Today was 12 DPO.  The day that I was ideally supposed to wait to test.  Alas, I was not given the opportunity!  AF arrived with a vengeance this morning: backache, bloating and all the other crap that goes along with it.  K and I were going to go out tonight to celebrate (if we got a BFP), so not sure what we’ll do now.  But, I have a lovely bottle of Appletini mix that is sitting chilled in the fridge with my name on it!  Thanks girls, for all the support and encouragement here.  It means A LOT!!!

I’m disappointed, yes.  But I am not crushed or defeated by this.  I am hopeful for the next cycle, Midol-ed up, and ready to face the weekend.


13 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. So sorry for the BFN. I really hate AF sometimes. I know it’s tough when we get those negatives, I really hate them. Enjoy your appletini and sending lots of babydust and positive baby vibes for you ladies next cycle!!

  2. Oh drat.
    One of the things we did when my partner was ttc was to set a reward that we would only get if a cycle didn’t work — a trip, a drink, a new thing for the house. Something to look forward to, so that however a given cycle turned out, there was always a prize at the end.
    Enjoy your appletini, and one another this weekend!

  3. We stole the idea of Mexican and Margarita’s when we get a BFN from a fellow TTC blogger. Both are things I love, so it works out great. We also decided that for each cycle we do this, we will add something to the “reward.” For example, I get to have my hairs did on Monday. I haven’t had a haircut since August-ish and I truly need it. But I still get the Mexican and Margaritas too! Something small to look forward to in this roller coaster. But I am still waiting for CD1.
    Enjoy your appletini!

  4. So sorry. (hugs)
    I’m all about the drinking and eating crappy food on cd1. And one cycle I had a massage…that helped relieve stress and improve the energy.
    Take care and good luck for next cycle!!

  5. I agree with the other posters that indulging a bit on CD1 is important, so give yourselves a chance to celebrate each other. And enjoy that appletini. It’s my CD1 as well, so I’ll be drinking right along with you.

  6. Ok, so, you got AF on 12DPO- that seems like a fairly short luteal phase to me… maybe that is something to look into? I took progesterone suppositories, some people use progesterone creams, but I think that is something you should ask a Dr. about…

  7. Hi tiff

    so very sorry. i very much agree with the indulgence on CD1 and CD 2 and CD3 – however long it takes. Spoil yourselves, enjoy each other and know that you can try again soon.

    Sending positive vibes your way.

  8. My temp dropped this am too at 11 dpo. By at least 1/2 degree. BIG DROP! This does suck! been grumpier then my usual too!

    At least today is my day off and I can lay around and lick my wounds.

    Speaking of Appletini! Have you ever tried Apple Pie. Rum and Apple Juice, apple pie spice? Can be drank with apple cider too HOT!

    Used to drink thoise when I was involved with a van club and hanging out on Boca Beach when Boca Beach was still beautiful and desolate. Good LORD forgot the dudes name! YikeS! It will come to me. Uhmmmmm maybe??? :F

    Young and dumb stuff but it sure was fun!

    How are you feeling today?

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