CD 29: 9 DPO


Ugh.  I just ate WAY too many breadsticks. K and I just got back from Pizza Hut: Italian Bistro (Pizza hut trying to become fancy shmancy).  And now I feel just a tad…sick.   Bread ALWAYS does this to me.  You’d think I’d learn…. but no…….

I was able to take the dogs to the dog park today, which they loved.  It was another beautiful day in the low 70’s (in January, holy crap!).  I actually am sunburnt on my neck from being there for only one hour!

We’re getting close now girls.  I’m getting a bit nervous.

Got another BFN this morning.  Testing again tomorrow. I am having cramping right now, and have been (on and off) throughout the day.

AF usually comes CD 30-34, so we’ll see.  I very rarely get cramps (and never before my period), so it’s kind of weird that I’m having them now.

Here is today’s chart for 9 DPO:chartgraph_module5.png



5 thoughts on “CD 29: 9 DPO

  1. wanted to make certain you got this . I’m gonna test on 1/16, cd 27, 14dpo. Honestly I’d be happy to see a reliable pattern emerge this month regarding LP but I can’t help but get excited about a BFP, matybe?

    Oh and it’s ALL your fault. 😀 Your optimism is contagious. Love reading blogs like yours.

    Like pos people! Negativity begets, well you know.

    There are some blogs that I can’t even comment on. I mean we all have ups and downs. But … I am a firm believer that mindset, plays a big role in TTC.

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