Practically A Post Of Pictures


We had a very nice Christmas. Warm blankets & hot chocolate. Early morning kisses. Michael Buble singing “White Christmas”. Opening stockings and gifts. Too many presents from my girlfriend. She got me a beautiful dark brown corduroy jacket AND black sweater from H&M (one of my FAVOURITE stores!), purses from NY & CO, new running shoes, and too many more lovely things! We had lunch at the house, played some board games and enjoyed Chinese food for dinner (Peking – the ONLY restaurant that was open in Richmond on Christmas day!). Here’s a shot from when I woke up Christmas morning. I went out on the balcony of our condo and I looked up at the electrical wires – – – – – – PS. BIRDS!!!

The whole feathered family celebrating the holiday:


Our Christmas tree:


Here is a picture of my adorable K posing in front of the restaurant on Christmas night:


Our own little TACKY-LIGHT-TOUR through Richmond (can you believe THIS one????):


Side note: Congrats to FAMILY STYLE LOVE ( on the birth of their beautiful baby boy, born December 23rd.  Jump on over there and welcome little Harris to the world!

On our TTC front, tomorrow is CD16. Fertility Friend is predicting that I will ovulate on CD18 (Saturday)- the same day I ovulated last month. I got a negative OPK this morning, and this afternoon. Blah. Should happen soon, if all goes well.  I have NO clue when I ovulate, really. No ovulation pains. CF/CM gives me somewhat of an idea…but, ultimately, I need those positive OPK’s!

Our donor is dropping off the paper copy of his STD Panel results tomorrow. He is aware that I will be ovulating in the next few days, and is ready for the call that we need his “donation”. All that’s left is for him to sign his Donor Contract – giving up all his parental rights, securing ours and protecting ALL parties involved in this arrangement. Here’s hoping for a positive girls! Happy Boxing Day!


6 thoughts on “Practically A Post Of Pictures

  1. i make it a habit to read y(our) blogs and 99% of the time i smile thinking… well stated, i admit i occasionally poke fun at all the abbreviations. i NEVER received the abbreviation KEY memo!!!

    on a serious note…
    you are always saying such wonderful things about me- i just wanted to confirm that you DON’T EXAGGERATE… i am PERFECT!

    okay.. maybe that wasn’t so serious after all…

    i am really excited about this new chapter in our lives… there is no one i would rather share this experience with THAN you. you are an amazing woman and i absolutely adore you.

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. How very exciting. CD16 today too. We did an insem last night because I had a high on my FM, but still no positive opk, hoping for one today. We are hoping for three insems this cycle. Luckily the little swimmers cna live up to 7 days in there if the conditions are right. Here’s hoping!
    Good luck ladies!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! We’ve got a couple of those “tacky” yards around in our area too. We found one last night that has the lights blinking to the beat of a certain radio station playing Christmas songs. It was actually pretty cool.

    Love chinese!

    Lock of luck for this cycle!

  4. Wonderful! The comment from K at the top was just icing on top. You two are adorable and are going to be amazing moms. Now get that paperwork from donor so you can get the show on the road! So excited for you 🙂

  5. I can’t believe it is finally time for you guys to start trying! Its exciting… keep loving each other and lean on whoever you choose… Heres hoping for a Richmond baby!

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