I Got Some Sparkly


The perfect way to be cheered up after several BFN’s and the arrival of AF?


Karli and I don’t wear rings. We always knew we were going to get married, but just didn’t know when. WELL…she took me to the local lake tonight and pulled out this 20 Questions game. You think of an object, and it guesses it in 20 questions. SO, she said, I’m thinking of something, let’s see if this thing can guess it. Is it hard? No. Is it flexible? Yes. Does it come in a box? No. Is manufactured? No. Is it colourful? Yes. Well, after all the questions – guess what it was? A ROSE! K pulled it out and said, “look inside the petals.” I pulled out a gorgeous diamond ring, and K asked me to marry her! It is BEAUTIFUL!!! She truly picked out a beauty.

Ahh, we’re engaged!! I love the ring, and love what it represents even more!! K and I will have a small ceremony with family and friends I’m sure. We just have to pick a date now!!

If you read this K (Ok, I know you will!) here is the absolute, cheese-tastic truth: I love you and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. You make me laugh – and you make me so happy. No matter what difficulties we face together, we will get through them. You are my best friend and my true love, and no matter what we face ahead – good and bad times, times when we say things we don’t mean, lose our tempers and throw large pillows at each other (ha!): I will be here for you, loving you that much more – every day. Not everyone will be happy for us, but as long as we are, that is all that matters! I love you to the moon and back. XOXO.

For all you girls who will appreciate this beauty like I do! . . . . . . .



25 thoughts on “I Got Some Sparkly

  1. That is so wonderfully sweet and romantic, and what a great thing to focus on while TTC! The ring is phenomenal. Just beautiful. Congratulations! 🙂

  2. How thrilling! Congratulations darling! If you ever need to feed the what will be a wedding obsession, check out the same sex boards on the knot and the nest. I’ve spent countless hours there for a year and a half. Lots of advice for planning a reasonable wedding for you two beautiful love birds. And of course I’m here with oodles of my own planning remembered. I hope this brings a welcomed distraction to the ttc chaos. Your ring is gorgeous and the proposal was sooo sweet. Lucky duck!

  3. i neglected sending congrats before now….so sorry. So excited to read about your engagement. A and I got engaged the day before we closed on our house… almost three years ago. October was our 1st anniversary! There are TONS of helpful and open providers in the Richmond area if you guys do it here. We’d be happy to share.

  4. Awwwwwwweeeeeeeee!!! Nice going K!!!!! You ladies share something truly beautiful!! I am lovin’ this! It is so nice to see other couples that we can really relate to.

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