Where I Stood


CD 13 today.  EWCM.  We were going to insem tonight, but K is sick in bed….so, we’ve decided to pass.  We’ll see how CM/CF is tomorrow.  My guess is that it will still be good.  I think we’re gearing up for another CD15 ovulation.  How odd! We shall see though! Most likely will be insemming tomorrow night!

Thanks again to Lynn for helping me out with Fireworks! Here are a few of the shots I’ve played around with (the first 3 of the dogs, the last one is one of my good friends eating dippin’dots ice cream):





I’ll post a video soon of our singing beagles, but for now, I leave you with an awesome song by Australian singer Missy Higgins – Love her stuff!


7 thoughts on “Where I Stood

  1. hope you receive the goods in time – i mailed them yesterday… i thought about just dropping them off – but that seemed a little creepy. one of these days we might have to engineer a meeting… until then good good good luck and hang on for the crazy tww.

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