Oh Where, Oh Where Could My Positive Be? *updated*



CD17 and every OPK is coming up negative. I’ve been doing one in the morning, and one in the afternoon to catch the surge. How can one run out of OPK’s so quickly!? I’ll be making another trip to get more this aft.

Lovely KD had a little “accident”. Beer + crowd surfing (at a venue with carpeted floors, don’t ask me WHY a bar would have carpeted floors) = drunk people dropping you flat on your face and you getting severe carpet burn (yeah- ALL over your face). He looked like someone had beat him up, poor thing. His eye was swollen and he has huge red splotches on his cheeks and forehead. Luckily he didn’t really injure his eyes. I know how bad carpet burn is. I used to slide down our very long AND steep carpeted staircase, in my childhood home, on a mattress. (We lived in the country, and I had to entertain myself, okay?). I fell off one time and slid all the way down the stairs – the carpet burning away at my bare skin. Legs, arms. I can only imagine how KD’s face feels. OUCH. He’s a trooper though, and still will be giving us precious deposits when we need him.

The OPK lines are starting to get darker, but I haven’t had the really dark pink line yet. I don’t know what to do. Should we insem tonight, skip tomorrow, and then insem Sat & Sun? I have EWCM. KD and K & I have a lot going on tomorrow evening. Working until 5pm. Go home, take a shower, get ready. Go out to a dinner with friends for 6:15. Head to the bar for the Drag King show at 8:30pm….that goes till 10 or so, then there’s the dancing that goes till late 1am-ish….don’t know if we’d stay that late though….. KD is out Friday night with friends…. I really think Friday will be out. So, do we insem tonight just to get one in there, and then hope for the + tomorrow, moving on to Sat & Sun insems??? Advice girls!!!

I’m at work right now, doing some paperwork. We have the big doors open in the shop, a beautiful breeze blowing in. It’s supposed to get up to 80 degrees today. Hope wherever you all are, you are enjoying life & love. The above picture is a BRADFORD PEAR tree. We have one right outside the shop. It is so pretty when it is blooming, but smells absolutely rank. K & I call them Fish Trees. Sarah over at Mrs. Bluemont’s House of Things called them Cum Trees in one of her recent posts. I know exactly what she’s talking about. Our last insemination, I had to fight hard with my stomach to keep the gag reflex down and the urge to upchuck to a minimum. Hard to believe we need this stuff so badly to reach our dreams to become mothers. Smell and all, I am thankful we are getting these gifts each month. One of them will make our dream a reality.


We worked until 7pm

KD was going out with friends at 7:15ish.

He told us to call him at 9:15 or so.

Called at 9:30pm…cell went to voicemail.

Got ready to leave a message for him…

Voicemail Box is F U L L.

Disappointed.  K is in bed with our pups.

I guess tonight is out.

He hasn’t called back.

Ugh, and the EWCM is p-e-r-f-e-c-t.


This is F R U S T R A T I N G.



13 thoughts on “Oh Where, Oh Where Could My Positive Be? *updated*

  1. Insem tonight. At least that way there is some up there incase you O tomorrow. Then do Sat and Sun if you haven’t already O’d.
    You might not get a pink pink line… We’d haev to pee on sticks every 4 hours to be sure. Before you know it the line could get lighter again. So since it’s fresh and available… may as well do it. Then you won’t wonder what if

    Good luck!

  2. I think if your other signs are pointing to impending ovulation, insem soon. Fresh can live a while. Go every other day if you can. So sorry to hear about your KD! Awful awful.

    Those are the trees! Gah! Why are they so pretty and smell so bad? It always amazes me when men make crude references to the way women’s cum smells. Personally, I think most women smell sweet and kind of creme brulee ish. Men must not be able to smell their own!

    All crossed for you love. That + will show up soon!

  3. Tonight Tonight! and then catch it on the weekend too! Good luck!

    And um, are you saying the cum smells too? You confused me on the last paragraph talking about the trees and then insemination. LOL.

  4. Ha ha…Sorry to be confusing! Liz-Yeah. I, personally, think it smells. The trees smell like fish to me, and actually cum as well!!!

    To echo what Mrs. Bluemont said, women smell sweeter. Again, my opinion here….but those were my thoughts on the smells 🙂

  5. I vote for tonight too!
    I think it’s ideal to insem before O if it is at all possible, and it seems it is for you, so go for it!
    Fingers are crossed!!

  6. Oh crap. There’s nothing worse than being ready for an insemination and not having the goods. Here’s hoping he sees you called and that your egg will wait. Any chance he can drop something off for you in the morning?

  7. BTW, I just tagged you for the nightstand meme. It’s good for at least five minutes of distraction yes? xoxo

  8. Ugh. Wish he could have come by in the morning. No go there. He said today that his phone was on the whole time…..doesn’t really make sense…..but what can you do? So, last night was a no-go, and today won’t work. Maybe not such a bad thing. I haven’t gotten a +OPK yet. Hoping for Sunday ovulation, as we can insem tomorrow morning and Sunday and Monday if need be.

  9. On the cum thing: guys’ cum can vary in smell, and what they eat can really impact the smell/taste. I once dated a guy who had the FOULEST tasting cum. Horrific. I don’t know what the hell he was eating! LOL.
    I’ve heard that women can impact the taste of down there, like if you eat pineapple/fruits it will taste a little sweeter down there, as opposed to eating meats, garlic, asparagus.

    A little side tangent. LOL.

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