And Now, We Wait.


3:00pm.  I’m in a movie theatre bathroom, peeing in a cup.  This OPK is  darker than the last one.  K’s dad and little brother wanted us to see a movie with them.  Alien VS Predator: Requiem.  It’s entertaining, but gory.  We have fun hanging out with them.  K doesn’t fall asleep once during the film.

4:30pm.  We’ve been calling our donor since 11am.  I’ve left 2 voicemail on his cell, 1 on his house phone.  He hasn’t returned our calls.  Weird.  I’m getting scared.  This is odd.  We can’t lose out on this month! Okay, I’m worried now. What if he’s gotten into a car accident or something?

5:00pm.  We try his house phone again and finally get ahold of him.  K explains how worried I’ve been.  “Why haven’t you been answering your phone?” she says.  He left his cell in his friend’s car.  Oh.  Then she says, “You talk to him”.  He had sex last night.  Ugh. That sucks.  Safe sex, but still, sex.  We didn’t expect him to stop having a sex life, but, he doesn’t have sex THAT often… and we’re disappointed.  He had it yesterday.  Not as many swimmers for us tonight.  K is discouraged; I can see it on her face.  We tell our donor that we’ll call him back in a few minutes.  We vent about how frustrating this is.  We debate about not even doing the insemination.  No, we decide to just go ahead with our plans, and hope for the best.  We agree on inseminating Sat and Sun evening.  Our donor is going to be worn out after this weekend!

8:00pm.  We are sitting in our donor’s family room, going over the sperm donor contract with him.  He reads through it.  Things go well.  We all chat.  30 minutes later, K and I are listening to The Cure.  He is in his bedroom with our sterile collection cup.  We talk.  I’m nervous.  But it’s an excited type of nervousness.  I can’t believe this time has finally come.  We hold hands.  This could be it.  He walks out of his bedroom holding the cup.  He has this very funny smile on his face.  We jump up.  I take the cup from him, give him a hug, and we run out of the house.  K turns on the heat in the SUV right away.  I put the cup in between my legs. We drive home.  It takes us exactly 5 minutes from his door, to ours.

9:20pm.   My hips have been up on pillows for 20 minutes now.  My legs hurt.  I’ve been holding them up so my hips are propped up more. I didn’t think I would be so emotional.  Something happened.  I looked into her eyes and just lost it.  That’s the woman I love.  We’re making a baby. The tears came, and the emotions came over us both.  We just did something so amazing.  We’re creating a family from our love.  For that brief moment, it was overwhelming.

Another insem Sunday evening, and then we wait.  I never thought the TWW would be that bad.  Think again.  I already can’t wait to find out if the first time was the charm.


17 thoughts on “And Now, We Wait.

  1. i am glad to hear that the first insemination was so emotionally complete for the two of you! I remeber feeling that way the first time too. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work this time- we kept working at it and you have seen what good it brought to us 7 days ago!

  2. YAY!!! I know that feeling of “WOW honey, look what we did!” Can be qhite spiritual. I think it’s REALLY REALLY adorable whenmine aids me in the process of propping me up.

    “comfy?” He’ll ask and run of to get me a drink of something.

    I’ll be doing the movie theatre “pee in a cup thing today too! ” Looks like! Hubby wants to see Charlie Wilson’s War. Expect my surge today. Got 2 lines this am. Not quite though but it’s coming, I’m sure!

    Thanks for sharing. I’m happy for you all! Get er done! Smiles

  3. Congrats on insemination number one! That first time is really special, and I’m glad you two were able to enjoy the magic of it. Lots of first-timer’s luck to you!

  4. You girls are truly awesome. Thanks for all the well wishes, good lucks and crossed fingers. I hope they work!!! I did an OPK at 11am and one at 3pm today with the test line as dark as the control line! Yay!!! I’ve never had that happen! VERY exciting. We have our 2nd insem tonight – and we may even try to sneak in a 3rd and final insem for this cycle tomorrow right after work!!! I’ll keep you all updated!!! Thanks again girlies 🙂

  5. OHHH! I’m so excited for you and K. How thrilling! I hope we can have a similar first try. I really appreciate your honesty and what a beautiful attitude you have about it all. I’m all crossed for you. ox

  6. Hi!

    I go away for a couple of days and look what happens! Am hoping and crossing fingers and toes for you guys.

    I’m so glad that you first insemination was so moving for you both. It is such a big thing to do with the one that you love.

    Sending calm vibes to get through the next two weeks.


  7. Oh my gosh you guys!!! 9:20 sounds so special and priceless!! oh the joyful tears (and yes I’m pmsing I’m not usually this emotional) this is so incredible! I know it’s super old, but like I said I’m starting from scratch cause I want to understand your guys’ journey!

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