CD18. Positive OPK. Insems scheduled for tomorrow morning (Saturday) and Sunday morning/early afternoon. Kindly told KD to pleeeease keep cell ON, as we only have a small window.

Do you think we should do a Monday insemination for good luck, or would you say that would be too late? I got the positive OPK at 2:00pm with a Target brand test. The test says that it predicts ovulation 24-48hrs in advance. My thinking was that tomorrow’s insemination would be the day before O, Sunday being the day of O, and Monday the day after. Thoughts?


11 thoughts on “Yippeee

  1. Yeah on the positive!!!! I would say your saturday and sunday should cover it… but then again since you are using fresh free supply than it won’t hurt! Goodl luck!

    That pic at the bottom of your page of your doggies is soooooooooooooo cute!!!!

  2. I thought all opks were to predict 12-36 hours ahead. I must be mistaken. I think for fresh sperm Monday may be a bit late. If it was an IUI and the sperm would instantly be in your ute, it would be different, but it takes fresh sperm about 10 hours to make it through your cervix and up your tubes. But if you have it available and it’s no big deal to ask, why not? We were in the same situation this month and only did the two insems (day of first +opk and day after). My feeling is that once we figure out our cycles, it’d be best to start insems days ahead of time. Those little guys can live a long time!

    Much luck with whatever you decide!

  3. monday can’t hurt, but i’m guessing the earlier the better. i got a +opk about 3pm on a saturday. we insemmed about 7:30 am sunday, were unable to do it again sunday eve, and by monday my temp was rising. and now sparky is kicking the hell out of my ribs. i’m guessing i ovulated that sunday afternoon…

    good luck!!

  4. Heck, if you can insem 3 times a day, 3 days in a row, why not do that? Provided KD is not dead by the 3rd day of donation… LOL

    But hey, I say the more, the better. It gives you more chances, especially if you just happen to O too late for the first 2.


  5. Woohoo for positive OPKs!

    I think that Monday would likely be a little late, but you can keep testing to see if you’re still surging. Once the test is no longer positive, you most likely have just another day max. That said, it sounds like your timing this weekend will be PERFECT!

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