None Of Them Ever Make Sense


I’m having the baby dreams. The pregnancy dreams. None of them ever make sense. I told K that we were expecting a boy (she would love a boy, and I would love a girl) and she was thrilled. She then went on to say, in a matter-of-fact tone, that we no longer needed to have a second child, and then promptly threw away all of our baby girl clothing. This is so ridiculous and would obviously never happen. So strange how your mind splices these random things into dreams. Some of it mirrors reality, but most of it doesn’t. I still have no clue if I have something forming itself inside of me. Something that we are trying to create together. Maybe these dreams are growing in my mind only because we want this so badly.

It’s Friday, 9DPO. Okay, I’m getting a little more excited now as the test date (Monday, 12DPO) is approaching. I secretly want to test tomorrow at 10DPO, just to actively be doing something, but I don’t want to set myself up for failure, as it is really too early to get a positive. SO, no testing for me for until Monday!

Now, on to SYMPTOMS. Yesterday morning, I got very light-headed. My hands were shaking and I just feel FAINT. I had eaten breakfast too, so it was odd that this was happening. After lunch it seemed to lessen quite a bit. I am trying not to read into anything, but you can’t stop a girl from wondering!

This morning I woke up with a temperature of close to 100 degrees. I don’t feel sick. I don’t have a runny nose or headache or sore throat. What the heck? I tried entering in the temperature on my chart at Fertility Friend, but because it is so elevated, it won’t register. So, I just decided to plot in the highest temperature you could put on there that would show up – 98.89. I posted my chart for today. It shows a drop and then spike. Implantation dip maybe??

K just thinks I should wait to see if AF shows up, and not even bother testing. I see the logic in this, yet there is something so exciting about peeing on a stick. A pregnancy stick. There is so much possibility, and the feelings of anticipation for what it will show are really overwhelming. I have committed to waiting to test until 12DPO, if I even decide to do it.

I have come a long way in “reading” my chart since I started the whole BBT charting thing in August. I can usually tell when AF is around the corner. The temps drop slightly, then nose dive the day she shows up. Hope that isn’t the outcome this month.

K and I are happy we’ve come to the end of another week. The last couple days have been stressful, both at work and at home. We’ve worked long hours with a 55-hour week, and the employees in the back haven’t been having the best days. At home, our oldest beagle injured her leg. It’s an open sore we have to doctor-up often, and she needs to be monitored so she doesn’t move around much. It’s on her joint, in an area that the vet really wouldn’t be able to stitch up. Here’s the munchkin (sporting some sweet shades):


We had planned to spend the weekend in Nag’s Head, celebrating our KD’s birthday at his beach house. Now with watching our puppy, K’s sleepless nights with her cold, my fever and a friend needing pet-sitting last minute, we’re opting out of our weekend getaway and hoping for some relaxation at home. Hopefully by the end of this weekend we’ll have some good news in blogland. I’m hoping for a bunch of BFP’s. If all goes well, March may just become my new favourite month.


7 thoughts on “None Of Them Ever Make Sense

  1. Oh WOW honey, your chart is GREAT!

    I have had 2 baby dreams since this started in 5 months or so . Both boys. The last one I was trying to suggest to hubs which blanket to wrap him in.

    Just looking at your preov temps. Mine HIGH this month . Much like yours

    Oh and so love Nag’s head. Been there several times. Have family up near Marine Corps base. And then my exes family out on the barrier islands NC.

    Hoping for you guys. I also see prudence in waiting. Swear either it will come in a timely manner or it won’t. Testing can be so stressful. Doing opk is hard enough. I did it this month and have either considered another just in case.

    Reminds me of a joke in the book Taking Charge of your Fertility. Says something like. “Pee on a stick, now throw it away because it’s yucky. Wait 9 months and then if you have a baby, you were pregnant.

    But HONESTLY wait til Monday. And then use a good brand. HUGS

  2. My wife and I have our first insemination in 2wks and we’re already having baby dreams. Mine stars a boy and her features a girl. Hmmm, maybe fraternal twins?? 🙂

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