I Am So Weak!


8 DPO & CD 28 girls. Not much longer now. I got a temp increase this morning. Don’t really know if that means anything. My temperature is staying well above the coverline, which I am very happy about! Okay, first things first, the title of my post. I’m not weak – as in – I feel faint, light-headed or am lacking energy. Am weak because I am lacking in self-control. I had said I could, I WOULD, wait until 12 DPO to test. I cracked under the pressure. I’ll admit it – it IS enough to make any girl go crazy. Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s our 1ST INSEMINATION, the first TWW. I don’t know.

Anyway, K and I were out to lunch at our favourite pizza place, and we had been discussing testing early. Well, we were about 1/2 a minute from the Dollar Store, and I knew they sold them. Don’t put a crazed lesbian (who just happens to be over half-way through the TWW) near a place that sells pregnancy tests. “Well, we COULD test…I mean, what’s the harm??” Okay, we decided we’d do it.

We definitely weren’t going to throw down the big bucks to most likely get a BFN. I ran in the Dollar Tree and grabbed 3. The lady at cash register looked at my ring finger, saw no ring, and then sort of avoided my eyes. As I was paying her, she kindly said, “You have a good day sweetheart…” In a tone that said, “It’ll be okay”. Little did she know the effort put forth to get to this point! How could she have any idea the happiness that would come from a positive!? I had butterflies in my stomach, even though I knew what the probable outcome was.

8DPO is EARLY, too early for most people to get a BFP. And so, I tested. And so, I fit into the category of “most people”. I got a BFN. I’m not even phased by this result; I’m not upset in the least. It is WAY too early. I just felt like I needed to. Does that make sense? All the waiting, and nothing you can do about it. On the bright side, at least I get to look forward to testing again! What a rush that was.

So, I’m still feeling very good. It hit 71 degrees this afternoon. It’s was a beautiful day. The kind of day where you have all the windows and doors open – the breeze was perfect, the cold weather is gone (for now) and I feel very thankful to be happy, healthy and spending each day with my best friend and my love.


11 thoughts on “I Am So Weak!

  1. look at that chart! lady, you’ve got a very pretty temp if i do say so myself. ๐Ÿ˜‰ i think it’s great that you broke down and tested! i’ll surely be doing the same. i bought 40 (yes, embarrasing) cheapie preg tests and 6 cbe ones online so that i’ll be ready. hopefully i don’t use them all up on our first try! i’m so with you darlin and hope this is a lucky month for both of us. ox

  2. LOL you go girl- we did the same thing! Even if you do not get a BFP this time around, at least it is shaping up to be a great experience so far!

  3. We always end up testing a little early if there are tests around. It’s too hard not to, especially if you’re prepared to see a negative and you know it’s too early. Your temps do look lovely, though. Just a little longer to go before you know the results of Insem #1!

  4. You are perfectly normal. My first month I think I tested at 4dpo – and it wasn’t a cheapy test either.

    And your chart looks very pretty. Fingers crossed for you.

  5. Hey there:

    Was gonna email if you didn’t post. See if any news. ๐Ÿ˜€ I am addicted now to watching your chart. My temp dipped slightly today at 7 dpo. So if I bit my nails they’d be at the quick now.

    No HPT for me until the 16th. My birthday. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

    After days of exploring the chart gallery at FF, I’m an expert, don’t ya know? LAUGHING! But you got a good chart, that 3rd step is a good sign I’d say. I do so want a BFP for you all.

    And wishing you the VERY best! How do you feel otherwise?
    Any other signs?

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