You Girls Are Good


CD1 people. Thanks for all the kind words of reassurance on my chart. You all are extremely talented in predicting periods! Ha! Okay, that’s a little ….. well…..gross. I jest, I jest people…..No, seriously though, thank you! You all were great – and I am always amazed at the knowledge each of you has when it comes to this stuff!

I would type more if I wasn’t having such intense cramps…it’s taking my breath away. Came home from the shop actually because of them. This is SO unusual for me. I tried to just lay down and rest, but I can’t even stay still because of the pain. Any suggestions when 2 extra strength Midol do NOTHING?

Man, thinking that this could be my last period for AWHILE is such a happy thought……. (I know it very well could not be too…I’m not expecting to get pregnant on the first attempt….but still…anything to take my mind off the cramps…..)


10 thoughts on “You Girls Are Good

  1. Congrats on CD 1 of THE cycle! I remember celebrating my period that cycle! You are about to embark on a crazy ride and I hope for you that it is quick and easy!
    If your insem works this cycle then you already count as pregnant! Cause you count pregnancy weeks from the 1st day of your cycle that you conceive in, not the day you actually conceive.
    And heating pads are my friend during my period…at the very least the heat makes me feel cozy and more relaxed.

  2. Congrats on the CD1!

    When I have horrid cramps, I take extra strength tylenol, lay ON a heating pad (stomach down) under thick covers to insulate all of that heat into my body. I usually take a nap and let my Fil watch me to make sure the heating pad doesn’t get too hot. It usually lessens the intensity of the cramps, but doesn’t dissolve them. The only thing that does is the 3rd or 4th day of my period. Rude.

  3. Fingers crossed for you. Go ahead and expect it the first time! Welcome whatever the future brings.
    Cramps suck and that is one reason–even though i really only wish to remain the injector–that i would not mind being pregnant one day–no cramps for a few months…

  4. Hooray for CD 1! It’s so exciting that this is finally happening for you! And yes, heating pads are the best–or a warm bath if you don’t have a heating pad.

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