Bingo Girls


K and I are back from D.C. We had a lovely day with Grams at the assisted-living facility. We had lots of hugs, chatted and watched the caged birds fly around and kiss each other. It’s Grams birthday this Friday – she’ll be 91. Hopefully she’ll be out of the nursing home by then. She wants to have a little “bash” to celebrate. And by “bash” I mean RED LOBSTER. She hearts Red Lobster. We spent several hours visiting with her. The facility was having BINGO at 2pm. We helped wheel her down to the game room, where Grams’ nurse fixed her a cup of tea. It was 10 mins after 2:00 and the bingo “caller” still hadn’t showed up, so Karli and I volunteered to ‘call’ the next hour of games for the old folks!! With a room full of adorable wrinkled faces, I spun the wheel and pulled out each ball, passing it to K, who would announce it to the group. The winner of each game received a quarter. How cute is that. Joe, the sweetest 93-year old I’ve ever seen won 3 games in a row, and they said he had reached his limits of wins!! Poor thing. Cute bunch, but some of them were mean little things! I couldn’t believe how feisty they got!!

Here is a picture of K after Bingo. I’d like to call this picture – SEXUAL SPICE. (This picture labeled SEXUAL SPICE because after I handed K one of the bingo balls, she called out O 69……OHHHH 6-9. Ha! I know, we are such children!!! How cute is my girl though eh?) I MADE her pose. I thought this was too cute to pass up.


Here is Grams with the two of us (her hair is just now starting to grow back from the chemo):


After leaving the nursing home, we drove to the D.C. IKEA. Loves it. We spent a few hours there, trying to get some ideas for our new place. The allergies have hit me – FULL FORCE. I’ve gone through several rolls of toilet paper, boxes of kleenex and rolls of paper towels. My nose is RAW, but I guess your body just has to go through this to adjust to the new weather. We’re predicting a TUESDAY insemination, possibly Wednesday. Tomorrow is CD14. Bring on the positive OPK’s people!!!


10 thoughts on “Bingo Girls

  1. AWWWW! Touched by your little reunion. And GREAT pics too) 😀 I have to dig out pics most recent visits with my nana. The last was 2004 wuth my mom and sisters , we took her out for Chinese * she loves Chinese and Minced Meat pie) in Port St Lucie Florida in East Coast . She was also in assisted living at the time.

    Mizz Pip! I called her. 4’11” and pure spit and vinegar. OK with a little mean mixed in too. She actually made cracks about her room mate who was on some heavy meds .

    Smiles. Thanks for sharing.

    And YES wishing you both lots of POSITIVES.

    Me too. 11dpo, FF test date on Wednesday. Wish I could say I have a smashing chart. Nice and steady temps though. SO FAR nothing to get REAL excited about. Sense of calm tho whatever the outcome. PROGESTERONE seems to help alot with any real bad PMS. So at least I know it’s doing something.

    Take Care, STOP by. HUGS

  2. I’ve heard so many stories about how the month a gal got pregnant, she was sicker than a dog. Hope it rings true for you too! But I hope you feel better soon. You and K are adorable. Yea for bingo!

  3. Your granny is too cute! She looks great for being in her 90s! And how fun that you guys got to be involved in the bingo game. 🙂

    I love love love Ikea, but the closest one to me is Atlanta (boooo). You can spend hours in that store!

    Feel better!

  4. OMG I miss Bingo with the seniors! Wifey and I actually met while volunteering at a personal care home! Sooooo many memories.. 😉
    Your granny looks AMAZING for 91!

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