Fingers Crossed


We got back a few hours ago from one of our Beagle Meetup events. It was the 6th Annual Dog Jog & 5K Walk. K and I aren’t crazy about participating in this type of event with our pups, as we have to struggle with 3 very overly-excited dogs on leashes. It usually ends in entanglement of leashes, dogs gasping for air as they run along – collars choking them- and us tripping over the leashes or eachother, cursing at ourselves and complaining about what a pain this all is. So, we opted out of the walk and just joined the group afterwards at a member’s home for finger food and off-leash play for the rats. It’s a great, fun group of people. Surprisingly, we have quite a few gay & lesbian members. We’ve said before that it really should just be called the Gay & Lesbian Beagle Meetup Group 😉

Some of our close friends in the group know we’re trying to get pregnant. A really fun young couple I’ll call C&J asked “how things were going”. This always leads to me saying something like “Yeah….we’re not pregnant ……not yet…but we’re still trying….and they do say that the average for a healthy couple is yadda yadda yadda….”. “AWH”, most reply. My girl….she jumps right into the conversation, no holds barred, “I did hit it up this morning though……smiling and winking at them…..that’s why we were late!!” We were all sitting down on couches and lounge chairs. It was a pretty close-knit group. Enter laughter. We were dying laughing. I usually get on her for telling our friends when we’ve been doing it…but I’ve really gotten much more relaxed about it. Our straight friends, and gay (and not TTC) friends are really just so curious about the whole process, and it’s been cool to tell them more about it all. Everyone was like, “Nice! So HOW long did you have to keep your legs up!?” More laughter. It was a great time. We really did show up pretty late. One hour late.

KD actually called us before we called him this morning! K and I were impressed! We got to his place and chatted for awhile. He never just likes to get down to business. He enjoys visiting with us and asking us what we’ll be up to for the rest of the day. As we were chatting, about 5 or 6 of his friends came in to the apartment. (He has 2 roommates). They were all going down to SLAUGHTERAMA – an annual bash with movies, a scavenger hunt, shows, parties, major events. It’s basically a crazy biker event where people drink six-packs while cycling around….not my type of deal – but something right up KD’s alley. Anyway, we ended up hanging around his pad for quite a bit longer than anticipated. I didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable by pulling THE CUP out of my purse and handing over to him in front of all his buds. He was very cool about it all though…after shmoozing with them for awhile and deciding he was going to “grab some grub” before heading down to the biker bash, he told his friends….”Yeah, I just gotta ‘help them out’ first, and then I’ll be down there….” Enter them making a few jokes I couldn’t really hear…..I think I make out “chokin’ the chicken’ and a few others. His friends all like to poke fun at each other, but deep down, are really good guys that care a lot about KD and think it’s pretty cool what he’s doing for us. Usually KD is in the bathroom for about 15 minutes and we get 1 – 1.5cc’s of the goods. Today must have been our LUCKY DAY, because he was in and out of the bathroom in 3 minutes! I got home, opened the cup and drew up the stuff in the syringe. We got at least a good 2cc’s!!! No air bubbles or anything. I think it was a new record!

K and I had a lovely little love session 🙂 She made sure the stuff was in me before, ahem, the big “o”, and then I laid with hips up for about 25 minutes. I still struggled with “leakage” after I got up. Is this pretty normal? I hate seeing a bunch of stuff come out, even after 25 minutes. K inserted the syringe as far as she could, and pushed the plunger very slowly. I know nothing came out before 25 mins time…..but, I’ve thought about using the Instead Cup for the next insemination next month (HOPEFULLY we won’t need to do that…..) just to prevent this. I am going to try to stay laying down for even longer after tomorrow’s insemination. I still feel like it went really well. The timing was good and I was impressed with the 2cc’s. After reading all your comments, I think we may skip out on Monday’s insem, as it will probably be too late. So, feeling pretty good. Thanks for all your comments and good wishes. K & I are feeling really positive right now. Listening to SONDRE LERCHE, whom I love, and looking forward to a fun game night tonight with friends. Just hoping for the best with crossed fingers.


15 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed

  1. I think leakage of some description is unavoidable. Last insem I feel asleep afterwards and essentially had my hips raised for 3 hours…and I still had leakage when I got up. I’m feeling more confident that it’s all fine and as someone said to me, when I was feeling nervous about losing the goods, ‘hell, women get pregnant when they fuck standing up.’ true dat.

    fingers crossed for a very positive april!

  2. glad to hear the insem went pleasantly! funny- if it works for you this time, I think that wouold put your due date two days before Harris’ bday!

    I would try the instead cup, but keep in mind too, that some of the leakage that you may be experiencing could actually be a bi-product of the *ahem* big o… 😉

  3. Leakage is normal, and YES yucky! Seems to me some times it worse than others and I can’t help BUT feel like , I’ve been (aw never mind) TMI. Never did like the morning after I’ve laid in it all night.. After 20 minutes or so, they say the goods are where they need to be. Just think of it as a launch. The part that breaks away IS a very important part of process but not needed after a certian point. Ya know what I mean?

    Hope all goes well. Keep us updated! HUGS

  4. wooooooooooooooo

    You two are cute, I wish we could all hang out. I think we’d have fun. K reminds me of Greta a little. I love dog stuff!

    I think leakage would be normal, and I agree with what Lynn said about it:)

    Also, the fabulous Brill recommends laying hips elevated on each side, back, and stomach, so you can make sure the cervix gets completely coated.


  5. Oh how I hate that leakage, and it always happens. The Instead cup helps (and I tend to use it when I just can’t stand the leakage anymore), but then there’s leakage when you remove the cup, so there’s just no getting around it. That said, the sperm leave the fluid pretty quickly to go where they need to go, so don’t worry about any waste.

    BTW, your beagle group sounds like so much fun. They sound like a great group of people!

    Sending much luck to you that you won’t have to worry about any of this TTC stuff before long. Fingers crossed for you. xoxo

  6. I’m all hopes for you dear. Is there a reason you don’t stay down longer? I find that I don’t get the leakage if I lay with my hips up for at least two hours, rotating occasionally on each side. And I agree with Lynn, the leakage could just be your big O! Whatever works for you hun. I think everyone has to find their own way. Good luck!

  7. Yep, there is always leakage-even when conception occurs! And even us straight chicks don’t dig it. LOL. If I know I have to go some place after sex, I have him pull out. I don’t like to be in public and have “leakage”.

    So yeah, you will leak and it is still possible to get pregnant.
    KD sounds like such a good guy. That is very cool. 🙂

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