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10 DPO. CD30.  Temp dip today. BFN this morning. And, I will test again tomorrow! Just checked Fertility Friend for possible implantation signs. Instead of seeing “None….” It said: Possibly Triphasic on Day 27. I clicked on “. . .MORE” to get some more info:
What is a triphasic chart pattern? Does it mean I am pregnant if I have a triphasic chart pattern? Do I have to have a triphasic chart to be pregnant?
A triphasic chart shows three levels of temperatures: pre-ovulation, post-ovulation, and then a second rise around 7-10 days after ovulation. Some women with charts that show this pattern turn out to be pregnant. But many do not. Likewise, your chart does not need to show this kind of pattern for you to be pregnant. Whether or not you are pregnant, progesterone, the hormone responsible for raising your temperature after ovulation, generally peaks in the middle of your luteal phase and this can cause this kind of pattern whether or not you are pregnant.A triphasic chart can be promising, however, because progesterone levels generally increase after implantation (7-10 days past ovulation) in conception cycles, and sometimes this results in a triphasic pattern. If your chart shows a second significant thermal shift that begins 7-10 days past ovulation, Fertility Friend will indicate a triphasic pattern in the Pregnancy Monitor. A triphasic chart, however, is not a definite sign that you are or are not pregnant. It is just increasing your probability if you also have well-timed intercourse. Likewise, you can be pregnant and not have a triphasic pattern. Like all signs of possible implantation or pregnancy, you can really only speculate about it once a pregnancy has already been confirmed.
Hmmm… interesting, no? Part of me thinks this is looking good, part of me thinks, maybe my temps are just on the way down. Here is my chart overlay with last months. Almost identical! I put the tampons in the purse….JUST IN CASE! I have no idea what to expect here.
Just for kicks:
If you conceived this cycle your due date would be: 09/22/2008. That is my mother-in-laws birthday!! Funny. Most babies aren’t born on their due date though, so no worries. Even if a wee one WAS born that day, it wouldn’t matter.
I guess now, we just wait and see if my temperature nose-dives tomorrow morning. Hope you are all having a great day so far!

7 thoughts on “Longer Post

  1. omg. i’m so excited and nervous for you! beautiful temps dear. that little drop is nothing. and no matter what, your body is certainly responding well and you are so on top of it that it will happen soon. i really believe that! but it would be really nice if we both got our bfp’s this month. my due date would be sep 30. we’ll have to have a dual cyber baby shower. 😉

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