Stressed Out


Hey girls. Thank you all for your support. This community (as I always say) is truly amazing. I appreciated (SO MUCH) all your words of encouragement.

I hope one of our inseminations did the trick. We did THREE. Here is why I’m stressing out:

I’m really no good at reading my Fertility Friend chart. All I know is that I haven’t ovulated yet (according to them). Have any of you guys had it where you positively ovulated, but your temps didn’t show it? Or FF was wrong?

We got a faint test line on Sat. We insemmed Sat night. We got a really dark test line Sunday (same darkness as control line) – we insemmed Sund night. Monday I tested and had a faint line, so we inseminated Mon night.

THREE nights in a row. We gave our donor Tuesday night off – we all need some rest! We thought that this was it for this cycle. THREE inseminations is enough. I definitely don’t want to keep wearing him out, or us.

Our thinking was –
1 insem BEFORE surge, 1 insem DAY OF surge, 1 insem DAY AFTER surge.

Now I’m all stressed because my chart doesn’t show ovulation. I’m worried. Based on my chart, do you guys think we timed properly? I guess I was hoping not to see a test line on the OPK today…… what do you all think??? Timing good….or do I have cause to be worried?? Thanks girls – and Happy New Year!

I’m not trying to be a downer. . . I’m just . . . worried.

Also, for those of you doing HOME ICI’s . . . . . (or those just wanting to give some feedback) what are your thoughts on using a catheters attached to a syringe VS. JUST a syringe??


13 thoughts on “Stressed Out

  1. Just here for support. I don’t temp! Not GOOD at it ! And not really sure about Fertility Friend myself. Not yet anyway, BUT it looks like you are on the way up maybe? You are right at coverline now?

    See my surge was wierd. Saw something yesterday BUT today was REALLY it EARLY tho. GOne by this afternoon. NOthing. Do expect ov tomorrow. Too early to do anything about it tomorrow .

    We worked really hard Sun and Mon. Think I depleted him .:< So I am nervous too!

  2. We have done five insemination cycles, and our FF chart and OPKs only corresponded once. I can tell you from experience that paying too much attention to your temps will kill all the fun and excitement of the TWW and turn you into a complete wreck. In fact, we let our FF subscription expire because it was just too tempting for me – I would obsess over my chart even if I tried not to. One time, it said I ovulated on the day after our last insemination, and after I entered another temperature, it changed the O date to the day before our last insemination. AAH!

    With three inseminations and a positive OPK, your timing was bound to be good. Crossing fingers for you!

  3. I would say you probaly O’d. FF won’t give you crosshairs until it has at least 3 temps above the coverline. It looks like temp is starting to go up. Some people’s temps don’t spike straight up, they do what’s called a slow rise. Good Luck!

  4. I agree with what kittenezz says, FF waits for 3 temps, so no worries. That positive OPK was what you were waiting for, and I think the timing was great. I however, had our timing screwed up this time, but there is still hope since we can do another insemintation as soon as I get that positive OPK or PEAK. Now you are in The Wait. Good luck!
    Fingers crossed for you guys!

  5. This way madness lies.
    You went with what the OPKs told you and as I understand it, they’re pretty reliable. There’s nothing you can do to change things now. You got the sperm up there at what was the right time according to at least one measure and that’s closer than you’ve ever been before, right? You are in with a chance. All you can do now is wait. As my dad would say – there isn’t any point in worrying about things you can’t change. Good luck!

  6. I’m trying to learn not to pay as much attention to temps….friends and the doc have all told me….the temperature data ONLY helps after the fact so don’t worry about it, and, according to my doc, it is the LEAST reliable predictor of ovulation.
    That being said…FF has a lovely “override” feature where you can put your O date where ever you want it and then when you look at your chart it is pretty and reassuring (the line will be blue and not red though). PM me on FF if you need help with this.
    My figners are crossed for you and welcome to your first TWW!!!
    Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride!

  7. everyone has said it all about temps – they can be very unreliable! Looks like you had great timing; I’d definitely trust the OPK’s!! Lots of luck!

  8. I say all is well! We never really fooled with temps. We went stricktly by the sticks….and it worked both times. :o)

    Crossing everything we got for ya!

  9. I totally understand how stressful it is. I’ve yelled at my wonky chart on FF a few times. But, your other signs aligned an you seemed to insem at the best possible time given the info you had. Don’t worry about it and try to relax for the next 2 weeks. Ha! 🙂 I’m all crossed for you love.

  10. The TWW is a nightmare and it really is just one stress after another! I agree with the others – don’t pay too much attention to any one measure. You have to look at the whole picture – and you had a positive OPK AND the right CM. you’re definitely in with a chance. My doc says the best way to pinpoint ovulation is to very simply count 14 days back from your average cycle length. She even said that temps and OPKs are just a means of inducing stress and aren’t worth it at all! I’ve taken a bit more moderate approach and am trying to fit them all together…

    Good luck and thinking of you for the next couple of weeks.

  11. I really do think your temps are on their way up and that you ovulated on CD 20. This makes your timing absolutely perfect–especially with three inseminations with FRESH sperm!

    You did a great job, so no more worrying, okay? Besides, the first time is all about confusion and figuring these various awkward tools out. You’re right where you should be in this process. 🙂

  12. After reading SO many blogs about at home inseminations… i decided to follow ALL of their advice. I had my donor put his sample IN an instead cup, then we syringed it up and put it in me, then inserted said Instead cup. I laid with my hips up for 45 minutes – 15 minutes on each side – and had a post-insem orgasm. I left the cup in overnight – no leakage! I inseminated 3 days in a row, about 24 hours apart. And I’m pregnant!

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