10DPO & Not So Patiently Waiting

For Hopeful, and others, here is my chart for today – 10DPO. I was having dull cramping and backache as of this morning, and right now am sitting in bed with a tightness in my pelvic area.  Is AF about to show, or is there a little hope growing inside of me? I usually have lower back pain before AF, so I’m trying not to let that get to me. Also, temp dropped a little today, but I’m not worrying about that yet, as the drop wasn’t bad. I ate lots of pineapple yesterday, atop my cheese pizza at lunch. Hopefully that will be an extra help for implantation. The wait is killing me. Seriously. The last few days are the worst!! I’ve stayed away from the sticks so far though. They are sitting comfortably in their little box in my bathroom, just waiting to be peed on! I’m going to try to hold off testing until Thursday. Really, by then, I should know either way by my temperature. The drops are always a dead giveaway. Okay, who am I kidding….I may test tomorrow later in the day. I’m actually really excited to just POAS. Waiting it out this long has been hard. Not much else to write….I’m sure I’ll be posting +/- results tomorrow!! Cross your fingers for us. For the the analysts, I’ve also posted my chart overlay for this cycle, and the last few. What do you guys make of this cycle and my lower temperatures??? (Teal) They’re much lower than all my other cycles….thought that was odd…


4 thoughts on “10DPO & Not So Patiently Waiting

  1. Test if you feel the need, God knows we did, just keep us updated. Just curious, what kind of tests do you use? Do you have a favorite or get a bunch of different kinds just in case one brand or another is lying to you? 🙂

  2. I am not sure what to make of the lower temps…. but I am sending you lots and lots of good vibes for this cycle to be the one!

  3. I just liked the steadiness of your temps this chart. That;s what I noticed. Not so irratic as others I;ve seen. 😀

    My temps have been pretty steady too this time around. Makes me feel better somehow. Me, at only 2dpo, I’, still waiting. …………… LOL

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