A Ready Egg & Real Estate


Today is CD19. I definitely thought I would be in the TWW right now. I had predicted that I would ovulate early.  As I wrote last post, I’ve been mainly basing our inseminations on CF/CM, only using OPK’s sporatically because of the negatives I’ve been receiving, OVER AND OVER. Not only didn’t I ovulate early, I also am now going to ovulate LATE.  I’ve had EWCM for several days.  I figure that means I’m at least in the “fertile window”, so we’ve been calling our donor up often.  We’ve done 3 inseminations in less than a week (yeah, I’ve gotten A LOT of action lately!).  We did them on CD14, CD15 & CD17.  I’d been waiting for Fertility Friend to show ovulation, or a dip in temperature to tell me that O was at least coming soon.  ANYTHING to show me our inseminations weren’t for nothing.  This morning, glancing at my boring chart, I was starting to wonder whether or not this was going to be an anovulatory month.  My temps have been hovering around 97.71 for the last four or five days.  No major dip, no spike.

This morning, around 11:30am, I pulled out what I’d hoped would be our lucky charm, the Clearblue Easy Digital OPK.  I was expecting the empty circle, but surprisingly saw a dark (and beautiful I might add) smiley face gleaming back at me.  In the past, with the cheapy OPK’s I’ve used, I’ve squinted and debated whether the test line was as dark or darker then the control line.  No guesswork involved this time!  I was so excited, that I actually ran to show K.  I excitedly told our donor about the smiley, and asked if he would mind helping us out (again) for a 4th time this month (AND in the last week!).  He is such a good guy.  He said it was ‘no problem at all’, and just to call him when we knew what time we would be by his place tonight.  I thought that by the fourth time in a week, he’d be so completely unmotivated! Not so at all.  So, as cheesy as it sounds, today I am full of hope.  Tonight’s insemination will be perfectly timed.  I know we only have a 1/5 chance, even with the timing being perfect, but I can’t help but feel like this may be it.  That smiley was my good luck charm (at least, this is what I’m telling myself).

In other good news, K and I just reserved a brand new condo unit being built in downtown Richmond.  We decided against the other house.  Although we loved it, we didn’t think the area would have been ideal for raising a child.  A safe area is number one in our criteria.  I’ve posted a picture of the condo units below (a sketch of what it will look like, as it’s still in the building stage right now) and also a picture of what they ideally see for the kitchen.  The other wall with all the cabinetry will probably not be included….but that’s a general idea of what the kitchen will look like.  They are estimating a June completion date.  It is adorable.  It’s being designed very Euro-style – clean lines, white and with open space.  It is smaller, sq footage-wise, but we feel that it will perfect for us and our future little one.  We won’t have a yard to worry about (gardening is probably my LEAST favourite thing to do, although I admire those who do it!) and we will be in a safe, secure building with a buzzer system.  We are going to be on the 3rd floor, on the right end (next to an awesome exposed brick façade).  It will be quiet, with no one above us, or to the right.  We are honestly so excited; this smaller place will be cozy and warm and it will make us pare down to only what we really need.  (This won’t be difficult for K, but I’m a bit more of the pack rat of the bunch.  I still have a blanket from when I was 7.  It’s been through many years of being dragged through grass, used as a play toy by the dogs, and a very long winter left out in the cold, frozen in our pond when I was a child.  We had to get it out with an axe!).


The condo is one block from a park with a tot area and our building is in between two major universities.  We met the developer and selling agent yesterday and he was giving us ideas of what he wanted to do for the interior of each unit.  He has decided against carpeting (yay!) and is going with a new no-seam European vinyl flooring (great for the pups!).  We gave our reservation deposit today for the unit we want.  Can’t wait for June!  Wow, that was a long blurb. Are you still with me?

I’ve posted my chart for today.  I don’t know why my temps have been so similar every day for the last little while, but hopefully tomorrow or Friday they’ll start climbing right on up to show ovulation!




16 thoughts on “A Ready Egg & Real Estate

  1. Congrats on your smiley face and well timed insems! I hope this is your lucky month! I believe in “flooding the gates” – no such thing as TOO many sperm up there!

    YaY for condo. Buying or renting it?

  2. Welcome back to blogland after a few days!
    I am really glad for you, both insem and condo-wise.
    Here’s to you guys being lucky on conceiving this go-round! 😀

  3. Hey! Glad you CAUGHT ov! Have fun! And the best of luck! Ohhh and if you run out of chocolate, I have Reese Eggs. YUMMMMMMM!

    Condo looks GREAT too! I watch alot of HGTV. Me, a bit more eclectic BUT I can imagine a place like that IF I were on my own. NOT with Mr. ClutterBugs tho. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all that hidden behind sleek line storage!

    Keep us up to date and keep posting those charts. It’s informative and exciting to watch. XOXO

  4. Woo hooo for smiley faces… they are nice aren’t they – I mean the relief and the hope just washes right over you! I’m curious where the condo is – they are building some in our neighborhood… couldn’t be that lucky to have a little lesbian family enclave…

  5. I love those smiley faces! So glad you caught one and that your donor is such a star. Your flat sounds like it’s going to be lovely – congrats on the purchase of a lifetime!

  6. so excited for you! i remember all the waiting for o day and working the poor coach so hard. i hope this is the one. timing sounds excellent!

    and your condo is adorable!!

  7. New house looks great – I’m very jealous! And the timing even better – four insems in the window! well done! Am hoping like crazy that some of those little guys made it to the egg.

    And I tagged you to keep you mind off the dreaded TWW!

  8. Congratulations on catching your O! It sounds like your timing is excellent, and with as many insems as you have had this week, you’re bound to be extra lucky.

    Congrats on your condo, too! I can’t wait to see pictures when it’s finished. How exciting!

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