Hold On


I’m listening to KT Tunstall.  Man, this girl is so good.  Her new stuff, her old stuff – it’s all golden.  What would I do without my beloved music? I’d hate a life without it. I currently have a plastic mouth guard in my mouth.  Ok, that wasn’t the best way to switch topics.  But, I do.  So, there you go. The whitening gel leaves this odd filmy, chemically residue that makes me choke.  But, hopefully I’ll wind up with white teeth and all that nonsense will be no big deal! Ah, the silly things we do.  Not that my teeth are yellow, I just want them whiter.  Maybe I shouldn’t mess with nature – who knows.

Today is CD17.  Typically, I’m due to ovulate CD18.  Tomorrow.  I don’t think that’s going to happen.  Not tomorrow anyway.  And maybe not even this month.  We haven’t done an insemination yet… I’ve had the EWCM, but no positive OPK.  The last 2 days I have had temps in the 98-point-something range.  That’s normally post-ovulation temperatures for me.  Yesterday morning I had a darker test line, but still not as dark as the control line.  And now I’m peeing on sticks and not having a test line come up.  Yeah, that is really depressing.  Was my body gearing up to ovulate and changed its mind?  Or did I somehow miss the surge?? Are we out this month? That would suck.  K told me today that it would be okay.  Somehow, that was strangely reassuring.  Just her saying that.  She said that we have some important distractions right now.  This is true…

We’ve been house-hunting for a long time, looking for something small and perfect for us in the city.  Well, I think we found it, and I almost don’t want to write about it, lest I jinx it or something.  I’m not an overly emotional gal, and certainly not weepy.  I’ve cried about this house 4 times, 3 times (K says) was in Target!! Ahhh! I’m losing it.  Seriously though, have you ever had it where you just find a place where you can see yourself there.  I see us.  I see the nursery. I see our future.  It’s a small gray house, 934 sq. ft., built in 1941.  All the charm of an old house, but completely renovated.  Beautiful hard wood floors.  Archway in the den, and bathroom. New windows.  New roof.  New electric and plumbing, heating and cooling systems.  New vinyl siding.  It has a HUGE back yard for the beagles, and coming from living in a condo, that is like heaven for a puppy dog.  The house has a fireplace in the den. We’re in love.  Both of K’s parents have seen it too, and really like it.  It was important to both of us to have them sort of “approve” of our decision. We are most likely going to make an offer tomorrow.   Here is a picture of it, before the black shutters were put on it.  It sort of looks blue and rather small in the pic, but it is gray, and actually really roomy inside! We can just imagine the fun we’d have with landscaping, etc with it!! It’s very exciting! More pictures to come I’m sure!


Now, just holding on to hope that things will fall into place as they should.  I hope that we’re not out this month.  I hope that soon, my love and I will have new place to call home, and in time, our very own wee one to fill our new house and hearts with love.  Corny, maybe. But how awesome would all that be, eh?

Hold on
To what you
Been given lately
Hold on
To what you
Know you got
Hold on
To what you
Been given lately
Hold on
Cause the world will turn if you’re ready or not


20 thoughts on “Hold On

  1. Wow – the house looks great. And it must be so nice to dream about the future in your own place. Good luck with the offer!

    As for ovulation, doesn’t it suck? trying to work out when, or even it, stressing about when it’s going to be, or if it has already passed…. am sending much empathy AND sympathy your way. Hope it all works out for you. If not, as hard as it is, maybe next month will be less stressful?

  2. I can’t comment much on ttc this month but I have my fingers crossed that you didn’t miss it somehow. I think the house is adorable!! Good luck with the offer!!

  3. Cute house. Real cute. Reminds me of a lovely cottage i leased for 3 months right after my divorce . IT was right out of a storybook.

    don’t know about ov. Don’t feel bad. FF has me ovulating 2 days earlier than I thought on cd 12. I was thinking I ovulated yesterday. I am so confused now .

    I bet you get your green light in the next few days.


  4. Thats a very cute house! I can’t remember when ours was built. It was either 1931 or 1941, but we have arches in our living room and kitchen/dining room. And arched ceilings too. The agent said very classic architecture for the time.

  5. Girls – The house is amazing… looks kinda familiar… i wonder what part of Richmond. I know this is all supposed to be anonymous, but sometimes I find it hard.

    As for O, we finally cracked and bought the digital ones. I couldn’t take the stress of interpreting it. In case you decide to go that route, Targ.et are the cheapest in town.

  6. That house is ADORABLE! Seriously, i love it.

    Ok, so here’s my advice–if you’ve got EWCM, inseminate! Most people say that temps and CM are better indicators of ovulation than OPKs anyway, just due to the fact that you can surge at any time of day. Although most of them recommend using first-morning urine (FMU), lots of people peak in the afternoon, and therefore miss that sign on the pee sticks.

    Unless its a big ordeal to do the insem this cycle, i would definitely give it a shot. Good luck!

  7. i love that house! i adore old fixed up homes. and the trees! good luck hun. there will be no jinxing.

    sorry about the o. i have no idea why or where it’s hiding. i’ll cross my fingers for your opk though. oxox

  8. Great great house—adorable!
    As for o-ing…I don’t want to be too much of a pessimist, but if your temps went up and you had EWCM and a near +, then I would think maybe you _did_ ovulate? From what I’ve read, OPK’s work differently depending on the brand and body. Maybe this month the darkest it was going to get was a near +? I dunno….I know that would majorly suck if it has already passed. I’m with byrdlady…stay in tune with the mucus. That is probably the best predictor.

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