Tick Tock …


December 11th.  I can’t believe how close it’s getting to Christmas!

Okay, I thought this comic (above) was hilarious.  K and I were at the mall late last week and saw the mall cops “patrolling” (yeah right!), and riding around on their scooters, glaring at teens…. this is something I think is so ridiculous.  They are zooming by us, totally decked out in police gear…..they look pompous, like they really think they are in a position of POWER.  They almost knock people over!  I could go on and on about this….like how I can’t believe that as a society now we need MALL POLICE – but, after the latest shooting….I guess it doesn’t seem that ridiculous.  In that sense (scary isn’t it?)….there is a real need for a “police” presence.  But how I saw those mall cops last week, was in a very different light……

I’ve been trying to do some Christmas shopping…I’ve been working on the stocking stuffers for my girl, and browsing for ideas for XMas Gifts.  K is a very difficult person to buy for.  I’ve been asking and asking her for ideas for gifts she needs or wants.  She’ll see something, and say, “YEAH!!! You can get me THAT!!!!” I respond: “Great!”  I’m making a mental note to purchase that this week.  Just as that thought has come and gone, she says, out of the blue:  “No….actually, don’t get me that…..”  And trails off.  Argh.  I have no clue what she REALLY wants. She is quite finicky!

Time is passing by.  We’re STILL waiting on the STD Panel results for our donor.  We should have had them by now.  Hoping we’ll hear tomorrow.  We just want the “all-clear” to start this whole process.  We are so excited for the first insemination in a few short weeks!

Today is CD30 … question for you guys…. Does this chart look normal to you??  I’m waiting for the start of a new cycle….and my temperatures have been elevated for 12 days (not dipped below the coverline).  We haven’t inseminated at all yet – is this normal for me to have elevated temps 12 DPO???



8 thoughts on “Tick Tock …

  1. that is a really purty chart. looks like you’ll start your period tomorrow or the day after by the look of your temp drop today.

    this chart looks a lot like mine did. 🙂

  2. Very nice hun! Typical luteal phase is 12-16 days. You are just fine.

    I agree that mall cops are ridiculous, but maybe necessary. Whatever happened to each store having Santa Clause-looking men as security guards?

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