Beagles In The Snow


It really never snows much in Virginia. When it does, even a few flakes seem to shut the state down. But, this is coming from a Canadian whose winter memories are of kids in snowsuits launching snowballs at their friends, sledding down icy hills, snow plows on the roads in the wee hours of the morning, and neighbours shoveling their driveways before work.

Today, it snowed. I mean, it really snowed. Ok, it was a light morning snow. BUT, it snowed. It lasted awhile too. And it stuck long enough (maybe 2 hours) for me to take a few pictures!! Woo! I was able to do the “i love you” above!! I was loving the cold snow today, and it reminded me of home.

Olivia, very excited about the snow (sorry for our high-pitched voices and a glimpse of K’s underwear!):

Jarratt, peeing. She has her eyes CLOSED, so as not to allow …. ah hem…. snowflakes, to hit, her eyes:


K’s snow-covered FJ Cruiser:


And, finally, non-snow related: I have sort of been doing a Grey’s Anatomy marathon the last few days. I need to get caught up on the new season! This is a song I heard in the show by a guy named JOE PURDY. I was able to find a video someone put together on youtube. Great song. Check it out:


6 thoughts on “Beagles In The Snow

  1. Glad to see I wasn’t alone in lovin’ the VA snow! Wasn’t it great!?!?! Our jack, Mundy, freaked out like that too. She was running around like a crazy thing!

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