Sneezing & Serenity


Halfway through the TWW. Less than a week until the test date! Woo! The time has actually gone by pretty quickly. I don’t feel so anxious during this wait. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to test in a few days… but I feel a bit more… serene. We’ve been very busy at work with one screenprinter off for the last 3 days, due to the death of a grandparent. When we’re this busy, it’s really just much easier to keep from obsessing!

I’m 7 DPO today. No real symptoms to tell you all about. I don’t really “feel” pregnant. I just don’t know, one way or the other. I don’t have a “gut feeling” this time. I haven’t had any cramping or spotting – nothing that screams implantation. I’ve been very tired though. I’m sure this is completely non TTC-related. We’ve been having crazy-warm weather in Richmond the past few days. K’s allergies are coming out full-force, so we didn’t sleep well last night (that could explain my fatigue). She was blowing her nose constantly, trying to be able to breathe more easily. Honestly, right now her new best friend is nasal spray – NOT FUN. I’m hoping she’ll be able to get over this soon and get back to feeling normal; I know she’s just feeling rotten.

My temperature yesterday morning was very high – 98.73. I had a slight dip today with my temp being 98.69. Posted my chart for fellow obsessors.

I’m passing the TWW time staying busy at work and entertaining, in my head, ways to tell K the news if I am pregnant. I’d love to get some input on this! But, K reads the blog, so I can’t be very “secret squirrel” about anything 😉 I could do a password-protected post/poll to see what which way you guys think is the most creative. What do you think? Is that just mean? I think it’d be kind of fun actually! I have several cute ideas. For those of you who are pregnant or have been at some point in your life, how did you tell your partner? Did you find out together…waiting for the line to appear? Or did you make it a surprise? I’d love to hear.

I’ll keep blogland posted if any real symptoms come up – I was hoping for an implantation dip! We’ll see . . . . . not too much longer to wait now…



12 thoughts on “Sneezing & Serenity

  1. that sure is a pretty chart! i hope it becomes triphasic. 🙂

    i tested that fateful morning, by myself, because i’d woken up to pee and thought why the eff not? when i got two insanely bright pink lines, i stumbled back into our bedroom and asked h if i could turn on the light. she mumbled, “oh no, did a cat puke?” um no. i turned on the light. she squinted at the stick. and then the holy shits ensued.

  2. Beautiful Chart!

    Fantasies are so much fun, even if they don’t end up coming true because you’re too shell shocked by the positive result to do anything witty or thoughtful!

    We were up really early (about 430) cos we couldn’t sleep so I stumbled to the bathroom to POAS, planning to bring it back to the bedroom to wait with Lazyboo for the result but the second line had come up by the time I’d washed my hands and I went back to the bedroom screaming Look at This Look at This! turning on the light and thus blinding my beloved. Very suave!

    and then the holy shits ensued (nice line ohchicken!)

  3. We haven’t had our BFP but I honestly cannot imagine testing without S standing right there with me. If I wake up early I just PIAC and then we will dip together when we are both awake.
    Your chart does look good!!

  4. great chart! lets see… i wrote about our BFP – but we did make the agreement that I wouldn’t test without her… so no secret suprises… hope you the rest of the tww flies by.

  5. wow! beautiful high temps lady! angi and i discussed our “telling” last night. i confessed that i was trying to come up with some romantic or witty way to tell her, but that i knew i wouldn’t be able to in the moment. i’ve been testing daily, so if it turns in the next few days, she’ll know five seconds after i do. i admire the attempt to make it sweet though! good luck love. i’m all crossed for you.

  6. I just went to the doctor yesterday and confirmed that I am 4 1/2 weeks pregnant!!! (they saw me earlier than typical patients because I have thyroid disease).

    My testing story is this. I am a super nerd and tested super early. I tested on a friday night before we went out with friends. I had two tests. The first one I did wrong (don’t ask lol). The second one: Negative. balls! When we came home hours later, the test was still there but now it said positive!!!! I reread the directions and it said don’t count anything after 10 mins. So was I or wasn’t I pregnant? At this time it was really late and my husband was like no you aren’t. So we went to bed. I got up really early and tested with my last stick. very very faintly a cross. I woke him up and said look at this! He didn’t believe it. So I made him go to walgreens at 6 am and get a digital test that spells out pregnant or not pregnant. I took the test: pregnant! I still don’t believe it!
    I didn’t start to have some cramps of implantation until three days before my period was to start. Technically my period was supposed to start this past monday, so I am “barely” pregnant. I go back in two weeks for the heart beat doppler thingy.

    We told his parents last night in a cute fun way. So when you set up your secret post let us know!

    Nashville Liz

  7. oh and i didn’t get to tell my husband in a sweet way like i hoped. He was there when I did it and heard me so oh my god. LOL.


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