Monday: 7 DPO


My girl and I had a nice, relaxing weekend together. We slept in Saturday morning and enjoyed some quality time lounging in bed (hence, the picture above). This morning I slept in till 11, which is very unusual for me. I was exhausted all day. A sign??? Maybe……

We did some more bargain shopping – we got a few baby blankets and our big purchase (we knew we wanted this cherry wood high chair, but it hasn’t gone on sale in a year, and today it was 30% off at Target! Yay! ) We’re so excited.

Eddie Bauer Montecito High Chair


On the TWW front, I’m 1/2 way there! I feel pretty much the same, physically and emotionally. I was overly tired yesterday, but am feeling pretty good tonight. I’m trying not to over-analyze every “symptom”.

I’ve stayed away from all alcohol and caffeine. I have read all the way through THE FIRST TRIMESTER chapter in Rachel Pepper’s Book, “The Ultimate Guide To Pregnancy For Lesbians”. This book is SO good. If you haven’t read it, I HIGHLY recommend it!

I am taking my pregnancy test (EPT) this Saturday! That will be 12 DPO. 6 days till testing! Woo! Temp is staying up! Here is my updated chart:


Surprisingly, I’m not going crazy with the wait. This is a very good thing.


9 thoughts on “Monday: 7 DPO

  1. Good luck on making it ALL the way to 12 dpo before testing! I tried… but gave in and tested at 8dpo after seeing “a sign” (a major Rite Aid sale which had 40% off pregnancy tests… I thought it was meant to be!)

  2. Today is 6dpo for me. We are one day behind you all and temp this am was 98.4 . Which is VERY consistent with Post Ovulatory for alot of women . 2nd day temping. LOL. So proud!

    By George, I think I got the timing down this month. YAy!

    Yesterday was our veg day. Went back to sleep after being up for awhile and slept til nearly 10. Unheard of. And even got another nap in before going out to forage for food. Spectacular Sunday 2 for 1 day at my favorite grocery store.

    Last night we didn’t even fight over the remote. Tis was a wonderful day.

  3. Looking good!

    Comment on Rachel Pepper. There’s one thing in there that caused us a fair amount of grief. It’s when she writes that “There’s no such thing as a little pregnant.” Since my partner got pregnant (a little pregnant actually) on her first try, we ran with Rachel’s idea and announced the whole scheblammy way too early. Hoo boy, it sure was fun to call people back with miscarriage news.

    Aside from that, Rachel’s great. As is your chart.

    Good luck!

  4. Chart is looking good! and well done for not going crazy over the wait. I always try really hard not to but by the end, i’m completely insane.

    hoping like hell for you.

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