Life is Peachy


We had an early-in-to-work day today. 4am. BUT, that also led to an early-out-of-work day, or rather, early-to-leave-work day. If that makes sense. That sounded more confusing then it should have. So, K was feeling much better today – aside from being tired from the early morning. We had a great-tasting lunch (unfortunately with terrible service) at O’Charley’s. We called our donor up, and arranged for a early-afternoon “deposit”. I wasn’t really expecting us to insem this afternoon. I was thinking it would be this evening. So, we’re on our way home from work, early. I wasn’t really prepared. I didn’t have my pre-seed to give our donor, and I’d left the sterile collection cup in the bathroom. Before realizing it, we found ourselves asking the server… “Could you possibly get us a large to-go container – WITH A LID? Oh, and just empty please? And plastic?” We walked out with a styrofoam soup container. Hey, it still got the job done people!

So, I am now blissfully in bed. Did the hips-elevated-thing for 20 mins or so. I have a piece of delicious chocolate cake beside me (the way I figure it….I’m just trying to make my body as HAPPY as humanly possible right now! Sex + chocolate + warm blankets + movies. That must increase chances of getting pregnant, right? I feel like I may be trying to convince myself of this.) My girl is snoozing and I’m watching “The Jane Austen Book Club”. . . . I think I see some lesbian characters here!

I renewed my Fertility Friend membership. I had let it go for 3 days….and couldn’t stand not having the VIP features. I’m such a sucker. Makes me feel like I’m doing something to increase our chances of success. Also, I just really like having other girls to obsess with! So, I’ve posted my chart on the bottom … I still struggle with “reading” it though! I’ve just been sort of guessing about when we should insem by my CM/CF. Thanks again to fellow Richmonder Notes From Two Moms for the help you gave us! Also, I wouldn’t have thought you were creepy! Ha! But, we probably wouldn’t have been here 🙂 We’ll definitely have to get together soon!

We are thinking we’ll insem tomorrow and Sunday, depending on OPK results, FF, and CM/CF. Our donor is very willing to “help us out” 3 days in a row, so why not, right?

Posted another song, “Peachy”, below for you guys, and especially Sarah, who loved Missy Higgins as well!

K and I are going out for dinner and drinks tonight with a big group of friends, and are just lovingly embracing this weekend. So glad we’re trying again this month; the possibility of what could come of it is actually pretty exciting. AND NOW, back to the cake.



17 thoughts on “Life is Peachy

  1. Yay for insem-day! I’m so happy you guys are at this again–and we can be TWW buddies as well!

    I love that you’re eating chocolate cake. After our very first insem ever, J and I went out for brownie sundaes at this amazing local icecream shop. It was so decadent and a perfect topper to a lovely day. We try to do something like that each time to keep it special. Really, it’s just an excuse to eat tasty treats. 🙂

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you two this time around. Good luck with the next two days!

  2. Lots of luck from the ‘burg. Today is 14DPO for us…still no AF and still no BFP. Think it’s too late for the chocolate cake to work? I might try that this evening. :o)

  3. I’ve been reading your blog for sveral weeks but thought I’d jump in and send some positive energy your way. By the way, it seems like there are quite a few of us in VA … my partner and I are in Virginia Beach. 🙂

  4. Peachy is great. Dinner with friends is awesome. Insem’ing is thrilling…yay for being upbeat and feeling happy. Fingers crossed for you.

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