Today Is THE Day


Woke up this morning and took my temperature. 97.91. A little higher than usual. I then proceeded to pee on the stick. I usually don’t even SEE a test line…just the control line. The test line started appearing …. It was pretty dark. I called our donor. Got his voicemail. Left a message something like, “It looks like tonight is going to be the night….we will definitely need you, so, umm, call us and we’ll talk!”  I’m washing the sheets, printing off the donor contract, and gathering everything we need.  I am going to do another OPK at 3pm, in hopes that the test line will be even darker.  So, we’re planning on an insem tonight, and maybe one tomorrow night.  We still need to run out and grab a sterile collection cup.  I’m nervous and excited.  I don’t know what to expect.  I keep picturing Karli or I holding a container of fresh sperm under one of our armpits, or in between our legs – trying to get it home and everything done in time.  I’m just going to have fun with my girl, imagine what our love will make and enjoy this crazy adventure.


7 thoughts on “Today Is THE Day

  1. New to your blog thanks to google reader suggestions! I am starting from scratch and since this post, last sentence brought tears to my eyes I thought I’d comment to let ya know! I can’t wait to experience this ahhh it’s getting so close!

    Ok, I have TONS more reading to do on your awesome blog!

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