Waiting For +

K and I saw “For The Bible Tells Me So” today with a bunch of friends.  Wow.  Everyone should see this film.  It, no doubt, had a huge impact on those in the theatre, including myself.


On the TTC front, I’ve got the EWCM and tomorrow is CD17.  I’m hoping for a positive OPK tomorrow so we can do an insem tomorrow night!  I usually ovulate CD18 or CD20, so the BFP on the OPK should be coming soon.  Let’s get this show on the road already!!!


5 thoughts on “Waiting For +

  1. this ttc thing is a lot of hurry up and wait, isn’t it. drives me crazy as i’m an instant gratification kind of girl.

    good luck with the upcoming insem, then you can join me in the TWW!

  2. Was wondering. Keep forgetting my cycles are shorter. Glad you’re on the stick. LOL. oK that was corny.

    FF won’t confirm Ov yet. But my temp went up today. After not one but two good opks over the weekend.

    I’ll be watching for updates . 😀 Have a GREAT week . Good luck ladies.

    PS I’m so glad that my race for the egg marathons are so far, being considerate of our work schedules .

  3. I saw this movie at the GLBT film festival in DC in a huge theatre with thousands of people. Everyone laughed, applauded, gasped. It was an amazing experience, and a great film.

    Good luck!

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