Positive Results! Well, actually, Negative!


AF is long gone. Tomorrow is CD9, and we are happy campers! Our donor is healthy and STD-FREE! Yay!!!! K actually got teary-eyed when he told us the great news. We would have been very disappointed if something came back positive. We are picking up a paper copy of results – just to have EVERYTHING down on paper though- clearly stated. SOOO, girlies, this means – it’s business time! Fertility Friend is predicting that I will ovulate on CD18, which will fall on December 29th (Saturday). AHH, ONE WEEK from THIS Saturday! The first insemination. I am so excited. WE are so excited.

K is out shopping, and I am just catching myself up on blogging, reading, and enjoying a quite evening alone at home. I have the Christmas tree up and am feeling good. I am thrilled for FAMILY STYLE LOVE  (http://familystylelove.blogspot.com/) who are expecting their first baby any day (or minute) now! What a Christmas present for the two of them!

I am completely done with K’s stocking. Stockings are pretty much my favourite part of Christmas shopping. I love spending the time finding those perfect little things to fill it up! So, just a few small things left, and I am ALL done! That’s a good feeling, as the malls are going to be INSANE this weekend!

Today was our Christmas lunch. We went to FIREBIRDS (http://www.firebirdsrockymountaingrill.com/) and I enjoyed a Pina Colada (maybe my last!) at the bar and then a lovely meal with K, her dad and one of K’s screenprinters. Chicken Quesedillas with black beans, corn and lots of cheeses, fresh bread, french fries, turkey sandwich……yeah, I’m stuffed. Didn’t need dinner after that lunch!

I’m getting more and more excited for Christmas and being able to spend some time off with K. We have Friday off, and she is taking me somewhere (she’s being very “secret squirrel” about it all, actually) to celebrate my 24th birthday (on Saturday). My youngest brother (2 years older than me) and I always joked when we were growing up about how close our bdays are to XMas. He was always HAPPY BIRTHMAS (Dec. 17), and I was MERRY BIRTHMAS (Dec.22nd). I can’t believe I’m going to be 24. The years have flown by! I really think K and I will be at a great age when we have the little one that doesn’t yet “exist”!!! She will be 26 in March. I want us to be young and active with our children, and think we are making a wise decision to start early. I think this stems from the fact that my Mom and Dad are older (my mom is 62, my dad 63), so there was quite an age gap between us (then again, I am the 7th child….so it’s not like they started late!).

I start OPKing in 2-3 days. I have been using cheapies, and have yet to get that “positive” test result (control line coming out AS DARK or DARKER than the test line). I really don’t want to mess this up this month. Do you guys think we should use the Clear Blue Easy Digital (with the smiley face) OPK’s?? If not, what do you recommend as far as inseminating, if we don’t get the DARK DARK control line?? Pay attention to CF/CM? Sex drive? Should we insem every other day with fresh “stuff” ??? Thanks girls. Hope you all are enjoy this lovely holiday season!!!


8 thoughts on “Positive Results! Well, actually, Negative!

  1. wow- you rock. As does your girl and your std-free donor! Thanks for the shout-out by the way! we are still waiting…yuck! AS far as your insem goes… I personally would stick with the internet cheapies- they are, after all, cheaper, and they are actually a little more sensitive than most tests out there (at least that is true of the pg tests). I would really watch your other fertility signs- cm, temps, etc on FF. Most of it means nothing on it’s own, but when you put it all together, you see a pattern- but you know that already. Check that cervix girl to figure out it’s texture, and really scrutinize the mucous- you really need that EWCM to do the trick! As far as inseminating- since it is fresh sperm, I say inseminate as soon as you START seeing a line, then again the day after the DARK line. Fresh spermies can live a while. Just give your donor at least 1 day in between, well, donations. GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. How exciting! I use the cheapie OPKs, bought online. I also use the Clearblue monitor, temping (although that doesn’t help until after), and CM. If you have been charting for a while, you might be able to detect a pattern.
    I wish you guys the best of luck! Hopefully you will get it right on the first time!

  3. You know what I’m going to say don’t you? :o) If you can afford to splurge a lil on the CBE ones, I say go for them. That’s what we’ve used both times. There’s NO doubt when it’s time. We got a smiley face one morning and inseminated the next day. Worked both times.

    The last time, because it was after the miscarriage, I wasn’t sure if I could be back on track…didn’t know when I should have a positive….I started out around day 9 using the cheaper sticks and switched to the CBE ones around day 12(I usually O on day 14)….I didn’t O until day 16 that time.

    Happy early Birthday…or Merry Birthmas…take your pic. ;o)

  4. I’m becoming a convert to the smiley face sticks….I just hate when I sit there staring at the lines and thinking/obsessing about whether or not it is darker or the same and what if one edge of the second line is as dark but the whole rest of it is lighter? Oh I really, really want to avoid this….I use the cheaper ones from days 12-14 and then switch to smiley faces(I usually O on day 17).

  5. I’m another smiley face lover. If trying to decipher the lines is something that stresses you our, just pay the extra and be done with it. I know they’re not cheap, but neither is having a baby, so think of it as practise!

    If he’s agreeable, I’d definitely go for three or four insems over a period of a few days leading up to and just past ov. The fresh stuff lives longer, and if it’s free, you may as well get as much of it as you can! If he can only do one insem, maybe time it for 12-24 hours after your first + OPK, as it’s got further to swim than IUI sperm and they like to do theat 24-36 hrs after.

    So pleased your donor got the green light! Good luck!

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