekend!

Just for kicks, here is my 4 week fat belly shot. Okay, that was negative. Moving on. I don’t have a baby belly yet obviously, but I’m going to take belly shots every 4 weeks and I figured you’d all need something to compare the future baby bump to! Happy weekend all!


22 thoughts on “4 Weeks

  1. We had wanted to keep a secret too but ended up telling family right away anyway and then some friends. lol. As for your parents, tell them when you feel comfortable and don’t let them take your happiness from you, even for a fleeting moment. 🙂

    Oh and if you have a Marshall’s or TJ Maxx by you, I’ve been able to pick up a lot of great discounted items there. And right now they are clearancing their winter clothes and I have been able to pick up some baby clothes for a buck or two. Just sucks not knowing the sex yet, otherwise I would be going clothes crazy. LOL.


  2. We couldn’t keep it a secret either. I figured that everyone might as well know because whatever happened, good or bad, I would need someone (or lots of someones) to lean on. Your family may suprise you. My father certainly did.
    As for belly shots, 4wks is SO not often enough. You don’t have to post them all, but I think you should take them weekly. 🙂 We had started a pregnancy journal called “The Belly Book” and it had places for weekly photos. I liked that idea. 🙂
    Good luck girls, my thoughts are with you.

  3. Okay girls, belly shots will officially be every TWO weeks. I guess I’ll compromise a little 😉

    girlranting – thanks again for that congratulatory post of yours!!! loved the little baby angel!

    Liz – Boy could we chat!!! K and I went through our FIVE…I repeat – FIVE bins of baby clothes today. We have girl and boy stuff, summer and winter all ages. We’re crazy. Thanks for tellintg us about Marshalls and TJ Maxx – I’m sure we’ll check them out as they are around us – FIVE BINS AND ALL. We can never have too many clothes ….. well…..we do….but still! Thanks again!! I hear you on the sex though. Can’t wait to find that out as well!!!

    astoryoftwomoms – The Belly Book! I love it!! What a great idea!!!!

  4. I am so happy for you guys. Reading the part about your parents hit pretty close to home, as I’m in a similar boat. My mom will want nothing to do with the baby, which will be hard.
    SO glad K’s parents showed their support, which you deserve! Looking forward to watching the belly grow. 🙂

  5. Yay for support! I’m not a fan of waiting to tell either, so I completely understand your excitement. We are one week apart exactly. December sounds like the perfect time for a new baby!!

  6. You make me smile. And tear up at the memories. It is amazing isn’t it? Happy times, they are.

    Last time

    I tested later and I was already very symptomatic. But I was sure it was menopause at first. Then the testing itself was crazy. I couldn’t get the first 2-3 to work. Then i bought a First Response. Snuck it into the house. Didn’t want to make a big deal of it. I went into our tiny tavel trailer bathroom and tested. I had the test upside down. Turned it over and 2 bright pink lines. I yelled out. “O’, pregnant” Ron was on the phone with his mom before I could get out of the bathroom.

    DId the second one a few days later. YEP!!!!!!!!!!

    We got a Week by Week pregnancy book and read it together in bed. Walked around town saying “we;re pregnant!” to anyone who would listen.

    Deb, a mutual friend, former nurse, lesbian asked hubs if I was HORNIER than usual, Curious because she had heard it’s common. He being the man he is seemed almost threatened . I was maybe a bit embarrassed, felt that it was written all over my face or something. I was ! He seemed to be moreso too.

    Hubby puffed up and said “Why Yes she IS but she;s very sexual anyway! Why do you ask? LOL

    But it was a beautiful time in our life. An amazing time! One of the most joyous time of my life ( our life )

    And i am so glad you are enjoying your pregnancy. Try not to worry! YOu ALL done good . BTW, cute cute belly . 😀

  7. I owe you an enormous apology for not coming by with my congratulations sooner. I am sincerely so so happy for you and K. I look forward to following your pregnancy and watching your beautiful family grow.

    Much much love. xoxo

  8. Do you have an email that I can send you my baby blog info at? My blog is “protected” and I would have to give directions for you to get in. 🙂


  9. Fantastic news! I’ve only been reading your blog a short time, but I’m so happy that it’s worked out so quickly for both of you!
    Can’t wait to see the 2 Week belly shots-I’d do the same if I were pregnant!

  10. “okay, now i must chat with you! spoke with a midwife today, and i think we’re going to go that route (home/water birth with a midwife – unmedicated). I am a little freaked about the pain….and labour lasting a really long time…just wanted to get some advice and tips from you, and input on how best to handle all of this. I always loved the idea of going natural (a calm environment for the baby to be born in, music and candles), but the pain thing scared me away. SOOO, any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance Lynn! :)”

    The best that I can tell you right now Tiff, is to TAKE A CHILDBIRTHING CLASS. I am talking Bradley Meathod, Hypnobirthing, something. I feel that the books that I read and the classes I took helped me immensely. Everyone experiences the pain differently. I was lucky, ad had a short labor, but I have no idea how my labor pain compared to another woman’s. You need to be able to find “that place” to go to when you experience the pain of labor. Start reading up on methods right now. THAT is what I suggest!

    I am so so so SO jazzed for you guys!

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