Well, You Can’t ALWAYS Feel 100%


Cough drops? check.

Pain Killers? check.

Drinking lots of H20? check.

Pumped full of Vitamin C and echineacha? check.

This lady just looks in pain doesn’t she? Ugh. That’s how I feel – exactly like that picture. I thought I could go about a year without catching a bad cold, really. I haven’t had bad allergies or headaches this year, or thrown up….actually, I’ve felt pretty good! The healthy streak has ended, I think. I caught something last night……throat is killing me something fierce right now, and I hope I’m not headed for Strep. I’m getting to bed early tonight with some TylenolPM hoping the sleep will help me by tomorrow.

K’s 26th birthday is on Saturday. I’ve gotten her a few things already, including tickets to see Jason Mraz in a few weeks, and some adorable boy-cut undies. Whenever I ask her where she wants to go to eat for her birthday, she can never make her mind up…..so I was just waiting till it got closer to Sat night before we figured out where to go. She really wants to go up to D.C. on Saturday to visit her Grandma, who is turning 90 at the end of this month, and has cancer. She is in an assisted-living place, temporarily, while she is recovering from chemo. It really spoke volumes to me when she said that’s how she wanted to spend her birthday. More than anything, she just wants to spend time with her….that’s what she wants to do. So, we may spend the weekend up there. I really want her to have a great weekend, especially with the long hours we’ve been pulling. She needs a little bit of a getaway, and I know “Grams” will be very happy to see us too. She really is the sweetest thing. So prim and proper. We told her 3 months ago that we were trying to have a baby, and just a few weeks ago, she was in town and came to the condo. We showed her a few of the baby things we’ve collected. She thought they were so cute and said, “Well, this baby just better get here already!”. She is hilarious. Sweet, funny and full of personality. K said awhile back, “Now … GRAMS….”, getting her attention, “You know you’ve got to vote for gay marriage!” And Grams responded, “Oh, yes dear!!”. How freaking awesome is that???

My own grandma is 94 and doesn’t even know about K and I. I want so badly to get pregnant. I want my Nana to be able to hold the baby, just once. I know K wants that too. But with my family situation, I know that this is unlikely to happen. Grams is like a Grandma to me too – she has gone through chemo treatment and radiation many times; her body is strong. But she has decided she won’t do anymore chemo from now on. A person can only go through that so much. So, it will be good to spend time with her. That is our plan for the weekend. We’ll spend the day with Grams, and hopefully go somewhere nice on Sunday so we can just have a relaxing day, just she and I.

Back in TTCLand, today is CD9; I have to pick up some OPK’s in the next few days and start peeing on sticks. KD is saying that his “super sperm” will do it this month. Let’s hope so. K and I are R E A D Y to see a BFN!


8 thoughts on “Well, You Can’t ALWAYS Feel 100%

  1. SO TRUE so TRUE! I haven’t been feeling up to snuff lately either. Haven’t forgotten about ALL of you. Just feeling a bit blaaaaaaa. Tired of feeling this way. Didn’t even [pst yesterday at all which is rare. Didn’t have anything to say. LOL Also RARE!

    Feel better!

  2. I hope this is your moth, come on BFP!
    Feel better, colds suck. Happy birthday, K!
    If the weather holds for Sunday the zoo should be nice and not too busy. Even though we live here we try to “play tourist” at least once a month.

  3. I hope you’ve managed to ward off any illness. Spring colds are the worst.

    K’s grandmother sounds lovely. I hope you two enjoy seeing her.

    And I hope you’re ready to see a BFP! No more BFNs!

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